November 10, 2019. What are the effects of a cover three times the size of Texas on the production of rainclouds?  This floating continent of garbage is off the west coast of the United States.  How long has the drought in the west been going on?  I'm not sure anyone knows but it's time wefound out.   These islands are in every ocean.  The eastern Pacific one may be the largest but it aint the only.  

The problems keep coming.  How do we save polar bears?  They will have to change to survive.  There are some signs that they are, but is it enough?  It is like that with everything.  There is so much we don’t know andso much we need to do.  There is a good chance that no matter whatwe do it will not be enough.

We need wildlife corridors north south and east west onevery continent and places that are joined like north and south America and Asia Europe and Africa.  The hardest lesson is that not everything will work.  Somethings will work.  We may be able to make things better, we may not, but if we don’t try perhaps we don’t deserve to live.

November 9, 2019.  Our world is changing and I think it is too late to save a lot of it but we need to work and save what we can.  Climate change and loss is terrible but these things happen naturally as well.  There are ways to allow for it and to ameliorate it.   We need ways for animals to move from north to south and vice versa.  Protected areas from the equator north and south, highland and lowland.  We need this in the Americas and Asia, Europe, and Africa.  No matter what we do, we will not save everything, but we need to try.  It needs to be recognized that animals have rights.  If we do not preserve the world, we will die, and sadly we do not know what is needed for us too survive.  We may already be dying and not know it.  Nature will win, she always does.  The question is will there be a place for us when the dust settles?  

November 8, 2019.  There is a saying that a camel is a horse designed by a committee and an elephant is ahorse built to government specifications.  What I mean to say by this is that the people of this world need to start healing it together now.  Governments move too slow.  we have  oceans to clean up. It would be easier if China, the U. S. , or Great Britain would step in and help, but that probably won’t happen.  Maybe we could have ships mining the garbage islands and recycling them.  If they could make a profit it would be amazing.  As for sewage, it can be processed to produce gas.  Instead of garbage dumps, we need garbage recycling centers.  We also need fisheries Police and realistic limits on ocean harvests.

There have to be economic incentives to cleaning up the oceans.  Sadly there will be none in the fisheries.  We have been overfishing the oceans for hundreds of years.  I know that people will say that the oceans are too big and there is no way we could have such an effect on them.  Read your history.  By the middle ages the Northeastern Atlantic was being overfished to the point that Columbus was NOT the first to the New World that title goes to enterprising Portugese fishermen who were going to the coast of Northeast, North America to fill their nets.  The tuna catch used to be in millions, now down to thousands, bluefin tuna have pretty well disappeared.  We need much more aquaculture than we have now.  People need to eat.  People need to breathe.  People need the oceans.


November  6, 2019.  We can no longer afford the extreme poverty  that exists in much of the world.  We cannot afford ignorance either.   The problems that face the world will require all of us.

One of the major problems we face is diversity.  We need diversity, but we need unity as well.  We have to find ways for all of us to keep our cultural identities while being part of the global community.  There is no reason for any culture to give up who they are.  We NEED our differences, but we also need to work rogether.  Today, we have no choice.    If we donot work together, we  willdie together.  

I know that sounds like pure drama.  Someestimates have the oceans dead in twenty years.  Twenty years is not much time.  Not much at all.  Our climate has already changed.  Storms are getting worse.  The Western part of the North American continent  is in a drought.  Forests are burning.  Icepacks and glaciers are melting.  Our world is in crisis.  We need to fix what we can, preserve what we can, and make things better as we can.

November 5, 2019.  Every plastic bag, every pound of garbage, every ounce of poison, every pound of sewage, we kill the oceans.  We also kill each other.  It will not be only fish that die when the oceans die.  How will people live in Tibet when there is one fifth less oxygen?  Japan, many parts of China, The Phillipines, there are lots of countries and regions that depend on the ocean to eat.  No longer possible once the oceans are dead.  We are killing ourselves, and whales, and dolphins, and seals, and fish, and shellfish and everything that lives in the oceans.  This is a crime.  Animals have a right to exist just as we do.  We are denying our children everything that our generation has enjoyed in the ocean.  We are destroying the wonder and beauty of the oceans.  

The oceans are not our toilets.  We need to stop using using them as toilets.  There are continents of garbage that we must remove.  Our climate has changed and continues to change.  There may not be anything we can do about that but live with it, but if we work at it we can heal the oceans.

November 2, 2019.  Lawyers do not belong in Congress.  Congress makes laws.  Lawyers make money from laws.  How can this NOT be a conflict of interest?  More than fifty percent of Congress are lawyers.  More than fifty percent of Congress are millionaires.  Neither of them belongs in Congress.  It is not right to discriminate based on someones wealth or lack of it but the rich have clearly abused their place in Congress and thus forfeited their right to serve there.  Lawyers are more obvious  it is plainly a conflict of interest for them to serve in Congress.

Our country places profit above our survival on this planet.  They have decided that there is such a thing as acceptable damage as long as profits are not interfered with.  We can no longer afford this.  The North magnetic pole has been moving in a predictable way as long as we have been able to measure it.  Recently it changed and started moving  in the opposite direction.  Scientists finally  figured out that we have altered the surface of the earth enough to change the way it rotates.  We have built enormous cities in some places and removed trillions of gallons of water from aquifers in others.  We have changed the mass of the surface of the earth.   There are continents of floating garbage in our oceans.  Fisheries are failing as they have been for several hundred years.  Our world is falling apart and many of the rich are struggling to keep those profits rolling in.  Worse yet they deny any facts that get in the way of their profits.  I am not a socialist.  I am against giving the government more power.  They have enough already, but I am against giving the rich power because many of them cannot be trusted.


November 1, 2019.  I haven’t talked about the US in a while so here goes.  We need to get milliomaires and lawyers out of Congress.  Sadly the rich have abused their power and set the country up to favor the rich at the expense of the rest of us.  They allow vital resources to be destruyed so that the richest companies in the world can make a temporary profit (fracking can destroy aquifers, sources of fresh water).  They allow rich companies to destroy ecosystems and industries for years, doing untold billions of dollars worth of damage and make only token payments in recompence.  That is Brittish petroleum in the gulf.  They put a man in charge of the EPA who has no interest in protecting the environement, and a man in charge of the FDA who makes a lot of money from drug companies.  They ignore their resposibilities and their duty to the people they represent and to the constitution.  Many of them belong in prison for treason.  I know that people will say I'm not being fair to rich people and lawyers but I think that everyone who has been in congress should pay for things like dealing with nuclear waste and when they die their children should pay until it is not needed anymore.  That sounds horrible but that is exactly what they have done to us.  Please do not believe this, look it up for yourself.


October 31, 2019. Treating other people withrespect is very important.  As important is treating our world with respect.  These days we do neither.  We treat poor people as things, comodities to be bought or sold, and we are killing our world. Animals go extinct every day.  Every day we poison our oceans and fill them with garbage.  I truly wish these words were merely for effect but unfortunately they are demonstrably true.  Please look it up for yourself.  I don’t ask anyone to trust me.  I’d rather you didn’t.  Check to see if what I say is true.  I’m not perfect.

Our children have a right to inherit a world as complete as we have known.  Their rights will not be respected.  When I was a child there were millions of wild elephants, large numbers of tigers and lions.  Animals disapear every day.  Languages and peoples also disapear.  People destroy buildings, statues, cultural sites of our ancestors, our history.  We let them disapear.  Peoples,  languages,  cultures,  animals,  environments, if we do not work very hard we will pay a terrible price.. 

October 30, 2019.  I don’t like violence.  I think that warfare should be outlawed, but in order to do so there must be police.  To have world police there must be an international bill of human rights for them to enforce.  It is hard to think that in order to move forward we must work together.  We must learn to decide things together.  All this sounds simple and easy but I know it is not.  We have payed the price for a million years   it is time we grew up.  Our world has come to the point where collateral damage is too high a price.  We cannot fight wars without severely damaging this world that we have made so fragile and the terrible things we do without wars are beyond bad enough.  Deciding on a bill of rights will be quite difficult.  Think about freedom of religion  it will be tough enough with hardline Christians, but hardline Muslims?  I know that none of this is easy.  It is very hard,probably the hardest thing the human race has ever done, but I think it is something the human race must do.

October 29, 2019.  Nuclear power is poison and cannot be made safe, ask the Japanese, ask the Russians, ask the neighbors of three mile island.  Every nuclear power plant on earth is vulnerable to earthquakes, tsunamis, floods,  storms, terrorists,   war fare,  they cannot be made safe.  Nuclear power produces waste that must be dealt with for thousands of years.   Here in the US the public pays for dealing with the waste.  Every dollar of profit made by power production is stolen from the public and then stolen again because we pay for dealing with the waste as will our children and their children and theirs for thousands of years.  Nuclear power is theft, and the public are the victims.

Nuclear weapons are imoral.  They kill without distinction or discrimination.  Should you use enough nuclear weapons to have an effect on a large enemy, you will probably do as much damage to yourself as to them.  Our soldiers try to be careful every time they fire a weapon.  That is a good thing.  Nuclear weapons are not careful, they are terror weapons and I am ashamed that my country has them.  I do understand how they came about, the Germans and the Japanese were both working towards nuclear weapons.  It is a different time now.  We need to outlaw these things.  

October  28, 2019.  In the Andes mountains, there is a mine that I read of where there was no source of fresh water.  They set up solar stills over bare ground and got clean fresh water.  I can't think of any reason why this shouldn't work any where that the sun shines.

I have read of forty foot pyramids made of fist sized cobbles used to collect dew.

Over much of the earth, if you go six or eight feet down, the temperature drops enough for water to condense.

There is no reason for anyone, anywhere to be thirsty.

We grow enough food to feed about ten billion people.  There is no reason for anyone anywhere to go hungry.

Jesus told us that if anyone asks you for something and you have it, you should give it to them.  It doesn't say anything about judging whether or not they will spend money on liquor or gambling, but when asked how many chances should be given he said as many as it takes (seven times seven was a market greek expression from Jesus' day for as many as it takes ).  Do I do this?  To my shame I do not.  I think I am getting better at it, but I have a ways to go yet.  I know lots of people will say thats not what he meant but that is what we are told he said.

We all know that abusing the earth is wrong.  I think that most of us know that living things have a right to live.  Unless you are incredibly stupid you know that poisoning the oceans is a bad idea.  We all know that putting poisons in the air is wrong.  So please explain to me why there are growing continents of garbage in the oceans?  Why are coal power plants still being built?  Why do people go hungry?  Why do people go thirsty?  We know what to do, we are just not doing it.

October 27, 2019.  When I started this I assumed that I would be dealing mostly with problems here in my own country, but as time goes by I have come to realize that while my country has serious problems that need to be addressed ,  if the world is not fixed then it won't make much difference what happens here.

The climate has changed.  Not is changing, it has changed and can get worse.  The oceans are dying.  Extinctions occur every day.  We poison the water and the air.  We waste money fighting when we need to work together.  We watch each other do incredibly stupid things, cut down rainforests, let children go hungry and thirsty, destroy their own environments.

It is obvious what needs to be done.  We need to clean the oceans and to stop poisoning them.  We need to stop poisoning the air  and water.  We need to see thateveryone has enough food to eat and water,  we need to see that people have access to medical care and to education.  We need to become adults, to take responsibility for our own actions and find ways to make things better.

October 26, 2019.  I would really like to see my country put together in a better way than it is now, but our climate is changing right now, the oceans are dying right now, extinctions occur every day.  Some scientists think it may be as few as twenty years before the oceans die.  I know full well that people have been seeing the sky fall for thousands of years, but now they are starting to set dates.  We know how dangerous the world is and how little we can do about it.  There are a huge amount of things that WILL happen and could destroy us.  There are lots of super volcanos in the world that are still active and it takes only one to destroy our world.  There is an island in the atlantic that splits in two and slides into the ocean and causes tsunamis larger than any that have happened in recorded history.  The Hawaian islands occasionally break up and slide into the ocean and send huge tsunamis accross the Pacific.   There are earthquake faults in the north east Pacific that when they let go will come close to destroying the Pacic coast.  There are things we could do and are doing.  There are teams trying to identify dangerous asteroids, but right now there is precious little we could do if one was tobe headed our way.  We  are childishly concerned about what other people think and believe.  In one month the world spends thirty billion dollars on military.  That is enough to feed the entire world.   We need to be sqirreling away ten years worth of food for when the super volcanos go off.  We needto find a way to watch out for comets and what to do for asteroids.  

We have spent centuries destroying our world.  It’s time we spent some time working to heal this tired old earth and preparing for future problems.  When Yellowstone goes off and there are no crops for ten years it will be a bit too late to be saying ” Gee we should have set something aside”  What a pitiful epitaph that would be for the human race. 

October 25, 2019.  One nation cannot fix all that needs fixing.  We all need to stop killing the oceans.  We all need to stop polluting the air and our rivers.  It is all very well to say that it is not your problem but look around, it doesn’t take much for it to become your problem.  Many followers of Islam are not very well educated so they let others do their thinking for them and the world pays the price.  Injustice,  ignorance,  hunger, racism,  among other things hurt us all.  We cannot afford them.  We all have one world and if we cannot learn to live in it, we WILL learn to die in it.

October 24, 2019.  The world must work together to solve the problems that face us.  Our oceans are dying.  Millions of people do not have access to clean water or enough food to eat.  Living things  are going extinct every day.   Millions have no access to medical care or education.  Things are not as they have always been.  The climate is changing.  We are faced with huge challenges which we must face if we wish to survive.  There is a place in the giant web that is the environment where humans can no longer live, and we do not know where that is.  The extinction of some obscure fruitfly could be the key to our death.  We do not know.  Every single extinction makes our existance more precarious.  There is way too much that we do not know.  We are not the masters of this world.  It can kill us at any instant and there is not a thing we could do about it.  We cannot prevent tsunamis or earthquakes.  We cannot prevent volcanos or comet strikes.  We are very vulnerable.  The last super volcano eruption took human population down to a few thousand.  Once again  please do not believe me.  Look them up.  You have access to the internet, ask questions.  If what you find does not scare you then look closer, it should.

October 23, 2019.  There should be no millionaires in Congress.  They have set the country up to favor the rich at everyone elses expense.  This is plain truth.  It violates equal protection under the law.  They (millionaires) have forfeited their right to serve in Congress by abusing the priviledge.  Congress allows the super rich to destroy resources that are needed right now so that they can make a temporary profit ( fracking), and they allow the super rich to do untold billions of damage in the gulf and make no more than token payments in recompense.  Please do not believe me look it up for yourself.  If you owe the IRS 500,000$, theywill make you quite a sweet deal, but if you are poor and owe them five thousand dollars, you'd better find a way to pay it.  Our government favors the rich.  Rich people who own nuclear power plants make about half a million dollars per day on average.  You and I pay for that.  More than that we pay for dealing with radioactive waste which must be done for thousands of years.  Once again look it up.  The information is out there.

Then there are lawyers.  Pardon my language but what the hell are they doing in Congress.  They are the main group of people who make money from laws, why are they making them?  I find it difficult to imagine a clearer conflict of interest than lawyers making laws.

More than fifty percent of Congress are millionaires.  Morethan fifty percent of Congress are lawyers.  Look it up please.

 October  22, 2019.  How do we make Congress responsible for its actions?  Clearly they are not now.  They commit treason everyday with no consequences and have done so for generations.   Equal protection under the law.  Puhleeze!  Probably never in the history of this nation, but that does not mean that it isn’t  something to aspire to.   I’m pretty sure that the right way to start is term limits.  No one should be able to retire from Congress.   It is a cliche to say that politicians are dishonest.  People forget that cliches are cliches because they are true.  In this country, to be elected to office means that you are republican or democrat, which means you have in part surrendered  your  beliefs  to a political party.  No group can ever be  one hundred percent correct all the time, it is impossible  and  every reasonable person on the planet knows this,  so in choosing a party, you are lying at least in part, every time.  I defy anyone to show that this is not true.  If you are a republican or a democrat, you are  not telling the complete truth.  

We need another way to put people in office.   Political parties are dishonest by nature.  We need to do away with them.  The only power brokers in the country should be its people.  Excessive desire for power is pathological.   We all know this but we have put  power hungry  people in power over us.  Hunger for power is not  enough reason for anyone to have power over me.  Washington has become a dissease that needs to be cured.  This is what I think, what do you think?

October 21, 2019.  Well, my internet is working again, so here goes.  We have been leaders for quite a long time.  Nowadays, we have a lot of competition.  Good!  We  need to recognize that we are part of the larger world, and not the only ones with good ideas.       We may not have all the answers, but we have some of them.  We need to work with other people who have answers and work to heal the world.  We need an international police force.  It cannot be just us.  We cannot afford it but it needs to be done.  Maybe we need a bill of rights for nations, establishing legal ways to allow for change and proper ways of behavior among nations.  We need international ways of dealing with terrorists and a clear definition of what is and isn’t terrorism.  

I think that groups that promote racism and murder of innocents should lose their right to ever exist.  I believe that any nation that uses nuclear weapons should lose its right to exist.  I know that to some people statues of people are blasphemous, but art is an expression of culture, and cultures grow and change and develope and move.  The heritage of the middle east belongs to most of the world, and new things about it are discovered all the time from the study of what is left, but if what is left is destroyed then potential wisdom is destroyed  and that hurts us all.  What do you think?

October 16, 2019.  Our country lives on the edge.  Our existence is something of a miracle.  Our country is the result of a rebellion of farmers against the most powerful military on the planet at the time.  We won.  We present Native Americans as ineffective fighters when nothing could be further from the truth.  Native Americans started using modern weapons as soon as they could get them.  Most of them hunted for a living, they were not bad shots.  Native Americans fought along side us and so were familiar with our tactics.  My point is that in a battle against  Natives, we probably should not have won.  If ninety five percent of them had not died before they ever saw a European, there is no way the English could have ever have gotten a foothold in north America.

Our existance is an accident or rather a long series of accidents we could very well be speaking French, Spanish, Iroquois, or Cherokee.  This is almost certainly true of every country.   There is a lot wrong with my country.  The people have lost control of Congress, and the democrats and republicans are working hard to destroy democracy.   We also foster change.  We change better than any other country in the world.  This makes us incredibly important  to the world.  Japan, China, Iran, they change because they must and they do an amazing job of it, but we build it into our lives.  

October 15, 2019.  My country is faltering.  We have made higher education the realm of the rich and the super dedicated.  Since most people are not willing to put themselves in debt for many years, they don’t persue higher education to our nations detriment.   University level education needs to be standard in this country.  When it was there was very little we could not accomplish.  The world we live in today is the direct product of those days.  Education should be a basic human right.

Appropriate education ( I believe) is the solution to most problems, and we have ample problems.  

If we do not act, millions if not billions of human beings will die along with most of the wild things that share this world with us.  People everywhere are working to preserve the environment and are begining to clean the oceans.  We need much more.  There  are continents of garbage in the oceans.  A few thousand volunteers cleaning up beaches won't do it.  Animals go extinct every day, many before they are even identified.  We are killing the oceans when we have barely explored any of them.  We need  Bill of rights for humans and other living things.  We need it fifty years ago but we need it now.

October 14, 2019.  How do we do away with political parties?  How do we choose candidates without them?  Term limits is easy, they’ve been in the works for generations,  but choosing who should run for Congress pretty difficult.  No one group can have all the right answers.   Somehow we need to learn to approach problems without an us or them    method.   We need to relearn respect.  Just because someone disagrees with you does not mean they are wrong.   Do you have any ideas?  Tell someone.

There are days when I think we should end our little experiment in democracy and do things by lottery.  If you meet the qualifications your name goes in the hat and if you get tagged, you’re it.  After a term there could be a vote to see if that person continues for another term, otherwise go back to the hat.  Think about it.  If I got the math right ( big if) if only half the people are honest about half the time we will have a President who is honest and about a quarter of the time we should have a President who is honest and smarter than average.  That's better than we've been doing lately.

I do know that thatis a stupid idea, but it is an idea.  Do you have one?

October 13, 2019.  We need to work together to save the world.  The idea that saves the world may come from a tiny  village in Cameroon.  We need to be open to ideas from anywhere.  Which means we need to talk to folks everywhere.  Luckily we live in a time whenwe can talk to just about anyone just about anywhere.   We have one world, we are one world.   We can solve the problems that we need to, but we need to get going.

I believe that nationalism is begining to die.  It will probably be a very long and prolonged death.  Fortunately the things that really need doing benefit almost everybody.  The hardest part is getting people to see the truth.  Poisoning the ocean is in noone’s interest.  Poisoning the air hurts everyone.  Destroying sources of fresh water is in nobodys interest.  We have ways to produce energy that do not damage the environment.  There are ways to get water from the air and the ground.  We can grow food much more efficiently than we do now.  It seems I read somewhere that some folks expect the world’s population to level out at about nine to eleven billion.  That is a lot.   We can do it.  We need to work together to do it.

October 12, 2019.  Brazil and its fires is a disaster, but not quite as bad as many might believe.  Before European contact, the Amazon basin had thousands of towns with roads,  canals and huge earthworks.  Disease killed most of the native people and in the hundred years between first contact and next, the jungle came back.  We need to work with the Brazilians and find the best ways to preserve the Amazon rainforest while allowing economic development.  Brazil is a modern country and their people want good lives.  We cannot ask other people to have less for our convenience.  To preserve the benefits of the rainforest we have at least three options, one is to preserve what still exists, two is to restore some of what has been lost, and three which is to plant more trees here in our own country.  I think that all three must be persued.

We have set the standards by which other peoples judge their lives.  If we want to hold on to what we have we had better find ways for the rest of the world to have what we have.  We are a very creative people.  We and other creative people all over the world, working together can solve whatever problems there are to solve.  We need to get started.

October 11, 2019.  Nuclear power is stupid.  There is no way it can be made safe.  Every nuclear power plant on the planet is vulnerable to storms, tornados, hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis,  floods, terrorists,  warfare,  they simply cannot be made safe.   Worse than that there is no possible way to make them cost effective.  Nuclear power produces waste that must be dealt with for thousands of years.  Please do not believe me check it for yourself.  Here in the US the average nuclear powerplant makes about half a million dollars per day.  Every dollar of that comes from public pockets and that is not all, we, you and me, pay for managing the waste, and will for thousands of years.  A pretty good deal for the rich, they make lots of money and you and I and our descendants pay for it for thousands of years.  Again please do not believe me check it out for yourself.

Nuclear weapons are almost as bad.  They are terror weapons, and should never be used again.  Any country that uses nuclear weapons should lose its right to exist.  Using nuclear weapons against a large enemy will probably hurt you as badly as your enemy.  Making nuclear weapons produces nuclear waste which once again must be dealt with for thousands of years.  They are stupid.

We should not be stupid.

October 10, 2019.  Over half of Congress should not be there.  Many of those who are there belong in prison.  Congress has betrayed us.  More than half of Congress are millionaires, is it any surprise that they have set the country up to favor the rich?   LBecause of this, the rich have forfeited their right to be in Congress.  Our credit system and the IRS favor the rich.  Oil companies can pretty well do whatever they want and Congress says okay, that’s fine.  Destroy aquifers that every civic entity in tne country needs right now so that they can make a temporary profit, sure fine.  Destroy fisheries and years worth of tourist industries in the gulf and make no more than token payments in recompense,  why not?  Put a man in charge of the EPA who has no interest whatsoever in protecting the environment.  Put a man in charge of the FDA who makes a lot of his money from drug companies.  Congress has allowed the construction of the fence and I still say this, FIND ME JUST ONE REPUTABLE ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENTIST IN THE WORLD WHO THINKS IT’S A GOOD IDEA TO BUILD A FENCE ACROSS AN ENTIRE CONTINENT.  Congress has betrayed us.  Many of them have committed treason and they walk around free like butter wouldn’t melt in their mouths.  Our world is in serious trouble and apparently Congress doesn’t care.

October 9, 2019.  American political parties are a big part of what is wrong with this country.  If you are not a republican or a democrat your chances of getting elected are almost zero.  The thought that a group of people will be right in every instance is insane.  It literally can not happen.  The American two party system is a lie.  A LIE.  What’s the joke, ”How do you tell that a politician is lying?  His mouth is open.”  A cliche because it is true.  We desperatly need a way to tell the political parties NO.  I am so tired of not having anyone to vote for.  The  2016 presidential election is the only presidential election since I turned twenty one that I couldn’t vote, there was literally no one worthy of being president running for the office, but there was no way for me to tell them so.  Of course if I was a democrat or a republican I could have had some say, but only then.  There is not much difference between republicans and democrats, in Congress they are more than fifty percent millionaires and more than fifty percent lawyers, neither of which belongs in Congress.  The rich have abused their power and set up the country to favor the rich and so forfeited their right to serve in Congress.  Lawyers are the main group of people who make money from laws, what the hell are they doing making them?  How could there be a clearer conflict of interest than lawyers making laws?  We need to revamp our political system.  We need a better way to choose candidates, and a way to say no way.  Political parties are litteraly insane.  There is no way a group of people can be right all the time.

October 8, 2019.  There are good people in this country, but by and large they don’t run things.  I’m not saying that there is nothing good.  I am disabled.  I live in housing authority housing.  The bus service I use is supported by the government.  I used to work in a covenience store in the bad part of town.  One night some pretty scared folks came in telling me that they were broke down, didn’t feel safe, and didn’t know what to do.  I told them to put their hood up on their car and someone would help them within the hour.  They did and help arrived.  I believe that this is pretty much an American thing.  I wish I didn’t know of dangerous places but I used to teach at North Oakcliff in Dallas.  Our principal did not want us at school after dark or before sunrise.  Everyday during lunch we would hear gunfire.  There are unsafe places.  I still believe that most Americans would rather help than hurt.  Unfortunately not very many of those good people run the country.  Congress ignores our welfare.  They have passed laws that make it legal for drug companies and food companies to lie to us.  It is literally impossible for a product whose main ingredient is vegetable oil to have zero calories but it is legal for them to tell us that it does.  Congress lies to us and allows us to be lied to.  Congress has put a man in charge of the EPA who has no interest in protecting the environment.  They put a man in charge of the FDA who made a lot of his money from drug companies.  They have allowed our President to build this ridiculous wall across the continent, and offend an entire country.  A video wall with a seismic component would tell us if anyone approached our border or tried to tunnel under it and still allow animals to pass freely as they have a right to do.  Congress has allowed fracking so that the richest companies in the world could make a temporary profit while allowing the destruction of a needed resource.  They have allowed Brittish Petroleum to destroy fisheries and industries all over the gulf of Mexico and make no more than token payments in recompense.   Congress obviously favors the rich at the expense of the rest of us.  Many of them belong in prison for treason.


October 7, 2019.  The United States is supposed to be by and large, a Christian nation.  It doesn’t take much to see that the truth is not so much.  How do we treat our poor?  How do we treat the hungry and thirsty on our planet?  How do we care for this amazing worldthatwe have been given to care for?  Do we help our neighbors?  Do we treat the least among us as if they were Jesus himself as we are supposed to do?  We fail miserably.  So many of us are completely sure that we know exactly what is right and wrong and anyone who believes differently is going to hell anyway.  God is infinite which means that none of us undestands him.  We can’t we are finite.  We do know what is right or wrong.  Love is right, hate is wrong.  Mostly that is all we need to know.  So often I want to say to people ”How can the Bible be the true and complete word of God when it was put togeher by a committee four hundred years after Jesus left us.”  This is not an opinion or a belief, it is a historical fact.  Look it up.  The teachings of Jesus are beautiful and worthy of being followed or so I believe.  I have faith that this is true.  I do not need a book written by God.  I live in a world that has His handwriting all over it.  If you can’t see that, I pity you.

October 6, 2019.  I was blessed to be a student at San Diego State College from 1968 to 1970.  I was a quiet part of the anti war effort.  I got to participate in non violent change.  It was not easy.  It took a lot of talking and some very clever leadership.  When we occupied the ROTC offices and the police came to haul some of us to jail they were very polite since one of the  things they were protesting for was higher wages for police.  Excited is fine, angry rarely gets the job done.  Now most people younger than me (and most people ARE younger than me) have been taught that the way you solve problems is to kill someone or blow them up.  It's not really quite that bad, but close.  I am a pacifist and a Christian.  Thou shalt not kill means something to me.  Killing a human being should be one of the most difficult things anyone should ever do.  One of the reasons that I have never owned a gun is that I don't own anything that is worth killing or injuring another human being.  Today that is an uncommon view.  All people are worthy of respect.  If you can't treat them as if they were,  look to your own heart it is probably there that the fault lies.   I do understand.  It is very hard for me to have much respect for Donald Trump.  I would not invite him to my house, unless there was a storm or something.   His language is offensive.  He lies obviously and in public.  He doesn't discuss much but does what he wants and expects the world to deal with it.  He IS the president.  His behavior should not control myown.  All human beings are deserving of respect.  It is very difficult for me to have much respect for Congress.  They do not act in our best interests very often.  They violate equal protection under the law every day.  They set up our country to favor the rich at everyone elses expense.  More than half of them are millionaires,and more than half of them are lawyers.  What the hell are lawyers doing in Congress?  They are the main group that makes money from laws, why are they making them?  How could there be any clearer conflict of interest?  As for millionaires,  they haveset up our country fo favor the rich.  They appoint heads of the EPA that have no interest in preserving the environment and heads of the FDA that make huge profits from drug companies.  They allow oil companies to do pretty much whatever they want.  They allow drug and food producers to lie to us legally.   They do not care about us and sadly most belong in prison.  Violating our trust is treason.  Never the less, I am perfectly willing to enter an honest dialogue with any of them.  Respect is not always easy but it is needed. 

October 5, 2019.  When I began training to be a teacher, I and five thousand other university graduates were given a test geared to eighth graders.  I was horrified that the test eliminated eighty percent of us.  Howcan people not love to learn?  I have never been a very good student.  I was only seldom challenged in high school, I don’t think ever in grade school.  I never had to work very hard.  When I got to the University it took me quite a while to learn to work, years in fact.  I did learn though.  Even when I was not in school I subscribed to Scienific American, NationalGeographic, Discover and such whenever I could afford it. (Now I watch National Geographic, Discover, the Animal Channel, and such a lot, Sci Fy too)  I knowthat even among educated Americans, I am not normal, but  I’m sixtynine years old and I’m still waiting to see normal.  I gave up a long time ago expecting other people to be like me.  They aren’t.  That’s okay, people should be themselves.  Many Christians forget, judge not lest yee be judged.  This doesn’t mean you agree with everyone.  It often means respectfully saying no.   If you have never had to contend with a stuborn pacifist  then you are quite blessed.  We can be pretty tough when we are called to be.

October 4, 2019.  We have to grow up.  We have to acknowledge that some things belong to the world.  Nations need to give up power.  That is a very revolutionary statement, but a true one.  We all breathe air so what goes into the air is all of our responsibility.  The oceans are clearly international.  If we can limit damage from climate change we will need to tie up carbon the simplest way to do that is to plant trees.  We need to plant trees.  We need to protect the worlds environment.  We need to stop the avalanche of extinction that is currently happening.  Growing up is never easy, but we all must.  We can suffer together or work together.  This world belongs to all of us.  

Doing what is right should not be hard.  It might be a bit expensive but not in the long run.  If continued life on this planet is our goal then whatever it costs to stay alive is not too much.  We need  to work together.  We need to give up racism.  We need to give up notions of right and wrong as in we are right and they are wrong.  It has to be We.  There can’t be us and them but only us.  I think that people are begining to realize this.  There is hope.

October 3, 2019.  We are doing better. Almost every country in the world has people trying to make things better.  Unfortunately we have some of the most powerful and rich people in the world who don’t care about right and wrong but in profits.  I am not accusing all rich people, for every monster, there are ten responsible, reasonable people, who care about the world.  Everyone needs to work harder.  When oil companies say ”We will do what we want”  we need to respond ”You will do what is right or pay the price!”  We don’t do this now.  Brittish petroleum did untold billions of dollars worth of damage in the gulf of Mexico and made no more than token payments.  Please do not beleive me, look it up for yourself.  Oil companies in Montana and the Dakotas have destroyed aquifers resources that every city on the planet needs right now and will need more of in the future, so that they might make a temporary profit.  Banks are not allowed to fail.  If you owe the IRS hundreds of thousands, they will make you a deal, if you owe five thousands you had better find a way to pay.  We need to make sure that people do right.

We do not have the right to poison the oceans, but we do, almost all of us.  We are killing the oceans  I say this almost every day.  The hard truth is, without the oceans, WE may not be able to survive.  The plain fact is we don’t know.  How about we find out before we destroy them?

October 2, 2019.  Politics is in many ways what is wrong with our country.  The political parties try to convince us that they are right in everything they say.  That is literally insane.   Our system is set up so that we must be either democrat or republican.  There is not a        

way for us to say ”Hey!  Both these guys are idiots and I wouldn’t vote for either of them tp pick up garbage!”  A native American said ”Right wing, left wing, same bird!” And he was right.  Republican or Democrat, they are mostly lawyers and mostly millionaires, neither of whichshould be in Congress.  Please check this for yourself, lawyers and millionaires are both more than fifty percent in Congress.  The rich have violated their trust by setting the country up to benefit the rich at the expense of the rest of us.  They do this for banks they do this for oil companies they do this tothe environment.  They violate equal protection under the law blatantly and without consequence.  Many of them belong in prison.

We live in one world.  We breathe the same air.  We drink the same water.  We all eat food.  What we do affects all of us.  I know that many people do not want to aknowledge this, but it is true and obvious.  We cannot burn whatever we like to make power.  We do nothave a right to poison the oceans.  We do not have a right to destroy  environements.  We have changed the world.  We have floating islands of garbage in our oceans, the size of small continents.  We use the oceans as toilets and garbage dumps.  I doubt that there is a pristine beach any where on the planet that has not been cleaned.  WE HAVE DONE THIS.  If we are not actively trying to fix it, we are guilty.  There is one World and we are killing it.

October 1, 2019.  I love my country, but I think it has always belonged to the rich.  Mostly it is good when it leaves us mostly alone so we can pretty much do what we want  without the government looking over our shoulders.  This dream becomes less possible with each year.  Crazy people do terrible things here.  They need to be stopped.  Getting rid of guns will not do it, but requiring liscencing, training, and severe responsibility of gun owners might.  We do that with cars, why not with guns?  I can hear people say that they don’t want the government knowing what they have or do not have.  Way too late for that.  Thanks to computers, the government knows pretty much whatever it wants to know about us.  We need to talk about it, not shout slogans but honestly discuss things.  I am a total pacifist.  I don’t own a gun.  I am not a hunter.  Most of my family are not pacifists, do own guns, and do hunt.  They should be allowed to do so.  I do believe that while gun ownership is a right, if someoneis irresponsible,  they should lose that right.  What do you think?  Talkto people who disagree with you.  People who are the same as you don’t have anything that you don’t have, only someone different can give you something that you don’t already have.

The handwriting is on the wall, countries will eventually dissapear.  Hopefully cultures will not.  Having different people around you is a strength, but we live in one world.  The US and the United States of Mexico are two separate countries but animals do not recognize borders, and I’m sorry but they were here first.  Living things have rights.  This world belongs to them as much as us.  A wall across an entire continent violates their rights.  There are better ways.  A video fence with a seismic component  would tell us when anyone approached our border and would still allow wild things the freedom they need.  It could have been errected quietly without offending an entire country.  We live in one world.  Poison in the oceans reaches everyones shores.  Poison in the air, pays no attention to lines on a map.  Ash from a volcano goes where the wind takes it.  A tsunami in Malasia reaches tens of thousand of miles of coastlines.  We are one world.

Our oceans are dying.  Look it up.  The  temperature is changing.  The acidity is rising.  The reefs are dying.  Fisheries have been failing for hundreds of years.  Some say that we may have as little as two generations before they die.  We use the oceans as toilets and garbage dumps.  There are floating islands of garbage the size of small continents in our oceans.  Every beach on earth is covered in garbage unless it has been cleaned.  Our oceans are dying and we have poisoned them.  Please do not believe me, look it up for yourself.  We all hav a responsibility to leave thisworld in better shape than we found it and we are failing.

September 30, 2019.   We live in a country where farming has long been a source of wealth.  We raise more than we need and so have resources to sell.  We have problems but we also have solutions.  This makes us valuable to the world, among other things.  We tend to be good farmers.  Our government has published instructions on how to grow almost everything, and how to do almost everything.  My Grandfather had bookcases full of USDA publications ( United States Department of Agriculture).  We have aquifers that are disapearing and water resources that used to go to agriculture and now go to cities.  We have a lot of changes to go through, but I believe we will be exporting food for quite a long time in the future.  We have agricultural resources that we have not touched yet.   It is a good thing to be of value.

 Every country needs to replant lost forests.  A lot of extinction comes about through habitat destruction.   In the American south, we have embrased tree farming.  We have been doing it for more than a hundred years.  Controled harvest can preserve the environment if it is done correctly and provide for long term prosperity.  Our southern forest was gone, but it is back now.   Many countries have the advantage because their forests are not gone yet.  Our elk are mostly gone.  We have brought back turkeys and in places bears, coyotes are still here but wolves are gone and mountain lions and buffalo.  Forests store CO2 and take it out of the environment.  We all need more forests.   

We need to cure our oceans.  Our fisheries are failing.  Coral reefs all over the world are dying.  The whole world has been using the oceans as toilets and garbage dumps.  There are islands  of garbage in our oceans the size of small continents.  Every beach in the world  is covered in garbage unless it has been cleaned.  We have been overfishing the oceans for centuries.  Portugese fishermen before Columbus had to sail to the new world to fill their nets.  The oceans provide us with oxygen and food.  If we like to eat and breathe we had better take care of the oceans.  It has been said that we may have as few as two generations before the oceans die.  We have finally pretty much saved the whales just so we can poison them now.  They have the largest brains on earth but we may very well kill them before we learn to talk to them.  Could anything be sadder than that?

September 29, 2019.  Our government harms us when they do not listen to the best scientific advice available.  Science does not have political aims.  That does not mean it is not sometimes political.  Anything that needs cash can be political.  Sad to say.  The best science is usually not what is best for business.  The way to do science is not to find someone who says what you want them to, but to search for the truth.  Our government does not even pretend to try for the truth but rather does whatever they want regardless of what anybody says.  A wall across an entire continent is a decidedly stupid idea.  I’d bet a quarter that there is not a single reputable ecologist in the entire world who thinks this wall is a good idea.  As soon as we get someone running the EPA who actually  cares for the environment, He or She will demand it be torn down.  The environment has no borders it cannot.  Creating artificial ones hurts it.

Our climate is changing.  Not an opinion, fact.  Check the facts for yourselves.  The Northwest passage exists for the first time in recorded history.  Ice shelves, north and south are disappearing.  Temperatures, north and south and everywhere in between are rising.  Permafrost is thawing for the first time in thirty thousand years.  I live in a place where snow falls five or six times per year and we have below freezing temperatures sometimes for weeks at a time.  we have had maybe one day below freezing, and no snow at all in five or six years.  Our climate is changing.

Our oceans are dying.  There are dead zones all over the world.  Fisheries all over the world are failing.  Coal reefs are dying.  We use the oceans as toilets and garbage dumps.  There are floating islands of garbage the size of small continents in our oceans.  Every coastline on the planet is covered in garbage unless it has been cleaned.  Animals are dying from plastic poisoning.  We are killing the oceans.  Once again I say do not believe me look it up for yourself.  The facts are there, find them.


September 28, 2019.  When Congress puts someone in office and they do not do their job, they need to get rid of them.  The head of the EPA  has not been doing his job.  He allows fracking which destroys aquifers to allow the richest companies in the world to make a temporary profit.  He has said nothing about his boss building a wall across an entire contininent.  This man is not any kind of ecologist.  His policies actively destroy the environment.  He is not doing his job.  It is Congress’ duty to get rid of him.  To not do so is a betrayal of the American people.  In other words, treason.  I know I am being hard on Congress, but they have so blatantly ignored the welfare of the people they are supposed to serve, that they have used up any slack they may have earned.

Whales have a right to exist.  Dolphins have a right to exist.  Fish, coral reefs,  shellfish,   pinipeds,  all living things in the oceans have a right to exist, and we are killing them.  I wish this was a case of maybe, but I don’t think it is.  Almost every country on Earth uses the oceans as a toilet and garbage dump.  There are islands of garbage the size  of small continents floating in the oceans.  We did that and still are.  If we cannot save the oceans, we might also die.

It may very well be too late to stop climate change, but we might be able to ameliorate it a bit.  People say we are too small to have an effect on climate, but Ghengis Khan killed  more than forty million people, and the lack of forty million cooking fires had a measurable effect  on the  climate.  We do much more nowadays.  Most scientists believe that the evidence shows that we have a significant, effect on climate.  You can believe what you want, but that won’t make it true.  The climate is changing.  The climate zones are moving north.  The Northwest passage has been open for the first time in recorded history.  Aligators, fire ants, armadillos, pythons, all are moving north.  Where I live in Southeast Oklahoma, we have had maybe two days below freezing in the last five or six years, and no snows.  Not normal weather.   If we can plant millions and millions of trees, maybe we can make things better.

September 27, 2019.  Lawyers should not make laws.  There is no clearer conflict of interest than lawyers making laws.  They are the main group that makes money from laws, WHAT THE HELL ARE THEY DOING IN CONGRESS?  Lawyers should not be in Congress.  

Trees we need trees, millions and millions of trees, and  our oceans need a bicarb.  Our oceans are dying.  If we don’t fix it, we may die also, and we will be very much the poorer for it.  The oceans, and everything in them has a right to live.  We do not have the right to kill the oceans.  Countries that continue to use the oceans as toilets and garbage dumps, should lose the right to exist.  I know that this is harsh but noone has the right to take away the rights of others.  The oceans belong to all mankind.  We all need to breathe.  We all need forests.  Trees.  Our climate is changing and it may be too late to stop it.  We may however be able to ameliorate it somewhat.

September 26, 2019.  I am not opposed to people being rich.  I believe that most rich people got that way by being smart and working hard, however the rich have abused their positions in Congress.  Over the years they have set our country up to favor the rich at the expense of the rest of us.  They have ignored the concept of equal protection under the law.  They have allowed the richest companies in the world to make temporary profits while destroying needed resources.  They allow Brittish Petroleum to cost our economy hundreds of billions of dollars and make no more than small token payments in recompense.  Our credit system favors the rich, only the rich can easily afford higher education.  Rich people cost communities more than other people yet ours pay less taxes than anywhere else in the developed world.  Our Rich people do not belong in Congress.  They have over the years sold the rest of us down the river.  It has to stop.

September 26, 2019.  I read recently that the US is showing signs of being ready for a revolution.  Right now I believe we can solvethings without violence.  One of the things  I am not seeing these days is respect.  People are angry and dismissive.  If someone has a different opinion than yours, they are wrong andterrible people.  They are called terrible names .  We have to respect one another and listen to what we have to say.  I don’t much like  our president.  His language is unacceptable and I dislike the way he exagerates things.  Puerto Rico is part of the United States and should have been treated better after the last big hurricane.  Our president is dismissive of native peoples.  When he wanted to buy Greenland, he did not ask the people of Greenland who own Greenland, he asked Denmark who help the native people manage their country.  At any rate I don’t much like our President, but my sister in law and nephew do.  Maybe they see something I don’t.  We are all human beings and deserving of respect.  Not rembering this leads to violence.  I’m not asking for agreement just respect.

Pollution of the oceans needs to stop.  The oceans are dying, and we have no right to continue to kill them.  If we wish to live, eat and breathe, we need to care for the oceans.  I believe that living things have rights.  They have a right to live and to an environment in which they can live.  We do not know enough about the environment to know what is necessary  for human survival.  New life offers new chemistry which means new treatments in medicine and we haveexplored less than ten percent of the oceans.  We are part of the natural world.  If we alter it too much, we will die.  We need oxygen to breathe, and food to eat, and both will be reduced when the oceans die.  The  largest brains on the planet live in the oceans.  There is a good chance that whales and dolphins can talk to each other.  If the oceans die so will they.  We all have and continue to use the oceans as toilets.  This is not an expression it is truth, look it up for yourself.  We litterally pee and poo and toss billions of tons of garbage into the oceans each year.  There are continent size islands of garbage in our oceans.  Every beach in the world is covered in garbage.  If you know of one that is not, it is cleaned.  I have heard it said that noone should eat more than three meals per week from the oceans to allow your body to deal with the poisons.  I laugh when I hear sea salt used to indicate purity, oil, medicinal waste, feces, urine, mercury,  pesticides,  bacteria, lead, you name it, if it is bad, it is in the oceans.  To those who say that we cannot have an effect on the oceans, I say do the research.  We have been overfishing the oceans since the middle ages.  Columbus was not the first to cross the Atlantic, Portugese fishermen were sailing to North America to fill their nets.  Once again, look it up.

In the Atacama dessert, people obtained about a liter per day of fresh water from a square meter of ground covered in glass and set to catch condensation.  There are ways to get water from the air.  There is no reason for anyone to go thirsty.  People should not be allowed to be hungry or thirsty.  That people are hungry and thirsty is a shame for us all.

September 25, 2019.  We live in a world where information is there.  Almost everything you might want to know can be found in a few minutes on the net.  Do not let anyone do your thinking for you.  Naturally, I think I am right, but don’t trust anyone.  Think for yourself.


September 25, 2019  Higher education should notbejust forthe rich orthose willing to put themselves in debt for many years.  I put myself through university working for prettyclose to minimum wage.  At that time, a university education was expeted if you could do  it.  There is no reason for education costs to have risen more than a thousand percent since 1972.  They have.  Nothing else has gone up that much. Check it yourself.  Gee who is making money?  How about Banks?  How many billions of dollars do they make every year from educational loans?  Almost every other developed country in the world has free or very low cost higher education.  It is time we caught up with the rest of the world.

 As a world, we need to grow forests.  Right now we are cutting them down or letting them burn at a very disturbing rate.  We need something like an international arbor day.  We need to replant millions of trees every year.  The Sahara expands every year, and everyone thinks ”How sad”, but we are part of the world.  A hungry or thirsty child anywhere in the world hurts us, all of us.  We are one world.  We can plant trees.  They may not all live, but we can plant them again, as many times as it takes.

I know that many will say” That’s not our concern.  It’s not our country”  Maybe not but it is our world.  Weather is part of a worldwide patern.  Dust from the sahara falls as rain in the Bahamas.  Clouds travel the globe.  Forests, desserts, mountains, ocean currents, CO2 in the atmosphere, winds, and jetstreams all influence all of our lives.  Like it or  not we are all part of one world.  Like it or not, we are all family.  The poorest, youngest, least educated person in the most obscure part of the  world, has an effect on all of us.  Their pain hurts us all.  Jesus taught that how we treat other people, the poorest and least important of them is how we treat Him.  Christians have a bad habit of  selective memories, remembering only those teachings that are important to their own ends.  Hunger anywhere hurts us all.  Poverty anywhere hurts us all.  Ignorance anywhere hurts us all.  We are all part of one world,  if we do not start acting responsibly, we will die.  It’s as simple as that.

September 24, 2019.  Our government lies to us.  This has never been so clear.  Our  President repeatedly says things that are simply not true, and obviously so.  Climate change is not a hoax.  I live in a part of southeastern Oklahoma that has seen only two or three days that stayed below freezing in the last five or six years.  It’s been that long sincewe had a snow.  A couple of icestorms that didn’t even last oneday.  Back in the seventies, we would start off winter with an ice storm and then four to six snows,withuptoaweekof belowfreezing weather at a time.  My Grandfather lived here from 1898, and I never heardhim describe weather like we have now.   The Northwest passage exists for the first time in recorded history.  Most of the historic ice shelves of antarctica are gone.  The glaciers in glacier national park are almost gone.  We have had several five hundred year storms in the lasttwo decades.  The average temperatures of the oceans are rising.  The climate is changing.  Believing otherwise is foolish.

Poverty and ignorance can no longer be allowed.  Ignorant people are more easily manipulated and controled.  These are the people who accept what others tell them as the truth rather than checking it out for themselves.  These are the suicide bombers who murder innocents because they were toldthat God changed his mind and suicide and murdering innocent people is okay now. Education is a human right.   Enough to eat and a place to lay your head is a human right.  Something to do to earn your food is a human right.  Being able to live in peace isa human right.  Sadly many humans do not have these basic rights.

The oceans give us food and oxygen.  If we like to eat and breathe, we had better take care of the oceans.  The oceans are dying.  Their acidity is changing.  Fisheries have been failing for hundreds of years.  The coral reefs all over the world are dying.  There are garbage islands thesize of small continents in the oceans.  If you find a beach not covered in tons of garbage, it has been cleaned.  Thousands of seabirds die eachyear from plastic poisoning.  Sea turtles are declining for the same reasons.  We use the oceans as toilets.  Yes, we pee, and poo in them and dump untold amounts, at least millions if not billions of tons of garbage into the oceans every year.  It is recomended that no one eat more than three meals a week that originate in the oceans to allow your body to rid itself of the poisons in the oceans.  I see sea salt advertized to indicate purity and I have to laugh, mercury, pesticides, hormones, feces, urine, plastics,  medical wastes, you name it and it winds up in the oceans.  Pure they are not.  If we wish to live we MUST take care of the oceans.

September 23, 2019.  It is interesting how this blog has changed over time. Everyday I am both encouraged and horrified by paying attention to the news.  Life was a lot more comfortable when I avoided the news.  The United States is in trouble.  Our Congress has sold our country to the rich.  Science is whatever is the most profitable.  In a world where fresh water is disapearing our government allows the destruction of this vital resource so that the richest companies in the world can make a temporary profit.  Our environment is under attack by our own government.  Please find me one, just one reputable ecologist who thinks it’s a good idea to build a fence across an entire continent.  We make a little progress only to have Washington dismantle it.  The rich do not belong in Congress.  Between the rich and the lawyers, our country has been given away to the special interests, at least those who could afford it.  

There are ways to provide clean water for the world.  There is enough food to feed us all.  We are all citizens of one world.  Science says we are all family.  We need to start acting like it.  People go hungry and thirsty in this world.  We know how to fix it, and we don't.  Once bad things happened far away and long ago, but today they happen right now and we know about it instantly.  The world is a much smaller place than it used to be.  We are all much more connected than we used to be.  Several years ago, fires in Mexico killed people in Texas.  We are all connected.  Melting ice in the arctic makes life difficult for polar bears, but it also raises sea levels and most people in the world live within a few feet of sea level.  We are all connected.  This is OUR world, hunger, thirst, injustice anywhere hurts us all.

Our oceans are dying.  It is by no means certain that we can survive if the oceans die.  Certainly many of us will starve if the oceans die.  Animals and plants have a right to live.  Their lives  enhance and maybe allow our own.  We don’t know enough about our world to even know our own place in it.  The extinction of the dodo, might mean extinction for us within five hundred years.  We just don’t know.   There is an excellent chance that whales and dolphins might be intelligent.  We will never know if they all die before we can talk to them.  We use the oceans as toilets.  We have always done this.  Now there are islands close to the size of continents made up of garbage in our oceans.  If we wantto live we had better find a way to repair the oceans.

September 22, 2019.  We need a children’s bill of rights.  We need to decide if children are gifts from God, or property.  Half the time they get treatedone way and half the other.  I’m sorry, children’s rights come before any adults.  Is this convenient?  Hell no!   Sometimes adults will be run over.  It happens today and it will happen more when children get treated as they should be.  Children should never go back to abusing parents.  They might  get over losing their parents but they don’t get over being dead.  There are neighborhoods where it should be ilegal to raise children.  The safety and welfare of children should be number one always.

It may indeed be too late to turn the climate back to where it was, but we might be able to slow or ameliorate the changes.  There are extant ways to reduce carbon emissions.  There are excellent ways to tie up carbon, like planting trees, millions and millions of trees.  We can and should make things better.  We need to introduce tree farming to the world.

Once again, we need to repair the oceans.  If we don’t do this many of us will die.  Please check the facts for yourself.  Ifwe wishto continue to eat and breathe, we need to fix the oceans.  The state they are in right now is a shamefor any country that continues to use the oceans as a toilet.  We have limited time to do this.  Your children may and your grandchildren will see the oceans die ifwe do nothing.  We need to start thirty years ago.  We have been damaging the oceans for hundreds of years, look it up, please.  The largest brains on the planet live in the ocean and they will die if we do nothing.  Whales and dolphins may be intelligent and they may diebefore we learn to talk to them.  Animals and plants have rights.  We have no right to destroy them.  All of us breathe oxygen produced from the oceans.  We have no right to make life more difficult for our children.

September 21, 2019.  We need people running this country who believe in science.  Our present rulers believe that science should say what you want it to.  If you can find anyone to agree with what you want to hear  they must be right.  Science should not be political.  If science always says what you want it to it is usually wrong.  Once we were very good at science but these last two generations we have fallen back a bit.  Especially the rich.  Their point of view seems to be that whatever produces the most profit must be right.  This will kill us.

Nuclear power is not economic.  The waste must be managed for thousands of years.  There is no possible way for nuclear energy to produce any profit at all.  Every nuclear plant on earth is vulnerable to storms, tsunamis, earthquakes, terrorists,  and probably a dozen other things.  They cannot be made safe and there is no safe enough.  Every plant that fails increases cancer rates for all of us, more so when you are close but all of us.  Nuclear weapons have similar problems.  They are imoral.

Our oceans are dying.  Right now.  We may have already poisoned the oceans past the point of no return.  I pray that this is not true.  The reefs are dying, all over theworld.  There are huge dead zones in the oceansthat seem to be growing.  Our fisheries have been declining for hundreds of years.  Please check yourself.  Do not take my word for anything.  If you are reading this you have access to the internet.  Check these things for yourself.  If the oceans die, we have murdered them, and maybe ourselves.  There is no guarantee that we can survive without the oceans.  We can fix this if we work together and start now!

September 20, 2019.  Citizens of the United States are pretty amazing.  We are a long way from perfect but still pretty amazing.  Most know about the Oklahoma city bombing, but few know about the hundreds of people off the streets who spent hours hauling victims out of the building.  Official responders took 15 to 20 minutes to show up but hundreds of normal people risked their lives to help others.  My sister in law was one of those.

Our country dreams big.  There are footprints on the moon that prove this.  We set up a list of wonderful ideals and over the centuries we come closer and closer to living by them.   We are not very good at being bad.  Not that there are no bad guys in this country, boy howdy do we have those!   But as a people, we are not very good at being bad.  We often think of ourselves as horrible racists, and we can do pretty well from time to time, but America is supposed to be about being fair, racism is not fair.  I have seen racism and America doesn't even come close.  Almost every possible cause in the world is actively supported here.

We love to sing and dance and laugh.  We work to make things right.  Who knows, maybe we will succeed.

September 19, 2019.  I used to believe in pretty strict gun control, now I’m not so sure.  I still think that automatic weapons are not necessary for hunters, most deer are not that well armed, but if you look at the history, the founding fathers wanted people to be able to protect themselves from abusive governments, so it doesn’t matter how well armed the deer are.  I still think that if someone is a criminal they should lose their right to own a gun.  That gun ownership should require education, liscencing, and permanent consequences for screwing up.  We require that to drive a car, why not to own a gun?  What do you think?

We have islands of garbage in our oceans often many times the size of Texas.  We need to clean them up, as soon as possible.  We have always used the oceans as toilets and we can no longer afford this.  We have had an effect thatcan be measured back to the middle ages on the oceans.  There are too many of us to continue to use the oceans as toilets.

Poverty and ignorance cause too much damage to be ignored any longer.  There are religious fanatics who have been told things that are forbidden by their faiths such as suicide and killing innocents.  People need to think forthemselves.  God gave us all minds and wrote his laws on our hearts.  We know the difference between right and wrong.  When someone tells you that black is white because God told him so, He didn’t.  God is infinite, we are not  it is literally impossible for us to know in any great detail the mind of God.  Anyone who saysthey do is probably lying.

September 18, 2019.  America needs better education.  An American should have no problem any level of education they might be capable of, without going into debt for half their lives.  It is wrong for there to begood and poor schools.  That violates equal protection under the law.

Forests have a worldwide effect.   I know that no one wishes to give up what are seen as national interests, but forests belong to all of us.  Yes I mean that the Chinese have an interest in America’s forests, and the Arabs, and the Turks.  Living things have rights.  Animals and plants.  We are part of the natural world and if it dies, we die.  We need to protect and expand the world’s forests.

We need to start preparing for worst cases.  Super volcanos WILL erupt.  Super tsunamis will happen.  Some idiot will start a nuclear war.  The great pandemics will come again.  We need to have many years worth of food set aside.  We need to be able to survive a natural EMP, they have happened before and will happen again.  It’s not a matter of if but of when.  If we are not prepared we will die.  It’s that simple.

September 17, 2019.  I have come to recognize that there are two sets of problems our country must solve.  One set is the country specific problems that pertains mostly to us.  Then there are world problems that must be solved so that all of us can survive.  I’m going to speak about three of these problems. 

One is Congress.  The rich and lawyers have made Congress their own private club.  I am uncomfortable saying that certain people should not be in Congress, but the rich have consistently abused the priviledge and thus forfeited their rights.  The lawyers  shouldn’t be in Congress in the first place, there can be no clearer conflict of interest than lawyers making laws.

Two is nuclear power.  It cannot be made safe.  There is no way to make it safe.  Every nuclear plant on the planet is vulnerable to storms, hurricanes, tornados, tsunamis, earthquakes, terrorists and probably a dozen other things.  They can not be made safe.  Anyone who says they can is lying.

Three the oceans.  The oceans are dying.  We have been killing them for centuries.  Go to the internet and look up dead zones.  They are everywhere and they are getting bigger.  The acidity of the oceans is changing.  The temperatures are rising.  The fish are dying.  The shellfish are dying.  Many if not all of us may die if the oceans die.

There are other problems and later I will write of them, three at a time.

September 16, 2019.  I love my country, but I am begining to realize that real as our problems are and much as they need to be addressed, there are several other problems that need to be solved on which our continued survival  may depend.  We need for Congress to take their job seriously.  We need free or low cost education for everyone.  We need the rich kicked out of Congress, and the lawyers, but  if we don’t fix the oceans, we may all die.  If we don’t fix our climate, millions, perhaps billions will die.  If we don’t find fresh water for everyone, if we don’t save the forests, and the animals, and the coral reefs.  There is a tremendous amount of work to do.  We can’t forget our own country, but we are citizens of the world.  If the world dies, so do we.

September 15, 2019.  All of us need to fight illiteracy.  Every person on earth who can needs to be able to read, write, and speak, their own language.  People everywhere should be able to attain whatever level of accademic achievment they might be capable of.  It is sadly possible that we are facing several potentially world ending problems.  It may very well be true that even with seven to nine billion people working on these problems  success might be problematical.  This does not mean that we should not try.   We have at least one thing in happy abundance and that is human brain power.  We can not afford to waste resources.  

Every toddler teaches us that learning about our world is the most exciting thing there is, until we discover sex that is, but it should be a strong number two for the rest of our lives.  Sadly that is not true.  We need some research to find out why.  Our educational system kills that in children. We desperately need to stop that as soon as possible.  We have done pretty well compared to the past.  Most countries have made amazing strides in literacy, but it is not enough.  We all need to do better.

September 14, 2019.  I challenge every government on the planet to examine the safety of their atomic power industry.  They cannot be made safe and with nuclear energy there is no safe enough.  Every plant on the planet is vulnerable to storms, hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes, tsunamis, terrorists, and probably a dozen other things.  They cannot be made safe.  A thousand foot tsunami hits the east coast of the US, maybe only every hundred thousand years or so.  Do we know when the next one is coming?  I think not.  The midwest is not known for earthquakes but one of the worst in history  was centered at New Madrid on the Mississippi.  Atomic energy is not and cannot be made safe.  This is not an opinion.  This is fact!  Chernoble kills people every day, so does Three Mile Island, and Fukishima.  Once those poisons are out in the world, they kill.  When the thousand foot tsunamihits the east coast, and Florida, and the Gulf, how many nuclear plants will be destroyed?  The time has come to think in terms of the planet.

September 13, 2019.  I used to not ever watch the news.  Then I started this blog.  When I started, I was concerned about my own country, but many of the problems out there that have to be solved if we are to survive, cannot be addressed by one country.  Climate,  pollution, the oceans,  forests, are all  problems that must be solved.

I truly believe that one day there will be a world government, but I think we are quite a ways from that.  Nevertheless there are problems that must be solved if we are to survive that we must work together to solve.  The frightening thing is that we have no choice.  The more frightening thing is that we have no time.  We may already be too late.  It is work together or die seperately.

September 12, 2019.  The bible says something about putting away childish things.  The human race needs to do that.  Rivers often run through many countries, but pollution affects us all.  Polution from the mississippi  affects Mexico. Cuba, the Carribean countries, not just the US.  The garbage islands floating in every ocean, have many sources.  All of us need to deal with them.   Declining fisheries reduce resources for all of us.    If the oceans die all of us will suffer.  Nationalism in this case makes no sense.  If we do not fix things, we all suffer, maybe die.  It is by no means certain that any of us can survive if the oceans die.  We can no longer afford  the usual nationalistic games.  The oceans belong to all of us.  Maybe this can be the begining of true international cooperation.

September 11, 2019.  Christians have always believedthat we live in the end times.  After a couple of thousand years or so someone should have caught on that maybe we got the timing wrong, but not so much.  The truly scary thing is that this time we might be a lot closer than ever before.  Our world is changing in truly profound ways.  I think that we are responsible for some of those changes but whether we are or not,  the climate is changing, the oceans are becoming more acidic, coral reefs are dying,  extinctions occur daily, the ice at both poles is melting,  ocean levels are rising,  deserts are expanding,  storms seem to be getting stronger.  One tsunami on the east coast would destroy how many nuclear power plants?  How about the west coast?  How about the gulf coast?  How far up the mississippi would the damage go?  We are always in deadly danger but some danger is just stupid.

If we want to survive we need to start working on it.  The disasters are not a matter of if but when and we don’t know.

September 8, 2019.  I am old.  If I am very very luckey, I might make mid century.  The truly frightening thing is that I might live to see our world die.  The danger is immediate.  Extinction is a daily occurance.  The oceans may only have one or two generations left.  Our extinction is a definite possibility.  On the surface, everything looks much like it has always looked, but if you look a bit closer things are a lot more scary.  The arctic is melting.  The oceans are rising.  The climate is changing.  Wet places are becoming dryer.  Deserts are expanding.  The oceans are dying.  We all are in trouble.  We can survive this but it requires us to work together.  If we don't we may all die.  If we do we may live.  It's that simple.

September 7, 2019.  Our Congress needs to stop being part of the problem.  Our country is set up to favor the rich at the expence of everyone else.  Our Presidency goes on sale every four years.  Republican,  Democrat, makes no difference who wins, we lose.  Our government lies to us at every level, president on down.   The bad things our government does are becoming so obvious that every day we get closer to angry mobs marching on Congress and the White House.  We are still fortunate to live in a country where we can make a change peacefully, not easily, but possibly peacefully.  It may not look like it but we are used to uphill battles.   Other countries think that we are lazy and hedonistic, we are but if you interupt our easy lives, we will fight the devil himself to get them back.  We love the dream of our country even if it is only a dream.  We will die for that dream, even if it is mostly a lie.

September 6, 2019.  I am a tree hugger.   I am proud of the fact that my country has done a pretty good job of preserving the natural world, at least here in our own country.  A lot of it was luck but what the heck, nothing wrong with luck, but we can’t depend on it.  Many of the forests are burning.  Then we have the situation in San Diego where tree huggers are trying to protect the forests in the canyons.  Totally bogus.  San Diego is a desert.  There are some remnant forests in San Clemente canyon, but most places the trees are an artifact, the result of runoff from five million yards.  Naturally, it would be almost impossible to burn down San Diego.  There used to be grass fires but that was about it.  In the last twenty years San Diego has almost burned down twice.

We spent decades trying to stop every fire that ever started.  Not as smart as it sounds, it results in forests with a lot of underbrush that endangers the mature trees.  We need to figure what is right to do and do it.  We need to help other people do it.  Once again we need to do better, and help other people do better.

September 5, 2019.  Most of our history, we have had little effect on the world, but not no effect.  When Ghengis Khan killed forty million people, it had a measurable effect on the climate.  In the middle ages,  Europe’s  cities using rivers for toilets destroyed the rivers for fishing, overfishing destroyed the lakes and by 1492 Portugese fishermen were going to Nova Scotia to fill their nets.  We have always had an effect on our world.  There are more of us than there ever have been.  We are the major cause of extinction now.   We are close to being the cause ofour own extinction.  I really wish that all this was a joke but it is not.  We are one to several generations away from the death of the oceans, not hundreds of years, but twenties of years.  When the oceans die there is no certainty at all that we can survive.

September 4, 2019.  There are islands of garbage in all our oceans, the size of Texas up to three times the size of Texas.  We should all be ashamed.  There is no possible way for one country to remedy this situation.  If we do not work together, the oceans will die, and so will we.  They have already started to do so.  Fisheries that were once abundant have dwindled.  The acidity of the oceans is changing.  Seas that were once full of fish are now full of jellyfish.  Coral reefs are dying.  Our oceans now have dead zones where nothing lives.  We pollute the oceans with sewage, garbage, plastic,  pesticides,  medicines, every kind of waste we produce, goes into the oceans.  Seabirds die from ingesting plastic, so do turtles.  We are killing the oceans.  We are killing ourselves.  If the oceans die, so do we.  It’s that simple.

September 1, 2019.   I have said many times that we need to do better.  Not just Americans but all of us.  We need to learn to work together.  Howabout we start with the oceans.  If we cannot heal the oceans we will all suffer.   If the oceans die, we may all die.  I don't think that anyone knows if it is possible to survive the death of the oceans.    America seems to live on a razors edge but this edge is not just us.  The truly sad thing is that to solve it we need to all work together.  We have never been very good at that.  Every nation on earth uses the oceans as toilets.I know it's gross but it is true.   We all depend on the oceans for the air we breathe.  Most people on earth eat fish.  Fish are an easy source of protein.  When the oceans die many, maybe all of us will also.   We are all connected.  Other countries will not like it when their pollution of the oceans is monitored and stopped, or when their harvests of the oceans are limited and controled.   It will not be easy, but it needs to be done.  It has to be done.  If we can’t find a way to do this,  we may all die.

August 31, 2019.  How does one become so broken that going out and killing a bunch of strangers sounds like a good idea?  Thereis nothing cool about killing another human being.  Even in warfare it causes mental problems and that is the way it should be.  Killing people should be one of the most difficult things that anybody could do.   No one should ever feel that wrongly that the only thing to do is to go and kill someone.  That is insane.  Sadly there is no other way to say it but insane.  I was born and raised in California, so I have a sort of appreciation for crazy  but killing people is quite a bit beyond the pale.

August 31, 2019.  There was a time when we had a chance of being first in the developed world.  Not any more.  Wegrow poorer every year.  Higher education is only for the rich and those willing to put themselves in debt for half their lives.  We elect presidents who think that science is whatever youwant it to be, and that they are greater than nature.  We are second rate.  Almost all the firsts are taken.  

There are some things we still do better than anyone else.  We change better than others.  We always have.  We have people who are generous and generally try to help.  I believe that most of us try to do the right thing.  We can make things better.  We have to make things better.  

Education is the key to everything.  I’m pretty sure that there is a direct corellation between levels of education and prosperity in this country and in the world.  If we can improve one we will improve the other.


 August 30, 2019.  Terrorism is evil.  It kills innocent people.  This is wrong.  We all know this.  Sadly there are people who choose to go against what they know is right.  We all know thou shalt not kill.  If you check the verse, there is no but in it.   Evil people add the buts.   Some people become so broken that they choose evil.  Whenever someone says God said to kill them it is usually a lie.  Just because someone says they are a man of God does not make it so.  If someone says that Mohamed or Jesus said it is alright to violate their teachings because God told them so, chances are He didn’t.  I don’t believe that God is in the hate business, I think he is in the love business.

Whole peoples are not evil.  Entire cultures are not evil.  Babies are not evil.  Children are not evil, and a surprising number of other people are not evil.  If you believe that they are then you are broken.

Normally I would insist that you think for yourself about now.  I will do so.  All of us know the difference between right and wrong.  Do not let anyone do your thinking for you.  God gave you a mind, use it.

August 29, 2019.   If we wish to continue to eat and breathe,  we need to take care of the oceans.  If we wish for security then we need to find ways for all peoples of the world to have enough fresh water.   Our climate is changing, of that there is no doubt.  If we are very lucky and work very hard we may be able to ameliorate this change somewhat.  We have serious problems that are impossible to manage country by country.  We will have to work together and we have never been very good at that.  We need to do better.  This is not something it would be nice to do, it is something we HAVE to do or die.  Dying yourself is hard, watching your children and grandchildren die is harder,but we will all watch this happen if we cannot learn to work together.

We are one people.  This is not my opinion, it is scientific fact.  We are one family and we need to start acting like it, or we will die.   The United States cannot clean the oceans alone.  China cannot clean the oceans alone.  Russia cannot clean the oceans alone.  Even all of them working together cannot clean the oceans without the rest of the world working with them.   Everyone is concerned that the forests of the amazon are burning and the forests of the Congo are being cut down, but how many have noticed that the great forests of Russia are also burning, and Alaska, and America.  We cannot tackle these problems by ourselves.  If we do not deal successfully with these problems, many of us will die.  We need to do better.

August 28, 2019.  Nuclear weapons are imoral.  They kill indescriminatly.  They poison the land, the air and the water.  Their production produces waste that must be dealt with for thousands of years.  They are expensive and damage the worlds environment.  

Christians, followers of Islam, Bhuddists and probably all religious people should be opposed to nuclear weapons.  Innocents need to be protected.  Modern warfare tries to be very specific which is a good thing in so far as anything related to war can be good.  Nuclear weapons violate this idea.  Nuclear weapons have become a status symbol.  How sad is that?  Youcan be proud of your country because you can murder people better than other countries.  Warfare is murder.  Killing people is wrong.  We all know this.  We need to take it a lot moreseriously than most of us do.  As I have said before, we need to be better.

August 27, 2019.   Sometimes it feels as if we are being buried in layers of disasters.  The oceans, the forests, CO2, nuclear power, nuclear weapons, climate change,  environmental problems, idiot politicians, corrupt legislators, the list goes on.  

You must do what you can, being aware that there are lots of other things that need to be done, but you must do what you can.  We all must.

Are there more important projects?  Yes.  I have heard that we may have less than two generations to save the oceans.  If that is accurate, then if we like to breathe we need to repair the oceans.  The forests are also part of this.  Where forests are destroyed we need to replant them.  Where forests already exist, we need to find ways to help them survive fires.  The climate is changing.  Pretending it isn’t won’t change things.  Pretending that science is merely someone’s opinion and probably wrong is seriously stupid.  We cannot afford stupidity.  We need to clean up the garbage islands and work to reduce plastics.  We need to  increase forests.  In every country our own included.  Our southern forests have  come back but we need more.  We need to help other countries bring theirs back.

We all need to do what we can.


August 26, 2019.  Perhaps we need a worldwide arbor day.  A day celebrated around the world when millions of trees would be planted.  We need to take better care of the trees we have.  There are ways to make forests less susceptible  to fire damage.  Every acre of forest that burns makes climate change worse.  Things will get better on their own if we let them.  The amazon as we know it today grew in about a hundred years, after ninetyfive percent of the natives were killed by European diseases.  I’m not at all sure that we have a hundred years.  Does anyone have the right to create a dessert in a neighboring country?  I don’t believe so, but we are doing just that right now.  We need international groups planting trees and fighting the dessert.  We need international teams of firefighters.  We need management teams to help protect the forests we still have.  We need to protect the environment and help it recover.  There is still hope.  We can make things better.

August 25, 2019.  We need some changes in our political system.  We need term limits for congresspeople.  We need the rich banned from Congress.  They have abused their rights and should lose them.  If the political parties wish to continue to exist then they need to get us candidates worth voting for.  We need to be able to vote no, and make the parties go back to zero.   Congresspeople who abuse their office should go to prison.  

Congress should work for the benefit of the citizens of the United States.  A congressperson who does not is  committing treason.    Serving the nation is serious.

August 24, 2019.   We need to find another way to fund education than property taxes.  There should never be inequalities in funding.  Children everywhere have a right to a decent education.  This could be considered equal protection under the law.     I think that education should be run by educators.  If parents want their fingers in the pie let them homeschool their kids, otherwise join the PTA.  Sadly, in middle school and high school, very few parents seem to care about their kids.  Teachers will wait for hours on Parent teacher nights and if they are lucky they might get ten parents.  If you love your kids, where are you?  A child of eighteen is still a child, yet in this country, we tend to treat teenagers as if they were adults, and they are not.

I think  that any juvenile put in a kiddy prison should result in his or her parents going to an adult prison, day for day.  Parents are responsible for what their children do.  A singlemother, working and caring for a family might have some kind of excuse if she can demonstrate that she has tried to get her child help, but parents who let their children run wild should pay for what they do.

August 23, 2019.  Greenland is an autonomous region.  If I understand it right that means that it belongs to the people who live there.  Our President asked Denmark if they would sell Greenland to us.  He did not ask the Greenlanders.  He was ready to take over a nation without regard to the wishes of its inhabitants.  He joked about trading Puerto Rico for Greenland, some of the Puertoriquenos responded with enthusiasum, Denmark has a very strong economy, free medicine, free education, that’s better than we’re doing with the US.  Becausewe want something that another country has give us NO rights.  Absolutly none.  We have no right to force our will on anybody else.

August 23, 2019.  We are not quite ready to give up nations.  It is obvious however that this future is coming.  This will probably be one of the most difficult things that the human race has ever done.  How can we preserve culture and language and the benefits of variety that those things bring while controling the negative aspects of some cultures.  How can we preserve human rights and prevent damage from pollution, abuse of the natural world, and occassionally poisonous cultural traditions.  Where do we draw the lines?  I know what I believe.  What do you believe?  We need to start talking about it.  I think that the rights of a child supercede the rights of adults, even parents.  No adult has the right to make a decision that results in the death of a child.  Am I right?  I think so, but what do you think?  No one has the right to tell anyone what to believe.  Discuss yes, tell, NO!

August 22, 2019.  Our oceans are dying.  If they die, we lose half of the oxygen that we breathe.  We lose huge sources of edible protein.  This cannot be done by one country.   Every ocean has huge patches of floating garbage, the one off California is more than three times the size of Texas,and it is not the only one in the Pacific.  Mankind has been using the oceans as a toilet forever and this has to stop.  Fisheries are collapsing.   Every island, every beach everywhere is covered with tons of garbage.  Some people say, "We cannot have an affect on something as huge as the oceans", they are wrong.  This is not an opinion but fact.  In the middle ages, freshwater fisheries were collapsing because of pollution.  Columbus was not the discoverer of America, it was Portugese fishermen who sailed to Canada to fill their nets.  It is true that some of the rivers have improved in recent years, why here in North America it has been a long time since a river caught fire as they used to do.  If we take care of the oceans they will provide us with oxygen to breathe and food to eat.  If we don't  we will pay a price in blood, people will die, maybe billions of them.

August 21, 2019.  Our world is much larger than it ever has been.  We are more closely connected than we ever have been before.  There is very little any of us can do that does not have an effect on our neighbors.  We are one world more than we ever have been.  We must begin to eliminate war.  We can no longer afford it.  We will have nine billion  people to feed before you know it and a world for them to live in.  We can not afford to destroy one acre of farmland, or a single source of fresh water.  We can do this. WILL IT BE EASY?  No it will not, but we can do it.  We have a responsibility to take care of each other and the world we live in.  We are not doing very well right now.  We need to do better.

August 20, 2019.  Nuclear power is a very dangerous and bad idea.  There may have been a time when it was the only viable option to provide the nation with electricity, but that time is over.  There is no good reason for nuclear power plants to continue and several good reasons for all of them to be shut down.  Nuclear powerplants produce waste that is dangerous for thousands of years and you and I pay for that and will continue to do so for thousands of years.  Nuclear power plants cannot be made safe,ask the neighbors of three mile island, the former residents of Chernoble, or those Japanese neighbors of that plant that was taken out by a tsunami.  They are all vulnerable to tsunamis, earthquakes,  tornadoes,storms,  hurricanes, terrorists, and probably a dozen other things I have not thoght of yet.  Nuclear power plants make an average of half a million dollars per day, every one of those dollars comes out of our pockets.  If the producers of nuclear power were paying for the real costs of itsproduction, there is no way they would ever produce a dime.  Every dollar they make ispure theft from you and me.

August 19, 2019.  Our country will never be perfect.  No country is or will ever be perfect.  We can be better.  We can treat other countries with more respect, though I think we do  maybe fair at this.  We can start asking countries what can we do to help rather than jumping in as if we know everything.  We are still pretty big, perhaps not the biggest guy on the planet but still pretty big.  Our country is falling apart but then it has been since the begining.  We have a tradition of doing things first.  It would be nice if we could be the first nation to accept the fact that we are part of the world and start behaving like it.  Maybe we can be leaders in cleaning up the oceans.  Maybe we can go to third world countries and help them set up sustainable energy systems.  Maybe help with clean water as well.  We want to be the good guys we often are but not as often as we should be.  As I have said before, we need to be better.

August 18, 2019.  We need to decide if children are property or gifts from God.  Half the time they get treated one way and half the other.   We need a children’s bill of rights.  Children should never go back to an abusing parent.  If it’s a choice between the rights of a child or an adult, the child wins every time.  A child can get over losing a parent, they don’t get over being dead.  There is no psychotherapist on the planet who can guaranty a cure, so no child should ever go back to an abusing parent,  EVER.  Children havea right to be safe.  How we ensure this, I have no idea, but children should be safe.   Children have a right to good education.  Children have a right to be cherished and loved.  People will say that they are not our children and they are right, they are God’s children, we are only given temporary custody.  Children are our future and we need to start acting like it.

August 17, 2019.  We need free or extremely low cost higher education.  We need K through 12 to be excellent everywhere.  We need national standards and equal funding in all school districts.  We need to  provide descent wages for teachers.  Education needs to be a national priority.   Education more than pays for itself.  It always has.  Having community based education has resulted in huge variations in the quality of education in this country.  That is wrong.  There should not be rich and poor school districts.  Equal protection under the law should include education.  I know it’s a stretch but what the heck.  The better educated we are, the more prosperous we will be.  It’s not quite a magic bullet but it comes close.

August 16, 2019.  This is not just for my own country this is to the world.  We need to stop using the oceans as a toilet.  We’ve been doing this forever and we need to stop.   Every seashore on the planet is covered in trash.  There are great areas of floating garbage in our oceans  some the size of Texas.  Seabirds, seaturtles die from eating plastic.  Fish species that were once abundant are dissapearing.  Squid and jellyfish are expanding their ranges and having an effect on some fisheries.  When there were only a few million of us we made less difference in the world but even in the middle ages  we were begining to fish out the Atlantic.  Before Columbus, Portugese fishermen were crossing the oceans to New Foundland to fill their nets.  We have been destroying the oceans for hundreds of years.  We have to stop.  We have more people to feed now than ever before and less fish to do it with.  Healthy oceans will help us.  Dead oceans will kill us.

August 15, 2019.  We have become way too complacent.  I think that citizens of the US have always pretty much trusted the government to do the right thing.  Sometimes they do, often they do not.  As a result we find ourselves with nuclear power plants all accross the country, poisonous and expensive, and dangerous.  There is no such thing as safe enough, ask the former citizens of Chernoble, Three mile island, or those folks in Japan.   Earthquakes, tornados, hurricanes,  floods, tsunamis, terrorists, and probably a dozen other things can damage  them.  Our government builds a fence accross an entire continent.  I’d like them to find one, just one reputable ecologist who thinks it is okay to build a wall accross a continent.  Our government allows fracking which can destroy aquifers so that the richest  companies on earth can make a temporary profit.  Our government has sat by and let the cost of higher education rise more than one thousand percent since the seventies.  Higher than anything  except CEO salaries.   We have an EPA that does not protect the environement, and an FDA that does not protect us as it is sopposed to.  Congress serves the rich, not us.  The rich have forfeited their right to serve in Congress.

August 13, 2019.  Oil companies do not have the right to destroy resources.  Yet they do, so they can take temporary profits.  This has to stop.  We subsidize the rich with bailouts, tax cuts and breaks,  credit support, and probably ten other things I am not aware of.  I am not opposed to people being rich.  I’d like to try it myself some day, but it is clear that Congress has abused its position to the point where I think a good case could be built to remove millionaires from Congress.  We have an EPA that does not defend the environment.  They have committed treason.  They have betrayed the American people.  We have a President who has actively worked to offend an entire country.  Don’t we have enough enemies?  Are you worried about illegal immigrants taking our jobs?  Easy to fix.  Send the people who hire them to prison.  Fine them into the poorhouse.  They are criminals.  We have to stop bailing people out and let businesses fail if they can’t compete.  That is capitalism.  Bailing them out is socialism for the rich.

Lawyers do not belong in Congress.  Lawyers are the main group that makes its money from laws.  What clearer conflict of interest could there be than lawyers making laws?

August 12, 2019.  I can’t change anyone’s mind, but I can speak mine, and I can encourage others to speak theirs.  I am not at all sure that this will make any difference, but I have hope.  I hope that most people are good and want the world to be a better place.  I hope that most people are kind and would rather help than hurt.   I hope that most people are willing to work a little to make the world better.  I am a Quaker and we have been tilting at windmills for hundreds of years.  I may be totally wrong but I have hope.  I hope you do too.

August 12, 2019.  I haven’t talked about the wall in a while.  I bet a quarter that there is no reputable ecologist in the entire world that thinks building a wall accross an entire continent is a good idea.  The natural range of animals in northern Mexico includes the southern United States and vice versa.  We do not have the right to interfere with the natural world to that extent.  If we wish to control access to our country we need  video cameras with a seismic component that would allow us to know when anyone approached the border or tunneled under it, and it could have been done without offending an entire country, it's called diplomacy.  We do not own this world, we are in temporary custody of it.  We have an obligation to leave our children a world in good shape.  The fact that our EPA has said nothing against the wall clearly shows that someone has purchased the EPA.  Sadly the price is our children's future.  We all live in one world yet we pollute the air, use the oceans as toilets, and destroy our fellow species right and left.  We have to do better.

August 11, 2019.  Congress has done terrible things.  I won’t let them off the hook.  We, the citizens of the US, are partly to blame.  We have  stood by and let this happen.  I have said this many times, we need to be better.  We need topay attention to what happens in Washington.  I am not very happy about this.  I don’t want to spend time every day checking out whats going on in Washington.  I have a life to live and other things to do, but I can’t ask you guys to do stuff I’m not willing to do.  I’m hoping to change things without bloodshed.  I still think it can be done, and I will try to do so.  Just remember there are large groups around this country getting ready to change things the other way.  

We need to talk to our congresspeople.  Often.  Weneed to let them know what is acceptable and what is not.  We need to inform the parties that none of them are entirely right.  We need to let millionaires and lawyers know that they are not wecome in Congress.  We need to let them know that Nuclear weapons and nuclear power are stupid, risky, and dangerous.  This is what I want to tell them.  What you want to say should be different.  

August 10, 2019.  There are some good people in Congress.  Not enough but some.  The sad truth is that our country favors the rich.  The rich are favored to the extent of destruction of needed resources so that the rich can make temporary profits.  Nuclear power is a clear danger to all of us.  No nuclear plant is safe.  They cannot be made so.  They are all vulnerable to tsunamis, hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes, terrorists, and probably a dozen other things.  Their waste must be dealt with for thousands of years so it is impossible for them to make a profit or be cost effective.  Congress has put people  over the EPA who have no interest in protecting the environement.  The FDA no longer acts in our best interests.  Congress has sold us out.  We have to find some other way to put people in congress.  Politics has not worked for us.  We need some kind of system that recognizes that it is not us or them but always us AND them.  The first step is getting people to realize that no party is completely right.  Then we need to work on establishing term limits, three should be enough.  We also need to make Congresspeople responsible for their actions.  Many of them have knowingly committed treason, they have violated their oaths to defend the constitution, and betrayed their constituents.  They belong in prison.  They need to be there.  We need to put them there.

August 9, 2019.  We need to start planning for ten thousand years.  We keep doing things that made no difference when there were only millions of human beings, now there are billions of us.  We are emptying aquifers and building huge cities and in small ways altering the mass of the crust of the earth which is changing the direction of the movement of the north pole.   We have an effect on this planet of ours.  We need to find ways to live on this planet without damaging it.  We are doing better but there are a lot of people who refuse to believe that humans could have much effect on the planet.  Genghis Khan slaughtered more than forty million people while he was conquering his empire.  The climate grew cooler in the generation after, many scientists believe  that forty million fewer cooking fires had an effect on the climate.  There are a lot more of us now.  We don’t build cooking fires here but they do elsewhere but we all drink water and wash.  Many aquifers in India, China, and the US are being depleted and not refilled.  We are covering whole regions with massive cities.  We are changing the face of our planet without thought as to what the side effects of those changes might be.  We all need to do better.

August 8, 2019.  We have been given a gift in this country, probably by accident but we have it nevertheless.  We can vote.  We need another option on the ballot however that is currently not there, we need to be able to vote no.  We need to be able to say that none of the candidates are acceptable.  We need to beable to say to the parties, you have failed to find an acceptable candidate.  We desperately need to find another way to fund political campaigns.  Right now  it is painfully obvious that our presidency is for sale.  This is a national shame.  The Presidency should not be a popularity contest, but we make it so.  The situation in Congress is worse.  Congress has not belonged to us for a very long time if ever.  We have given it to the rich and the lawyers, and they have taken possession. We need to take it back.  By some historical accident they have left us the vote and we need to start using it.

August 7, 2019.  We have a lot of damaged people.  Sometimes, some of them obtain weapons and start shooting.  How can we stop this?  We need to be responsible for each other.  One should have a right to privacy,however this does not extend to child abuse, spouse abuse,  or other things that affect other people.  I would tend to include racism or bigotry of any kind.   We need to become an anti bullying culture.  Bullys are sick, weak, damaged, and dangerous.  We need teachers brave enough to face down bullys and their parents.  Bullys need to know that their behavior is NOT acceptable.

I have said before we need to be better.  We need to speak up and let others know what is acceptable and what is not.  Will people disagree with you?  Probably, so what?  You have a right to your opinion, but you will lose that right if you don’t use it.  I know that it is not easy to tell someone in Walmart that their language or behavior is not acceptable, but we need to do it.  We need to start in gradeschool.  Young children need to know that bad language and bad behavior is not acceptable.  Women need to know that men that beat them or their children are criminals and incapable of love.  Children need to know that parents do not normally injure their children and that love is not expressed with a fist.

August 6, 2019.  Lets talk about nuclear weapons and nuclear power.  Some people believe that nuclear power is an innexpensive way to make electrical energy.  It is not.  ITISNOT!  Nuclear anything produces waste that must be stored and protected for thousands of years.  Let me say that again.  Nuclear waste must be managed for a period of time that greatly exceeds the amount of time that humans have known how to write!  There is no possible way for nuclear anything to make a profit.  DO NOT BELIEVE ME.  Look it up for yourself.  We have solar power , wind power, tidal power,  we do not need nuclear power.  

Nuclear weapons destroy and pollute cities.  What have you conquered?  Ruins, and damaged, wounded people that’s what!   If your enemy is large an attack large enough to be effective would probably hurt you as much as them.  They are not practical.  They are very expensive, and they produce waste that must be managed for thousands of years at least.  I actually had a politician tell me that we could not allow other countries  to get ahead of us in nuclear things.  Maybe not but must we follow them into stupidity?  Study yes, experiment? carefully yes, but build ten thousand weapons?  Why?  Because our enemies are stupid enough to build these incredibly dangerous and not very useful weapons.  I am not a follower of Islam, but Mohamed had very sensible ideas on warfare.  As I understand it he said that non combatents were not to be harmed, that buildings should not be unnecessarily destroyed, that even cutting down trees should be avoided.  Very hard to do with nuclear weapons ( or suicide bombers).  We and by this I mean all peoples of the world must become better people. 


August 5, 2019.  Our country is based on a wonderful dream.  Probably never more than a dream.  There are tiny glimmers of the dream in our history but never more than that.  It is time we made the dream a reality.  Our government is supposed to belong to us.  It never really has.  In the early days, only the well to do could afford to take seveal months out  of every year to run the country.  Now our country is run by the rich for their own benefit, and lawyers for theirs.  It is time we took it back.  Fortunately  our rulers have kept  elections to foster the illusion that we run things.  We can take it back without bloodshed.  We need to remember that the political parties are not our friends.  They are made up of , and run by the rich and lawyers.  It is common sense that no one group could possibly be right all the time yet we are supposed to believe that the Democrats or the Republicans have all the right answers.  Refuse to vote for the rich and lawyers.  That would be a good begining.  Talk to the people who get elected, as often as you can.  Let them know that if they do not do things the way you wish them done they will not get your vote again.

August 4, 2019.  How do people become so broken that they think they have the right to murder anyone?  How can any mind come to believe that people deserve to die because they worship God differently or have a different colored skin.  Thou shalt not kill.  Killing should be about the most difficult things anyone might have to do,  hurting an innocent or a child should put someone in a mental hospitał.  If the thought of doing these things does not upset you a lot, then you need help.  We are all one people , if you do not think so, you are wrong.  This is science, not opinion.  Check it for yourself.  Anyone so terribly damaged as to think that murdering a bunch of strangers is what needs to be done, needs help and is to be pitied.  If you know anybody this damaged tell someone or you are partly responsible for what they do.

August  4, 2019.  We need to take back Congress.  I know, said a little bit wrong.  Congress may  supposed to be ours but probably never really has been.  Never the less, it is supposed to be ours.  The rich have run things to suit themselves for far too long,  let’s start there.  After that getting rid of the lawyers should be a breeze.    We need the citizens of this country to think.  Not as easy as it sounds.  Our people have played along with the way things are for centuries.   Many people assume that the way things are is the way things are supposed to be.  One of the great contradictions of  the US is that while we change more than any other country in the world,  most of us don’t really like change.  We do it, we deal with it, but we really don’t like it.    We need to do it again, for our own benefit.  This is our country, we need to take it back.

August 2, 2019.  I believe it was a native American who said ” Left wing, right wing, same bird!”  I believe that political parties are a big part of our problem in this country.  Politicians are mostly rich and mostly lawyers.  Please DO NOT believe me.  Look it up yourself.  We have given up our rights and given the country to the rich and the lawyers, and they have taken possession.  The rich are damaging the country to benefit the rich.  Of this there can be no doubt.  The super rich are not allowed to fail.  They destroy sources of fresh water,  they produce oil leaks in the gulf and do billions of dollars worth of damage and make no more than token payments in recompense, and if I understand it right, the leak is still leaking,  if you owe the IRS hundreds of thousands of dollars they will make you a deal, if you owe five thousand you’d better find a way to pay.  The rich have bought the EPA and the FDA  neither is run for the benefit of the people of this country.  As for lawyers, what clearer conflict of interest could there be than lawyers making laws?  

August 1, 2019.  Our government does not work for the benefit of ordinary citizens.  If you are an oil company it’s okay to destroy water resources that the rest of us need right now so that you can make a temporary profit.  A good well managed aquifer should last for thousands of years.  Oil fields don’t last that long.  Brittish Petroleum produced the oil leak that destroyed fisheries and years of tourism and made no more than token payments, the worst of it is that if I’ve got the story right, the leak is still leaking, but if you are rich enough, our government doesn’t care.  I don’t have a problem with people being rich, but the country should not be run for their benefit.  More than fifty percent of Congress are millionaires,  their record speaks for itself, they have abused their power and should not be allowed in congress.  The only sensible alternative is to start sending Congresspeople to prison, not unreasonable since by violating their oaths of office, they have committed treason.

July 31, 2019.  How can we make this country a better place?  Speak the truth as best you can.  If you are mistaken say so.  Try not to be afraid to speak your mind.That’s not as easy as it sounds.  How many of us speak up when we hear bad language in public?  Not many.  I’m  not saying be rude but it is not out of place to quietly ask someone to moderate their language, that there are children, religious people, decent women, men , and Baptist Grandmothers who don’t need to hear such language.  Call people on lies.  Ask for sources.  Quakers have a saying, ” Speak truth to power.”  Congresspeople  work for you, or they are supposed to.  Never be shy about telling them what you think.  Think.  Think a lot!  This multi billion dollar wall that is being built across  our continent will have to be substantially torn down in the not too distant future.  This is obvious.  I challenge anyone to find a reputable ecologist anywhere on earth that thinks building a wall across an entire continent is a good idea.  We cannot afford to waste money like this. 

July 30, 2019.  People who run countries should not have a reputation for bad manners ot for bending the truth.  Bad manners means low class.  Has nothing to do with how much money you have or who your parents are but has everything to do with who you choose to be.  Class is always a personal choice.  Bad language is low class.  Lies are low class.  Saying one thing and doing another is low class.  Stupidity however can go either way.  Wasting other peoples money on a project that every reputable expert in the world says is a bad idea is stupid.  Telling lies in public on tape in front of the whole world is stupid.  Making enemies when we already have quite enough is stupid.  I won’t name names here.  Make your own conclusions.

July 30, 2019.   Are we good guys or bad guys?  Bad guys have bad manners, they tell lies, they disrupt, they break down,  they are sure that every thing they do is right.  Good guys, give people the benefit of doubt, they try to tell the truth, they built up, they bring together, they are open to discussion, they have good manners.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if this was always true, but it is not.  Some bad guys have excellent manners and some good guys don’t have a clue.  Some good guys could not build a relationship to save their lives, and some bad guys are very charming.  It aint easy.  You do the best you can.  That’s all any of us can do.  

I hope that I am one of the good guys.  I try to help build a country that has room for just about anyone, any race, any religion.  Tolerance is not enough.  I am a citizen of one of the most diverse countries in the world.  How wonderful!  People who are just like me can’t give me anything that I don’t already have.  People who are different than me have different ideas about beauty, about music, about dance, about life.  They can give me  new perspectives, new and wonderful views of the world.

July 29, 2019.  I don’t usually post twice in one day but there are no rules so here goes.  Tolerance.  Tolerance has nothing to do with acceptance.  Fundamentalist Christians have a right to their beliefs.  They do not have a right to push those beliefs on anyone.  I oppose prayer in schools.  Moments of silence are fine but no one else knows what I might have to say to God.  That is always between him and me and is no one elses business.  I would not appreciate anyone telling my children what is right or wrong in a religious sense.  Idon’t like nazis, racists, or bigots.  I hate to admit it but even if I find their beliefs unacceptable, they have a right to them.   I have severe problems with allowing them to teach those ideas to their children, but the bottom line is  if everyone is not free then no one is free.  This is not an easy thing to beleive.  These people would not allow me the same priviledge.  I am very uncomfortable with this one.  I believe that teaching children wrong things is immoral, my problem comes from who decides what is right or wrong?  We need to talk a lot about these things, and maybe realize that this is an imperfect world and we cannot allow racists, nazis, or bigots to go unchallenged.  

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July 29, 2019.  Education, pays for itself.  It always has.  It pays in the form of more and better bussiness, more and more creative products, and happier and more productive citizens.  We need free or extremely low cost education , k through university right now.   We are a large literate society but through cost we have limited higher educational opportunities.  This is hurting us.  True genius are often not very good students.  They were never challenged in school and because of this they never developed the study skills that even gifted students need at university.  When university education is cheap and easy, more of them attain university education and learn their vital skills.  I also think that we need national standards for education.  There should be no difference between schools.  Everyone in the country should be able to expect quality education  from their local schools.  We are one country.  We need to start acting like it.  

July 28, 2019  Let’s talk about the wall.  It will have to be substantially torn down eventually.  I still will bet a quarter that there is no reputable ecologist in the world who thinks that a wall accross an entire continent is a good idea.  The worst part is that we now have an entire country that does not like us.  When you have a neighbor who has problems, you help him solve them if you can before his problems become yours.  Just common sense.  

A fence of video cameras and seismic sensors would alert you if anyone approached the border (or tunneled under it).  It could have been built without offending our neighbor, and would allow wild things to cross without hindrance.  Animals have rights.  That’s why we set up the EPA.  Of course the man who runs the EPA has spent most of his life opposing the EPA.  If he really cared for the environement, he would have spoken up against the wall as almost every other ecologist in the world has.

July 27, 2019.  I have a sister in law who is a Trump fan.  I am not.  I do not approve of calling people whores because of politics.  There is no excuse for bad manners.  My sister in law sincerely believes in Trump.  That is her right.  I may not agree with her politics, but she has a right to her opinions.  This will probably never be resolved between us.  Thats okay, she is a good person.  There was a day a while ago when she was in Oklahoma City.  There was an explosion ahead of her.  She pulled over, got her first aid kit out of her trunk, and spent eight hours or so hauling victims out of the Federal Building.  She is not only a hero, but she has raised a remarkable family, mostly on her own.  She is tired and ill right now.  If my health was better I would try to spend more time with her, but its not so I can’t.  She is trying to make this country better.  So am I.  I hope she knows that.  My family has always thrived on differences, in my family we have Baptists, Methodists, Catholics, Quakers,  Lutherans, Jehovas Witnesses, and probably a couple of other denominations that I don’t know how to spell.  We love each other and always enjoy a good argument.  Respect is vital.

July 26, 2019.  I am sixty nine years old in September.  There are a lot of things that I am not happy about.  I don’t expect to change the world, but I’m going to try.  I know that things are not right and while I can, I’ll try to make them right.  That’s all any of us can do.  We can’t go backwards.  That’s not allowed to any of us.  We have to move on and try to make the world a better place.  I think that one of the hardest things is to realize that it will never be us or them but always us and them.  Ideas never die but must be lived with.  You might not like them but someone probably will.  The best we can hope for is that positive ideas have more power than negative ones.  My view is that  there are ideas that are wrong, racism, fanaticism,  anything that harms children, hunger, thirst, poverty.  Thesad fact is that no one is free unless everyone is free.  That does not mean that wrong actions are allowed or condoned, but people must be free to choose the right and the rest of us must work and pray that they do.

July 25, 2019.  Our most dangerous enemies, believe that we are evil.  All of us, men women and children.  I don’t think that any religion would support this kind of hatred,but  our most effective enemies usually claim to be religious.  Many of them claim to be fundamentalists, believing every word of their holy books is the word of God.  Mostly they lie.  Christians are asked to love their enemies and do good to those who hate you.  We very rarely do these things.  As I understand it the Quran tells howto fight a war, not to destroy unneccessarily, not to attack those who are not attacking you,  Religion becomes ugly when it is used for political purposes.  I am not a fundamentalist, I believe that God speaks to all of us and it is our choce whether or not to listen to Him.  I don’t believe that God asks us to hate anyone.  I do believe that there are many peoplewho use religion as a weapon, to suit themselves.

July 24, 2019.  I love this country.  It is my home.  My family were on some of the first ships to get here and on the shore to greet them.  The archeological record indicates that there were about 35 million Native Americans living in north America in 1492, but if you add up the totals at first contact, you only get five to eight million.  This pattern was repeated in South America. The first explorers saw towns and cities all along the amazon that had disapeared a hundred years later.  Most Native Americans died before they ever saw a European.  Our country was born of disaster, and has stayed there for most of its history.  We yearn for stability and peace but we change constantly which makes it difficult.  We have built change into our lives.  That makes us valuable to the world.  We try new stuff.  Sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t but it makes us a very strange place to live.  We have tried letting rich people and lawyers run the country for most of its history.  It has not worked very well.  The rich have set things up tomfavor the rich and lawyers just should not be making laws, thats how they make their money.  There could not be a clearer conflict of interest than lawyers making laws.  it has to stop.  Time for us to change once again.

July 23, 2019.  Our founding fathers would be horrified that there are carreer politicians.  They intended that a small group of rich men would take a few months out per year to run things.  Not too practical today.  Nevertheless, I contend that carreer politicians have produced generations of corruption that has damaged this country.  We need term limits.  I think three should be enough.  If people need longer than that to learn how to play the game, then they need to stop playing games, and start running the country for the long term benefit of its citizens.  We cannot trust the rich.  They have abused their power in congress to benefit the rich at the expense of the rest of us.  This has to stop.  It is sad that some hard working, honest , caring rich people will be forbidden to serve.  Unfortunately their compatriots have demonstrably abused their congressional power to benefit the rich at the expense of the rest of us.  

Congress needs to be responsible for what they do.  When they apoint someone to run an agency who does not do his job, they need to start working to remove him, or take resposibility for the damage he has done.  When they damage this country they need to be held accountable for it.  When you betray the country it is called treason, even when it is done by Congresspeople.

July 22, 2019.   I think that the families of the congresspeople who voted to allow fracking, should pay for the destruction of that resource, for the next, oh, ten thousand years.  Doesn’t sound fair does it?  The rest of us though will be paying for the lack of that resource forever.   We have the same problem with nuclear power.  There might have been a time when we actually needed it but that time is over and we will pay for it forever.  The worse the problem becomes the more we will all pay,  forever.  This is not a figment of my imagination.  You have access to the internet, check on how much it costs to manage nuclear waste, then think of that cost continuing for , oh, say ten thousand years, and some of the waste is dangerous much longer than that.   Congress obviously cares more for the profits of oil companies than it does for the welfare of the people.  Nuclear power plants make an average profit of about half a million dollars per day.  Look it up.  Every dollar comes out of our pockets and on top of that we pay for the management of the waste.  We are being robbed if not directly by Congress, then they are driving the getaway car!  Congress is more than fifty percent millionaires,  they have  set up the country for the benefit of the rich.  Compare what the government spends on support of the rich to what they pay to support the poor.  I think you will see that the rich have abused the priveledge and should not be allowed in Congress.  Congress is more than fifty percent lawyers.  They are the major group of people who make money from laws.  What clearer conflict of interest could there be than lawyers making laws?

July 21, 2019.  I am a Quaker.  My religion forbids war, from my point of view, all Christians  should not fight.  I might wish that everyone felt this way but religion is between every person and God and is no elses business.  We are all responsible.  I see my country sliding into another war.  Russia,  China,  Iran, these countries should not be our enemies.  Russia and Iran are trying to build a country almost from scratch.  Actually they are both doing pretty well.  Do they have problems?  Of course they do!  This is the twenty first century, problems are all of our middle name.  As for China it is racing into the modern world and doing a pretty bang up job.  They are a major trade partner.  Do we agree with everything they do?  Oh hell no!  So what I doubt that they agree with everything we do either.  China has gone from being an authoritarian closed restricted society to an open modern country in very few years.  Not easy.  Pretty impressive.  Iran disagrees with us quite a lot.  Talk to us.  Words don’t cost a lot, they can be changed, and edited and no one has to bleed.

July 20, 2019.  We must grow past war.  There are ways to  decide conflicts that do not involve violence.  When they don’t work we need to find other ways.  War is not acceptable.  Followers of Islam are told not to harm noncombatents.  I know, they do not always follow this rule.  Can’t be too judgemental, we Christians are told to love our enemies, which we are not very good at.  War hurts people who are not our enemies, and we are told to love them.  War makes more problems than it solves.

People are being taught to hate entire countries.  I don’t think that there is any religion that condones that.  I beleive that God is about love, not hate.  Hate has a different source.  There is no country on earth where babies are guilty.  Anyone who says different is lying.  If what you are doing kills babies it is wrong.  If you feel different, get help.  I don’t believe that God changes his mind.  If something was wrong a thousand years ago, it is still wrong.

I know I often tell people to not trust other people telling them what to believe.  Sadly this is still true.  I wish it weren’t.  I wish I had the right to tell other people what to believe, but no one does.  Not even me.

July 19, 2019.  Congress has put a man in charge of the EPA who has no interest in protecting the environment.  The President is building a twenty foot steel wall across a continent and no one says anything.  There is no reputable ecologist IN THE WORLD who would say that the wall is a good idea.  The EPA allows fracking which destroys aquifers, sources of fresh water, so that the richest companies in the world can get richer.  The man who runs the FDA makes a lot of money from drug companies.  Nuclear power plants make an artificial profit of about half a million dollars every day.  Nuclear power plants are not clean or safe.  Their waste must be managed forever and it costs every day, forever.  Every dollar that Nuclear power makes is stolen from us.  We pay for manging the waste, forever.  Every Nuclear plant is a danger to us as long as it exists.  They are all vulnerable to storms, earthquakes, tsunamis, terrorists,  warfare, and probably a dozen other things.  They cannot be made safe.  THEY CANNOT BE MADE SAFE.  Congress has done these things.  They have betrayed us and our country.  They have committed treason.

July 18, 2019.  Our country appears to be trying to make bad language acceptable.  After all, everyone uses bad language don’t they?  NOTHEYDON’T.  Bad language is a sign of low class.  Always a choice.  The sad thing is that many people do not realize they are using bad language.  Once when I was working as a cashier in a convenience store I told a lady ”and please mam, don’t ever come back to this store“  She turned around with a surprised look on her face and asked why.  I told her that her language was rude and unacceptable.  She didn’t realize that she had been using such language.We live in a country where class is totally a choice.  It has nothing to do with money, who you are, where you go to school, or where you live.  It is a choice .   Using bad language means that you don’t care what other people think of you.  Why would you offend every Baptist grandmother in earshot for no reason?  Why would you talk that way around children?  Why would you choose to be low class?  Unfortunately many people believe that no one has the right to control what they say.  Sadly this is true, or should be.  Why would anyone choose to be rude?  We have decided that it doesn’t matter how the rich and famous speak, but it does matter.  When a celebrity uses bad language they should be called on it.  Rudeness is not acceptable.

July 17, 2019.  I know I talk like  our country is falling appart.  It is but then I think  it always has been.  Our poor country has been skating  on the razors edge  since day one.  Unfortunately this does not mean that we are not in deep do do, we are but I think we always have been.  Maybe it’s part of being human.

We have built an amazing country.  Far from perfect, but still amazing.  I have a relative who thinks that the slogan should be America, love it or leave it.  I love her but no chance.  Anyone who loves this country should want to change it.  To make it better.  This country is not perfect, not by a long shot, but we change better than anyone.  We build it into our lives.  We change government, transportation, literacy,  housing,  communications,  education,  fashion, almost every decade our country completely changes.  It has been that way since  first settlement.  Even before that the disseases that killed  the native Americans before they ever saw a European forced them to change in very basic ways.  We change.  Unfortunately that is not always a good thing.  I mourn that the University experience I had is dissapearing and probably won’t come again.  We’ll have to come up with something better.  Yesterday never comes twice.  You can’t go back, but you have to go forward we should all work to make tomorrow better.


July 16, 2019  I think that this is only the second time I have ever posted twice in a day, but here goes.  I think we have made a basic error in this country.  We have gone with complex and difficult rather than simple and easy.  We use complex machines to cool our houses when there are easy, simpler, and less expensive ways to do it.  An airpipe buried  six feet under will cool air forever with the cost of a fan to move the air.   Mechanical transport has become so complex that mechanics regularly use computers just to decide what to fix.  Things should get easier not more complex.  Fixing cars should be easy, or at least easier instead of more complicated.  We worry about water when an airwell that gets clean water out of the air is not very expensive.  Many of us talk about simplifying our lives but we often go with what we know and everyone  already uses rather than something that ” ought” to work.  We tend to  go with the crowd rather than take a new path.  It’s time we started taking chances.


July 16, 2019.  Education in this country is crucial.  I think that if you compare literacy rates with economic activity you would see a clear connection.  Education in this country has always paid for itself.  The problem is that because the connection takes most of a generation to show up, people do not relate them.  Prosperity is also directly related to University level education, or so I beleive.  There should not be differences in education.  All children should have access to the best available.  University education should be free or very low cost for everyone.  The actual costs of University have not gone up tweve hundred percent since 1972.  Nothing else in our country except CEO wages has increased that much.  Look it up for yourself.  Someone is making a lot of money out of educational loans.  Gee who could that be?

Probably Banks.  Educational loans are stealing our future.  How do we fund these changes?  I don’t know, do you?  Maybe pay half our property taxes to the federal government.  I hate the idea of another federal beaurocracy.  I really do.  We need to do away with regional differences in education.  I am at a loss to say how.  What do you think?  God gave you a mind, use it.  If wedo not start working together with respect and tolerance( forgive me Tammi) things will get worse and we cannot allow that.


July 15, 2019.  Our country seems to be always in trouble.  Why should now be any different.  We have a bill of rights.  Our Congresspeople have sworn to uphold anddefend it.  They violate it.  Equal protection under the law.  One of the basic American ideals.  Congress violates it.  When they favor the rich over regular people, they have done treason.  When they allow the destruction of this countries needed resources so that the rich may become richer temporarily, they have committed treason.  When they put people over the EPA who have no interest in defending our environement, they have committed treason.  Congress irresponsibility can no longer be tolerated.  Some of these people belong in prison.  The GIBill payed for itself millions of times over.  Shutting it down was one of the stupidist things our government has ever done.  Education is never wasted.  One of my uncles got an engineering degree on the GI Bill.  He added billions of dollars to our economy and retired as a senior executive from Mobile oil.  Education is never wasted.  Someone in this country is making obscene profits from education loans.  Since the early seventies the cost of higher education has gone up more than a thousand percent.  Nothing else except CEO wages has gone up that much.  DO NOT BELIEVE ME?  LOOK IT UP FOR YOURSELVES.  God gave you a mind use it.


July 14, 2019.  We are handicapped.  Everywhere else in the developed world, medical care is available for everyone and so is university level education.  We do pretty well on medical care but are far from perfect.  Education however there we are failing miserably.  People seem to not know who to blame.  Okay how about the banks?  They are the ones cleaning up on educational loans.  The excuses they give for the rise in cost are ludicrous, better food, cappucino?  Please!  Educational costs have risen more than a thousand per cent since the seventies  more than anything else.  Do not beleive me look it up for yourself.   I was not a very good student.  High school took very little effort  so when I got to University and actually had to work, I wasn’t very good at it.  I attended five institutions of higher learning while working at a minimal wage job (okay two years of that were paid for by Mom and Dad).  That would not be possible today and we are signifigantly poorer for it.  We have serious problems to work on in this country  but we no longer have the educated talent to do that work.  The poor and middle class are undereducated and that costs us dearly.  The university experience that exposed you to talent, art,  culture, people from other countries, is no longer available to most students.  This also hurts us.  We need to do better.


July 12, 2019.  There was a time when the leaders of this country believed that worker should make enough to live comfortably.  I don’t believe that that goal was ever achieved.  There was a time when almost anyone could own a home or send their children to a university.   That time is long gone.  Our country is being run to benefit the rich.  Our government allows fracking which destroys aquifers, sources of water which every civic entity in the country needs right now so that the richest companies in the world  can make a temporary profit.  Nuclear power plants make a profit of about half a million dollars per day, all of it artificial, paid for by us.  Brittish Petroleum destroyed the fisheries and tourist industries in the Gulf and made only token payments to pay for it.  My understanding is that the leak is still leaking.  The super rich in this country are not allowed to fail.  The wellbeing of the rich has vastly increased in the last generation while the middleclass and the poor are sliding downhill.  I don’t think we are very close to mobs with pitchforks and torches marching on Congress, but the signs are on the horizon, clear for anyone to see.


July 13, 2019.  Our Congress runs the country for the benefit of the rich.  They do not care about the welfare of the people of the United States.  They allow the destruction of  badly needed resources so that the rich can make temporary profits.  They allow severe damage to whole regions requiring minimal payments in recompense  ( Brittish Petroleum’s oil leak in the gulf).   While there is some opposition to The Wall, it is currently being built.  We have an EPA that does not defend the environment  and a head of the FDA who makes a signifigant amount of money from drug companies.  Congress has betrayed us.  Most of them belong in prison for treason.  That is not a joke.  They have betrayed their oath to defend the constitution.

Rich people do not belong in Congress.  It is demonstrable that they have betrayed their trust and abused their power.  Lawyers make laws to make lawyers rich.  Lawyers are the main group that makes money from laws.  What the hell are they doing making them? What clearer conflict of interest could there be?  Lawyers do not belong in Congress.

We need term limits in Congress.  We need to find a way to fund political campaigns that does not involve a system of debts owed to the rich.  We desperately need this for Presidential elections.  It has become obvious that our Presidency is for sale.  This is a national shame.  We need to fix it.


July 11, 2019.  My country is building a twenty foot steel wall across the entire contenent.  This will affect Mexico and the USA  and eventually central America and Canada.  We are one world.  Deer, wild sheep. wolves, mountain lions,  jaguars,  rabbits, armadillos, animals don’t know about borders.  A wall across an entire continent is insane.  There is no other word for it.  We have a long history of making spectacular  mistakes.  This one is champion.  We have managed to offend an entire country,  and spend billions  of dollars on a largly useless project that will cost  quite a bit to tear down in the future.  A video fence with a seismic component would work better, and could have been installed without offending an entire country.  Mexico has problems.  When your neighbor has problems you help them if for no other reason than to prevent their problems becoming yours.  We have ignored this principle and are now dealing with the consequences.


The fact that the EPA has not protested this wall is a national shame and a clear indication that the head of the EPA has no interest in defending the environment.  Of course we knew that.  The EPA allows fracking which destroys vital resources, water, so that the richest companies in the world can make a temporary profit.


July 10, 2019.  Well it only took me five days to figure it out.  When it comes to computers, I’m a pretty good gardener.  Well I think I’ve figured it out.  We’ll see.


I have been talking to a lot of people, Prime Ministers, Senators, Government Agencies.  I became curious about a young Iranian man I went to school with.  

Lets see what todays rant will be about.  There is something that Orrientals value much more than we seem to, being a good ancestor.  The sad thing is that this generation seems to be failing on both sides of the Pacific.  (Europe,  Africa, and Australia aint doin’ so good either.)   We have become a huge factor in extinction.  We all use the oceans as toilets.  We pollute the water and the air.  We are actively destroying the planet we live on.  Some few of us have begun to change and make things better but not enough.  We need to do better.



July 5, 2019.  Nuclear anything is dangerous.  Nuclear power and nuclear weapons produce waste that must be dealt with effectively forever.  Nuclear weapons produce injury and destruction that must be dealt with for generations, and release poisons that effect everyone.  If you attacka large country, using enough nuclear weapons to have much effect will probably hurt you almost as much as them.  nuclear power is not and cannot be made cost effective since the waste must be dealt with for thousands of years.  Producing waste of this kind is irresponsible.  We do not have the right to saddle our descendants with this kind of burden.  I wish I were wrong about this but I don’t think I am.  Nuclear power and nuclear weapons  are insane.  I can’t think of any other word.  I know I know, I am a citizen of the United States who invented nuclear weapons.  So far we are the only country  to use nuclear weapons in war.  That is awful but true.  It might be remembered that the Japanese  were only inches behind us  as were the Germans.  Nowadays

any competant engineering student should be able to design a functional nuclear weapon.  If that doesn’t frighten you then you are too stupid to be allowed outside by yourself.  Any country or organization that uses nuclear weapons should lose the right to exist.  


June 18, 2019.  I am a Christian.  I believe that violence between human beings is wrong.  I believe that if someone asks you for something, and you have it you should give it to them.  I believe that one should treat others with respect, kindness, and like you would like to be treated.  Am I perfect?  Oh heck no!  I am not so good at forgiving.  Christians tend to forget that the Lord’s prayer asks for forgiveness only to the extent that we forgive others.  It aint easy.  I am not a fundamentalist.  If I  were, I would not change the scriptures meanings to suit myself.

Mohamed left instructions on how to fight wars.  My understanding is that he clearly laid out who was a legitamate target for warfare.  Also God forbids suicide.  Anyone who claims that an entire population, men,  women,  children,  babies, are enemies of God, they are lying.  Anyone who says it is okay to kill yourself in order to kill anyone they are lying.  I am not a fundamentalist but I don’t believe that God changeshis mind.  If something  was wrong a thousand years ago, it is still wrong today.


I don’t want to tell people what to believe.  Your beliefs are between you and God and none of my bussiness.  I will say this however, if you say you know the mind of God, you are probably lying.  God is infinite, we are not.  If we are particularly blessed, we might be granted an occassional glimpse of the holy.  That’s it.  I don’t believe that God commands death.  I don’t believe that God hates nations or anybody or anything.  He does not change his mind and religion to suit a political purpose is usually a lie.  God is not in the hate bussiness, he is in the love  bussiness.  I am not a fundamentalist but I do believe that we are commanded to love one another.  If someone tells you different, listen to your heart, think long and hard , pray, ask yourself does God love us all?  Enough preaching, this has been a difficult rant to write.  I have no right to tell anyone what to believe.  Doubt everyone.  Do not let anyone do your thinking for you, not even me ( though it’s obvious that my beliefs are  superior).  I am not perfect.  Anyone who says they are is very suspect.  


June 17, 2019.   People who hate races, nations,    religions,  are not acting rationally.  I don’t think that there is any religion anywhere that thinks that this is okay.  people who tell you that God wants you to hate someone, are lying.  Unfortunately there are a lot of people who think that it is fine to rewrite scriptures to suit themselves.  Sadly it happens often.  I wish it was only other religions that did this but Christians are experts.  The next time someone tells you to strap a bomb on yourself and go blow up a lot innocent people but its okay ’cause Mohamed, or Jesus said so.  He didn’t.   Anyone who tells you that they know what God wants you to do is usually lying.   I don’t care if you are from Peoria or Shiraz, do not let anyone do your thinking for you.  God gave you a mind use it as best as you can.  You know the difference between right and wrong.  Trust God and your own heart.  Do what is right as best as you can.


June 16, 2019.  When you take children away from their parents without permision, most places that is called kidnapping.  I don’t like the fact that my government is doing that.  Building a twenty foot steel wall across an entire continent is crazy, irresponsible, expensive, ecologically unsound, and more than a little rude.  A video wall with a seismic component  would be cheaper, inform you of tunneling and anyone approaching the boarder, and could be installed  quietly without disturbing the neighbors.  Building the wall is stupid, but taking children from their parents is criminal.  It needs to stop.


June 15, 2019.  There was a time when famine  and epidemics happened far away, to people you wouldn’t see or hear from  for weeks or months.  This is no longer the world we live in.  When wild dogs in africa suffer from a distemper epidemic, we all hear of it.  We have always been one world, more so now than ever before.   We can no longer ignore the rest of the world.  What happens everywhere has an effect on all of us.  We are all part of one world.  If we are not careful, we can be removed from the equation.  Pollution is important.  We all need air to breathe and water to drink and food to eat.  Hungry and thirsty people are a danger to us all.


June14, 2019.   Every year there are more of us.  Every year we need more and more water and food.  So of course we build cities over our best farmland, and we destroy sources of fresh water.  The truly insane thing is that we allow the destruction of aquifers resources that should last for thousands of years so that the richest amongst us can make a temporary profit.  We established the EPA to defend us from things like this but unfortunately, the guy who runs the EPA has spent most of his life opposing the EPA.  The people who put this man in power have betrayed us,our country and our world.  We have a President who is building  a twenty foot steel wall accross the entire continent, and the EPA says nothing.  


June 13, 2019.   Being a citizen of the US does not make  you smart.  If it did Congress would not be like it is.  I like us.  We are generous, giving, helpful people, but we are not always smart.  We have a tendency to believe people we shouldn’t.  We tend to pay attention to whatever is infront of us at any time, often ignoring other important events occuring out of sight.   How many Americans know that their government has been kidnapping children?  It’s not that the information is not out there, it is, but there is quite a lot of information out there.  It is easy to lose focus.  Pay attention.


June12, 2019.  This blog is a real headache in many ways.  I complain about plastics and it occurs to me that I have to do better so now I have a stack of reusable bags for shopping.  I talk about speaking your opinions to those in power  so I wind up sending emails to world leaders and senators.  It woud be much easier to just write my little rants and get them read by the twenty or so people who read this every day.  I am pretty limited right now, but I’m begining to realize that it is time for me to start thinking about  the  future if I want to have one. I want to make things better.  I’m not going to quit,but I’m alive, and living things change, and so will I.


June 11, 2019.  Permanent damage is being done to our country.  Nuclear weapons and nuclear power produces waste that must be dealt with and guarded effectively forever.  Fracking destroys aquifers (sources of fresh water) so that oil companies can make a temporary profit.  Every city in this country needs fresh water.  There is no possible way that destroying sources of fresh water can possibly be in the best interests of this country.  Has anyone noticed all the drugs and chemicals involved in lawsuits in this country?  TheEPAdoes not protect the environment.  The FDA does not protect us from bad drugs.  Permanent damage is being done.  Please do not believe me.  Look it up for yourself.  Our country is in trouble.  Please help fix it.



June 10, 2019.  The US needs to take back Congress, the Presidency as well.  We have set things up so that the presidency can be bought.  This HAS to change.  Congress and the President need to be held accountable for what they do.  We have a president building a twenty foot steel wall accross a continent.  It will have to be dismantled.  A video fence with a seismic component to tell us when tunnels are dug or used would be cheaper and more effective.  It could have been built quietly without offending an entire country.  All we need is more enemies, we have enough of those.  

Congress has betrayed us.  They are allowing the destruction of our country so that the richest can become richer.  They have made the head of the FDA a man who makes most of his money from drug companies, they have made the head of the EPA a man who has spent most of his life opposing the EPA.  Congress has committed treason.  Everyone who supported those two candidates has committed treason, and should be punnished for it.  I’m pretty sure that congressional immunity does not cover treason.  Our country does not exist so that the rich can become richer, but apparently Congress believes it does.




June 8, 2019.  If someone tells you that God hates someone else, they are wrong.  God loves us all.  We are all family.  If someone tells you that God wants you to hate someone, they are lying.  We are asked to love our enemies, not to kill them.   After the world war two, the US and Japan became friends, and we are both better for it.  Making friends is always better than making enemies.  We are family.  We are all related.  Science, not fantasy.  This is true.  The first part of this rant is my belief.  Should everyone believe what I do?  Sadly no.  I think I am right.  So does everyone.  Belief does not make it so.  Not for me and not for anyone.  If anyone tries to tell you who to hate or worse, who to kill, don’t believe them.  Love is more powerful than hate.  Hate hurts.  Love heals.  It is better to heal than to hurt.


June 9, 2019.  When a government makes a decision it almost always affects millions of people.  How many bad decisions can we afford?  How can we help our governments to make good decisions?  We had better figure this out or there may not be much in the way of a future.   If China or India makes a serious mistake, even if Lichenstein makes a mistake, more than their own people will suffer.  Once this was not true, but it is now.  We are all conected closer than we have ever been.   What happens  on a small farm outside of Toledo Ohio can wind up  having an effect on everyone in the world.  We are all connected.  Science says that we are all family.  We need to start acting like it.


June 7, 2019.  There are bad people in this world.  People who will lie, cheat, and kill for some perverse joy.  All of us know the difference between right and wrong.  When someone tells you that black is white don’t believe them.  God gave you a mind, don’t let others do your thinking for you.  Killing people who are not your enemies is wrong.  ( As a Quaker I believe that killing anyone for any reason is wrong)  If someone demands that you kill yourself, look them in the eye and ask them why they are still alive?  Your life belongs to you and God  nobody but you and God have the right to say when to lay it down.  Think, God gave you a mind, use it.  You know what is right, do it.


June 6, 2019.  People complain about taxes.  We have some of the lowest taxes in the developed world.  There used to be an eighty percent tax bracket, but not any more.  This is a wonderful country to be rich in.  That would be great if rich people had not forgotten a very important economic principle, the more money everyone makes, the more money everyone makes.  If you want to be really rich, live in a country where most people can afford to buy pretty much whatever they want.  Think about it, owning a car means it must be cleaned,  oiled, repaired, tired.  Owning a home does the same, it must be painted on a regular basis, the lawn must be mowed,  appliances must be replaced  regularly, they require furniture, light bulbs, bedding .  Owning stuff means buying more stuff.  The more money everyone makes, the more money everyone makes.  This is not wishful thinking.  


June 5, 2019.  I haven’t written about nuclear power and weapons for a while, so here goes.  Nuclear power is dangerous, and there is no way to make it safe.   Making nuclear weapons create the  same problems as nuclear  power, waste that must be managed forever, and passing on dangerous problems to our children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, and so on forever.  Nuclear weapons are imoral.  They destroy indescrimanently.  There is already too much of that.  It is time for humanity to lay down nuclear weapons.  To destroy a large  enemy you endanger yourself.  If the wind shifts, you endanger yourself.  When you conquer a country laid waste by nuclear weapons, what do you get?  Millions of sick wounded people and millions of dead bodies.  People forget an important truth, the group that wins in every war are undertakers.  As for nuclear power, waste is dangerous forever.  Whatever power is produced is not enough to pay for dealing with the waste forever.  There is literally no way for it to be cost effective.  No profit, waste forever, nuclear power is being a bad ancestor.  It means leaving horrible problems for our descendants, forever.  We need to do better.


June 4, 2019.  I can barely walk fifty yards.  I use a walker to get around.  So sad, but I can get better.  I can try to get out more often and try for more distance from time to time.  I know that life is hard.  I am blessed with a nice place to live, access to doctors, medicines, and food.  I have enough to pay my bills, and a little bit extra.  My life is a long way from being perfect, but it aint bad.

I have hope that the world can get better.  I have hope that I can do better.  I have hope that you will do better.  There is a lot wrong with the world, but I believe we can make it better.  We must.


June 2, 2019.  There are days when I feel like I am just whistling to the wind, a tiny whisper heard by noone, affecting no one.  The sad thing is, I was never a very good whistler.  I feel old some days and it is easy to get discouraged.  I know I should not be, there are about twenty people every day who read what I have to say.  That is enough to keep on so I will.

All of us have alot to do, not only our jobs, but we all need to be good people.  I know, I know, not every one is good I don’t like that but I realize that it is true.  That only means that the rest of us need to be a bit better.  Are you a good person?  What have you done today to make the world a better place?  I will challenge every one who reads this to contact someone in authority, and tell them how you feel.  We still need to pick up litter, and help everyone we can help, but it is important to tell the people who run this  world how  we feel.  I’m going to try to send an email to the Premier of China and maybe Russia to say that it is important that we and they remain friends.


June 1, 2019.  Everything and everyone dies.  We all know that.  There are natural disasters that can destroy or severely damage living things.  It is sad that humanity has become one of those disasters.  We destroy the planet.  We destroy habitat.  We need to do better.  The oceans are not our toilet.  We need to stop acting as if they are.   Animals have a right to exist.  Fish have a right to exist.  Trees and plants, insects, living things have a right to exist.  If we do not protect their rights to exist, we may lose our own right to exist.  If our oceans die so does a significant source of the oxygen we all breathe as well as a huge source of food.  If bees die we are in a very bad place.  Check out for yourself all that depends on bees.  We are alive.  We depend on other living things to live.  Without them we die.  I’ll say it another way, without them maybe we don’t deserve to live.


May 31, 2019.  I don’t worry about overpopulation too much.  I really believe that nature will take care of things.  Plastics do not only poison animals but us too.  Fertility rates are dropping because of plastic use.  Every year we have flu epidemics.  Deadly varieties of flu are rare but not unknown.  Thanks to airports, pandemics will become more frequent in the future.  There are dozens of super volcanoes, active,  alive, and ready to kill us, and we are not ready.  It would be nice if all this was my imagination but they are not.  Every day we live because of nature’s  forbearance, but it will not last forever.  Weneed to begin preparing  to survive and maybe prevent these disasters.  We have telescopes looking for dangers from space, but we do not understand volcanoes, or earthquakes.  During most of our history, we had no chance to affect the dangers that nature can throw at us.  We do now and we need to.


May 30, 2019.  Our world looks so solid and safe.  How could it be in trouble?  Pay a little closer attention.  Western forests have so much undergrowth in them that any fire is dangerous.   Here in Oklahoma  and Texas, there are huge numbers of deer, mostly because we have almost killed off the mountain lions ,  wolves,   bears, and bobcats that naturally control their numbers.  Our beaches look pretty good because we clean them.  Check out any abandoned island and the beaches will be covered in trash.  People advertize sea salt like it was something natural and clean.  Check out the chemicals, pesticides,  sewage,  medicines, and heavey metals that are present in sea water.  Our world sits on the edge of a cliff.  A tiny bit one way or another and we will fall.  


May 28, 2019.  The climate we live in now is significantly different than it used to be.  Here in southeast Oklahoma that means higher temperatures, less frost, almost no snow,  and sadly less rain.  My Grandfather lived here from 1898  until his death in 1991.  He had seen droughts, floods,  winters cold enough to freeze cows, tornados, and storms of all kinds, but years with no snow?  You can close your eyes and pretend it isn’t so, but change is there.  Facts don’t change because you want them to.  We can only change things when we recognize that they exist.  Open your eyes.  Pay attention.  Do you want a better life for your children and grandchildren, then you had better get to work to improve this world.  If you do not, they may pay the price.


May 29, 2019.  Do you love your kids?  What have you done lately to ensure they get to live in a world worth living in?  What have you done to make their world safer?  What have you done to ensure their education?  What have you done to ensure that they have clean air to breathe and water to drink?  What have you done to protect this beautiful world we live in so that they might get to live in it also?  What have you done to ensure that they remain free?  We are responsible for the world our children  live in.  We are responsible for pollution.  We are responsible for the theives who run this country.  We are responsible for every animal that goes extinct.  Don’t feel guilty, feel responsible.  Act in a way that your children would be proud of.


May 27, 2019.  We are responsible for the world we leave for our children.  It’s our fault.  Sad to say, the condition of the oceans is my fault, and yours.  The air, the water,  animals going extinct, all of that is our fault.  We are responsible.  We have sort of saved the whales, and California condors are coming back.  We have some success, but not enough.  We can pat ourselves on the back when the garbage islands in the oceans disapear.  When seabirds no longer die from plastc poisoning.  When the last nuclear power plant is shut down.   When the last nuclear weapons program is ended.  If we do not wish our children to be the last generation, then we had better get busy.   Our world is sick, and humanity has made it so.  If we do not heal it, we, and our children will die.


May 26, 2019.  We have been very fortunate.  Up until a few hundred years ago, there was not much we could do that could hurt the earth very much.  No longer true.  Cleaning up the oceans is no longer something that would be nice to do, it is something that if we don't do, many of us will die.  If we don't clean up the air, many of us will die.  If we don't protect water resources, many of us will die.  If we don't take care of this world we will die.  We are part of this world, we need to eat, drink, use energy, breathe air, making any of those things difficult, people will die.  Please do not believe me.  You have access to the internet, ask questions.


May 25, 2019.  We humans have been using the oceans as toilets for our entire history.  When there were only a few million of us it probably made little difference but with seven or eight billion of us that is no longer true.  I have heard reccomendations that one should eat no more than three meals per week from the oceans to allow your body time to deal with the poisons in sea foods.  I eat nothing that has sea salt in it.  Neither should you.  In the oceans there are islands of garbage, large ones,  the high trash area off of  California is bigger than Texas.  It is not the only one though it may be the biggest.  Plastics are poisoning fish and other sea animals.  There are predictions that if action is not taken the oceans may be dead in two generations.  If the oceans die, we will not be far behind, we all breathe oxygen a big chunk of which is produced in the oceans.  This is not a nice to do thing.  This is a do it or millions, perhaps billions will die.


May 24, 2019.  We do not have the best country in the world any more.   I think that we used to be but not any more.  University education used to be common and easy, not any more.  Poor people are becoming poorer( not my opinion but fact, check it out yourself).  We used to support the military, providing low cost groceries, housing, education, not any more.  We are sliding into a country where there are rich and poor, and not too much in between.  Our entire country is currently run for the benefit of the rich at the expense of the rest of us.  I think it always has been.  Our government allows the destruction of needed resources, specifically water, so that oil companies can make a temporary profit.  Every civic entity in this country needs water, right now, and oil companies are destroying needed resources.  Where is the EPA?  Oh yeah, the guy who runs that has spent most of his life opposing the EPA.  Our government is currently building a twenty foot steel wall accross the continent.  I challenge the government to find one single ecologist who thinks that is a good idea.  Our government has betrayed us.  They are destroying our country.  I really wish this was just my opinion but it is fact.  We need to let the government know that this is not acceptable.


May 23, 2019.  What have you done today to make the world better?  I know that that’s a lot to ask, but I will ask it.  It does not take much.  Pick up a piece of litter, use a reusable grocery bag,  walk a block rather than use your car.  It does not take much, but it does take more.  You ( and I) are responsible.  We can make the world a better place.  We need to make these things  commonly accepted and approved of.   There is enough of everything in this world.   We  are all related to one another.  It is true that  biologically we are all related.  This is a wonderful thing.   Helping each other is a blessing and that is how we should all see it.  I think if you check you will find that foreign aid is a very small part of our budget.  Even if it was very expensive, I would still approve of it.  I am a Christian and we are taught that if someone asks you for something, and you have it, you give it to them.  Are you a Christian?  Even if you are Buddist, or Hindu, or Muslim, or an Atheist it is good policy to help your neighbors before their problems become yours.


May 22, 2019.  Our government does not work for our best interests.  Unfortunately it works for the benefit of the rich.  Our country is set up for the rich, not the rest of us.  Item, nuclear power plants.  They make money only because you and I pay for dealing with the waste, and they make , on average about a half million dollars per day, every dime from our pockets, not one dime a real profit just something manufactured to support the rich.  Brittish petroleum is responsible for the leak in the gulf.  That leak has cost untold billions of dollars, and BP has made no more than token payments.  

I don’t mind supporting the poor but we’ve been supporting the rich for a lot of generations and things keep getting worse.  The income for CEOs has gone up most of a thousand percent.  Middle income people’s income has only increased a few percent, and the income of poor people has decreased.  It’s obvious that trickle down economy essentially means piss on the poor.  If you don’t think so, who knows maybe I’m wrong.  Find any place in this country where anyone could live a comfortable life on minimum wage.


May 21, 2019.  War is failure.  Failure of intelligence.  Failure of correct action.  Failure of foreign policy.  War costs lives, ours and theirs.  Also it’s very expensive.  I’m a Quaker.  We do not believe that violence is a valid activity between human beings.  We believe that war is wrong.  I know that most of the world does not believe this, but we do.  I believe that many wars could be avoided by asking people ”what do you need?”, but we don’t often do that. 

I don’t understand how anyone could hate a whole nation of people.  That does not make sense to me.  How can you hate someone because they are different than you are.  We are all different from each other.  To hate a whole group of people, men,  women,  children, to me is nothing less than insane.  While I absolutely believe that everyone has a right to their own opinions,  there must be a recognition that there are insane people in the world.   People are different, not an opinion, scientific fact.  Every one of us is different.  Hating any group of people generally does not make much sense, unless they are attending a KKK  or American Nazi meeting.  Even then, they might just be checking things out.  Humans tend to take the easy way out and assume stuff rarher than ask questions.  Someone who believes hateful things should be pitied rather than hated.  Ignorance is curable.  Be a healer.


May 20, 2019.  I know that for many in this country ”tree hugger”  means you’re a borderline lunatic who should not be taken seriously.  At the turn of the last century, our southern forest was just next to gone.  The remnants of virgen forest are tiny, but thanks to tree huggers, the southern forest is back.  Sequoias, among the most magnificent trees in the world, are protected.  We still have wonderful stretches of all kinds of forests, and wildlands thanks to tree huggers.  Deer,  turkeys,  bear,  doves,  ducks,  geese, just about everything a person could hunt, have come back.  We are a long way from being perfect, but in many ways we have pulled our country back from the edge of disaster.

We can't pat ourselves on the back too much.  We have problems and disasters aplenty.  We can save things.  We can do things right. We need too.  Ask a pasenger pigeon or an ivory billed woodpecker.


May 18, 2019.  The Germans began the arms race that resulted in nuclear weapons.  The Japanese were also working on it probably more efficiently than either the Americans or the Germans.  We used it to end thewar and send a warning to potential enemies.  If the Japanese had not known what these bombs were, they probably would not have worked.  Nuclear weapons are a bad idea.  Just building them makes problems for our descendants,poisons that must be dealt with forever.  They increase cancer rates and make life difficult for generations after use.  Using enough  to have a meaningful effect on Russia, The United States, or China would hurt the rest of the world almost as badly as the country attacked.  A weapon that hurts you as well as your enemy is not practical.  We need an international agreement that any country using nuclear weapons loses its right to exist.  This is pretty extreme.  I would hate to see this happen to my country.  Nuclear weapons are evil.  They should never be used again.


May 17, 2019.  I see advertisements for completing a degree in eleven months for ”only” eleven thousand dollars.  It makes me angry.  My entire batchelors degree,  1979 to 1985 (junior and senior year), cost quite a bit less than that.  That was at the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville.  I believe at the time it was rated number four in the south, so a pretty good school.  I know I worked with some of the best people in the world.  I didn’t plan any of it it just happened.  I got luckey.  Today that doesn’t happen.  We need free or very low cost higher education.  We need it thirty years ago.  Every year we lose more of our place.  We fall further and further behind.  In the fifties, sixties, and seventies, we could do anything but not anymore.  We are damaged.  We are less than we could be.  We are injured.  There is no good reason for education costs to have risen more than one thousand percent since 1972.  Nothing else has gone up that much.  We are being cheated.  It needs to stop.


May  16, 2019.  Congress has done and continues to do terrible things but none of us is free from fault.  I have lived most of my life voting as best  as I could and sharing opinions with anyone who would listen but mostly I just wanted to be left alone to live my life as best I could.  I assume that I am like most of us just doing the best I know how.  Now I believe it was never really enough.  We live in a country were supposedly we have some say if we don’t say anything, we are responsible for what happens here.  If we do say something we are still responsible.  It is said that people have the government they deserve.  I hope that is not true, but I’m afraid it might be.  Well my mouth is open now and I don’t figure on shutting up till death.  I screwed up but I’m not dead yet, and I’m speaking up now as best as I can.  You speak up too.


May 15, 2019.  No one is perfect.  Not me and not you.  Anyone who claims to know exactly how things should be, is lying.  Of course my opinions are better than yours.  Humor.  I may believe that, so does everyone but it doesn’t make it true.  Knowing this makes you civilized.  Unfortunately I don’t think most people realize this.  I do not have the right to tell you what is right and what is wrong, of course I can give you my opinions which of course are truly excellent, but I am not God and only He is qualified to tell us what is right and wrong.  Do not let other people do your thinking for you.  God gave you a brain, use it as best as you can.  Your opinions say who you are.  This is a personal choice.  We all choose who we are.  Be decent.  Be good.  Make things better.  We can choose to do that.  We need to.


May 13, 2019.  I beleive in capitalism.  I wish I lived in a capitalist country, but I don’t.  We live in a country that subsidizes the rich at the expense of everybody else.  An automobile company that cannot compete should go out of business.  A business that doesn’t make enough to pay its employees a descent living wage, should not exist, but they are quite common.  Macdonalds and Walmart account for around 150 billion dollars per year to support their underpaid enployees.  This sounds pretty bad but we spend much much more to support oil companies, banks, auto manufacturers, the super rich.  Once again look it up.

You are reading this on the internet,use it.  Ask how much things cost.  Don’t trust me.  Check it out yourself.


May 12, 2019.  There are still a few folks who don’t believe in global warming.  I’m not sure what to say to them.   The northwest passage has been open for the first time in recorded history.   Permafrost that has been frozen for thirty thousand years is melting.  Almost every worst storm in history has happened in the last twenty years.  If you check climate zones, you will get it wrong.  I live in southeast Oklahoma.  Normally ( that is from 1974 to 1990)  we would have three to five snowfalls with several one to eight day  stretches of below freezing temperatures.  We have had maybe two twenty four hour periods where the temperature stayed below freezing in the last five or six years.  I can’t remember the last snow.

The climate is changing.  You can pretend it’s not all you want, but I’d bet a quarter that you could grow oranges in central Texas right now.   Like it or not the climate is changing I think we are resonsible.


May 11, 2019.  There are Congresspeople who at least pretend to listen to what you say.  That’s a good thing.  Though the last note I got telling me how safe and non polluting nuclear reactors are.  Every once in a while senators need to actually read their canned responses.  Waste that remains dangerous for millions of years is not too clean.  Ask people from three mile island how safe they are, also Chernoble, and that Japanese plant destroyed in the tsunami.  Nuclear plants are vulnerable.  Every one there is.  They cannot be made safe.  There is no such thing as safe enough.  Everyone of them is a clear danger to all of us, and will be as long as they exist.  Nuclear weapons are no better.  Nobody wants to use nuclear weapons.  Why have them?  Because our enemies have them is not enough.  Enough nuclear weapons to win any war would hurt us as much as our enemies.  The same is true of our enemies.  If they use enough to take us out it will hurt them also.  Nuclear war is one of the stupidest ideas that mankind has ever come up with.  Nuclear power is as bad.  We need to let them both go.


May 8, 2019.  There was a time when celebrities at least tried to behave decently.  If they didn’t toe the line their carreers would be ruined.  We need to get back to that.  Having our children and adults idolizing imoral people is not a good thing.  I’m not expecting perfection, no one is perfect but we should be able to expect  decent behavior from public  people.  This is not an easy thing to ask.  Seeing two men or two women kissing doesn’t bother me but some people it does.  I’m really not sure where or how to draw the line but I believe we need to think about it.  We need to be better and we need for our leaders to be better.  


May 7, 2019.  I hope that the people of the United States will not turn out to be a small footnote in history recording a people who marched quietly into oblivion at the behest of elected officials who were supposed to have their best interests  in their hands.  Our natural world is not being protected.  Resources are being destroyed so that the richest among us can make a temporary profit.  Our leader is determined to build a twenty foot steel wall accross an entire continent.  Nuclear power is accepted accross the land  despite the fact that it is not clean, it produces waste that must be dealt with for millions of years ( please do not believe me, look it up yourself).  It cannot be made safe and every accident endangers all of us.  If you have lost anyone to cancer  part of that is from nuclear power (again, don’t believe me look it up for yourself,  please).  I sort of understand how we got where we are, but this is not a good place.  Let’s fix it.


May 6, 2019.   It is quite true that poverty in this country is  quite a bit easier than being poor in many other countries.  Hunger is hunger.  Not having a home  is a terrible thing wherever you are.  It is a shame that people live in fear and hunger in any country.   We should feel that shame but it is deeper when our own people are affected.   World poverty is a serious problem, hungry people are desperate people and they will sometimes do whatever they are told to do if they believe it will make things better.  Our own poor are a serious threat to us.  The worlds desperate and poor are also a threat to us.  Poverty hurts us.  Poverty anywhere hurts us.  What to do about it is the real question.  First we need to communicate with poor people all over the world and find out what they need.  Food is not enough.  Housing, jobs, are not enough.  We need to find ways to make things better.


May 5, 2019  I don’t usually post twice in a day but I saw a statistic that floored me.  One child in five in the US lives in poverty.  This is a national shame.  Every single one of us should be ashamed of this.   It is terrible that 15% of our population lives in poverty but one in five children is sickening, a shame for everyone in this country.  The average income of the poorest in this country has declined.  Income for CEOs has increased quite a few hundreds of per cents.  Check it yourself.  Check how much of your taxes goes to food stamps then compare it to how much goes to subsidize oil companies and support corporate bailouts.  How about this, we give equal amounts to the rich and the poor.  I think it’s stupid to subsidize the rich but lets face it, they own this country, allI’m asking for is that the poor get as much as the rich.


May 5, 2019.  Speak up.  It is easy for Congress to claim they didn’t know if you keep quiet.  Congress has betrayed us and will continue to do so unless we stop them.  Their traitorous acts cannot stand public scrutiny.  Tell the truth as youknow it.  Tell it often.  Tell it as loud as you can.  Congress allows nuclear weapons and power plants.  This does not keep us safe.  It endangers us and our children and their children forever.  I wish this was my imagination but it is not.  Once again, do not trust me check it out for yourself.  What  waste is produced?  How long is it dangerous?  Check for yourself.  While you’re at it check who pays for the care of this waste and how long will they have to do so.  If the results don’t make you angry check again you probably didn’t check right.


May 4, 2019.  You can have all the money in the world but if you have no air to breath or water to drink, it will make no difference, you will die.  We are a part of the world.  We breath air, we drink water we eat food that we grow.  Without bees, we die,  without  oxygen we die, without healthy oceans we die without the world, we die.  If we don’t take care of this world we die.  You, your children, your grandchildren, will die if you don’t take care of this world that has been given  into our care.


May 2, 2019.  Once upon a time it was possible to obtain a university education while working at a minimum wage job.  If you changed your mind, it meant a couple of years retraining.   Now a university education means that you are rich  or willing to put yourself in debt for years, often half your life.  This hurts us quite a lot.   We need free or very low cost higher education.  This is not a wish or it might be nice, this is something we need.  We used to have it, now we don’t.  We are not stronger.  We are damaged.  We went to the moon in ten years,  we invented a world where everyone is conected to everyone else.  We no longer have the resources we used to have.  We need to make it better.


May 1, 2019.  I just had a senator tell me that nuclear power was clean and safe.  Senators should not lie.  Nuclear power produces waste that must be dealt with for millions of years.  Don’t trust me, look it up.  No nuclear plant is ever safe.  They cannot be made safe.  Every nuclear accident increases cancer rates.  Again don’t trust me, look it up.  Storms, earthquakes, terrorists, nuclear power cannot be made safe, and there is no safe enough.

The senator told me he could not allow other countries to take the lead in nuclear power.  Why the hell not!  We need to make clear the dangers of these technologies, and limit them.  We already have waste that must be dealt with for millions of years, why should we compound the problem?

It would be nice if these fears were just in my imagination but they are real, ask the Japanese or residents near three mile island.  We have other sources of power and we need to use them.  We have conventional weapons that are quite effective,  we kill each other quite well, we should not kill the planet.


April 30, 2019  Congress makes things worse.  If they allow a resource to be destroyed, they should pay for it out of their own pockets as an inheritable debt.  When they allow the destruction of an aquifer. It is gone forever.  They are responsible, they should pay.  You might say,” how is that fair to their descendants?”   They have created a shortage that will last forever.    They have created the problem, they should pay for it.  The problem will last forever, they should pay forever.  It isn’t fair, but I believe it is just.  Congresspeople have made themselves responsible for the wellfare of this country  if they payed for their mistakes, maybe they wouldn’t make so many.


April 29, 2019.  When does stupidity become treason?  Nuclear power and nuclear weapons produce poisonous waste that must be guarded and protected forever  ( actually after ten or fifteen million years it shouldn’t be a problem but ten or fifteen million years IS forever or near as.)  This is stupid.   Destroying water that we need right now to live so that oil companies can make a temporary profit is stupid.   Allowing profit to outweigh protecting the natural world is stupid.  We are part of the natural world.  When it is damaged, so are we.  There are large islands of garbage floating in the oceans.  Every beach in the world is polluted with plastic bags and other trash.  Allowing the filth that we allow to be poured into the oceans is stupid.  People who do or allow these things are criminals and belong in prison.  We need to be smarter.


April 28, 2019.  We destroy our world needlessly.  We cutdown redwoods because redwood is rot resistant.  Bald cypress does not rot.  It grows fairly fast and while cypress forests are quite beautiful, it does not take thousands of years to grow them.  Redwoods are not very strong woods, cypress makes quite sturdy structures.  It is a bit sad that no one cares about the stately and beautiful stands of bald cypress in the wetlands of the south but cypress could be farmed, redwoods cannot.  Bald cypress does not rot and termites leave it alone, redwood is rot resistant, not the same thing.  The south could use another cash crop, and we know how to grow trees, we have been tree farmers for a hundred years.  This is just one instance where stupidity is destroying our world.  Want to save the redwoods?  Insist on bald cypress.

April 27, 2019.  We know what is right.   We know that destroying our world is wrong, we know this, but we do it or allow it to be done  anyway.  Wehave an obligation to our descendants.  We are not living up to those obligations.  If you do not feel shame, you should.  Make it better.  Expressyour outrage about the EPA not doing their job.  Tell people how you feel about nuclear poisons.   Speak up. Speak loud.  Speak often.  Global warming is real.  Here in southeastern Oklahoma We have had maybe two days below freezing and it’s been years with no snow.  The period from 1950 to 1980 is listed as one of the best periods of good weather in history.  We would have four or five snows per year and long stretches of time, days and even weeks below freezing.  My Grandfather lived here from 1898 and I never heard him talk of weather like this.  Our world is changing and I believe we are responsible.  We need to fix this as much as we can.  We have a lot of work to do.


April 26, 2019.  We have no right to destroy resources, nor do we have the right to create problems that never end, but we do.  This is wrong and must stop.  Our descendants will be burdened forever with dealing with nuclear waste.  This problem has no end that I can see.  Producing such problems is WRONG.    We are being thoughtless ancestors.  The heck with descendants, we need water right now and we allow fracking, which destroys aquifers to allow a temporary profit for oil companies.  Most people know the difference between right and wrong.  Destroying needed resources is wrong.  Making life more difficult for our descendants is wrong.  Is there any doubt about that?  Nuclear energy is wrong.  The average nuclear power plant makes a profit of half a million dollars per day.  They make a profit because the public pays for dealing with the waste.  That is the only reason.  Nuclear power cannot be made safe and I’m sorry there is no such thing as ” reasonably” safe.  Nuclear power plants are vulnerable to earthquakes, hurricanes, tornados, tsunamis, terrorists, and probably a dozen other things.  Every time a nuclear power plant fails, all of us, ALL OF US, have higher cancer rates.  This is not an opinion, it is a fact.  Look it up.  Nuclear power CANNOT be made safe.  Solar and wind could easily take the place of nuclear pwer plants, but power companies make half a million dollars per day, from us.


April 25,  2019.  There are signs of hope in this country, in NewYork there are efforts to remove tuition from public universities,  read quotes on pinterest and youwill find plenty of hopeful messages.  It's a start.  

Party politics has always damaged this country.  No group or person has ever or ever will be totally correct.  CAN'T HAPPEN.  The democrats do not have the answers we need, neither do the republicans.  Until Americans believe this we can't expect much progress.  

How about this, politicians are not needed.  No one should serve more than three terms in Congress.  Each state should supply housing for its representatives.  Pay should be limited  to no more than twice the average wages of their constituents.  Anyone taking money from lobyists should go to prison for life.  


April 24, 2019.  

I know that there are good people in Congress probably not very many.  Congresspeople have not been responsible for quite a long time.  If they were held responsibe for their actions,  most of them would be in prison.  They support nuclear energy, which cannot be made safe and creates problems that will last longer than the human race has existed.  They allow fracking which destroys needed resources so that the rich can make a temporary profit.  They subsidize the most profitable companies that have ever existed, oil companies.   They put a man in charge of the EPA who has spent most of his life opposing it, and a man in charge of the FDA who makes most of his money from drug companies.   I'm sorry, most of Congress belongs in prison.



April 23, 2019.   I don’t like that bad language tries to be acceptable in this country.  Bad language is a choice to be low class.  class has nothing to do with heredity, upbringing, money, it is always a choice.  I know that people say, everyone uses those words, but they don’t.  It is always a choice.  The way you talk says who you are almost as much as what you do.  We idolize people who should not be idolized, we put people in power who we would not allow around  our children, or inour homes.  There is nothing noble or brave, or good about bad language.  It's offensive, it's rude, it's disrespectful.  Why would someone offend every Baptist grandmother within earshot for no reason or purpose?   I know that people will say that I am a prude, maybe I am.  We are resposible for everything we say and do, who do you want to be?


April 22, 2019.  What are Congress’ crimes?   We have an EPA head who has spent years as an opponent of the EPA.  The current head of the FDA makes most of his money from drug companies.  Congress allows fracking which destroys aquifers, sources of water which every civic entity in the country needs right  now so that the richest corporations, oil companies can make a profit for a few years.  Our country favors the rich,credit companies, IRS debts, Brittish Petroleum caused hundreds of billions worth of damage  in the gulf of Mexico, they made no more than token payments, and we still subsidize them, and from what I understand, the leak is still leaking.  Until recently, solar power has been blockaded (I’m not sure I can pin that one on congress, but I bet they had something to do with it).

Congress thinks they have just done their job as best as they can.  Puhlease!  If Congresspeople are that stupid then they shouldn’t be allowed outside by themselves.  They have sold the people of this country down the river.  They have betrayed us and this country and they should be punished for it.

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April 20, 2019.  It comes down to respect.  Every human being is deserving of respect.  Respect does not mean agreement it means the ability to recognize that other people’s opinions might be worth listening to, even if they oppose your own opinions.   I am not perfect, neither are you but we both have a right to our own opinions.  A belief in freedom of speech means that the worst yahoo on earth has a right to his opinion no matter how offensive you might find it.  Keep your eyes open for limitations on justice, human rights,  freedom of speech,  especially limitations that most would agree with,  there are Muslims who hate us, but there are Muslims who are loyal Americans also.  There are people who oppose war who would give their lives for this country.  The world is not necessarily what you think it should be.   It is very difficult for me to see any merit in a twenty foot steel wall accross the continent,  I have trouble believing there is an ecologist anywhere in the world who thinks it might be a good or even acceptable idea.  I would oppose him but I would listen to his argument.   Respect  is not ageement but it is needed.

April 19, 2019.  Nothing lasts forever.  Nor will we.  We have an advantage.  We reinvent ourselves about every ten years.  I think you could make a good case for the United States transforming itself about every ten years.   Literacy, educational opportunities, industries,  transportation,  boundaries,  communications, average income, health, housing,  urbanization, and probably dozens of other factors change about every ten years.  We don’t stay the same.  We are not the same country that fought the war of  the rebellion.  Our literacy is different, our health is different, our housing is different  we change and always have.  Our beliefs change.  Bad guys become heros.  Heros become villians.  We change.

April 18, 2019.  How do were balance freedom and justice?  How do we maintain a country where a person who wishes to be rich can be so and a country where the rich do not abuse everyone else?  The rich will only go along with something that benefits them  and I think it is easy to show that a society that promotes decent wages for everyone  benefits everyone including the rich.  How do we prevent the rich from abusing everyone else as they have been doing for hundreds of years without causing hatred towards the rich?  Many rich people got that way by investing wisely and working hard for a better life.  These people have done nothing wrong and should be protected.   Others work for control in Congress,  they must be stopped.   If Congress is not repaired I believe that the reaction against the rich will destroy what is special in this country.  Being rich is not that difficult.  With your first paycheck, invest 25%.  Do that for thirty or forty years and you should never need to work again.  Most do not have the dedication to do this.  Those that do should not be penalized for it.

April 17, 2019.  Time to lay off Congress for a while.  Lets go for education today.  The costs of higher education  has risen more than one thousand percent, more than almost everything else.  The explanations for this dramatic increase are lame to say the least.  We cannot afford to be undereducated.  Most state university systems were created so that normal people could attain university educations.  How many still do?  Private Universities have always been expensive, thats fine, many state institutions are as good as any ivy league school, but much cheaperto attend.  Higher education cannot be only for the rich or those willing to put themselves in debt for half their lives.  We need a country that can handle any challenge.  We need a system that allows for changes in direction,not everyone knows what they want to do forever in their teens, but our system makes it almost impossible to change fields of study in a reasonable manner.  Weneed to educate everyone whocan be educated.  Maybe we will wind up with millions of overeducated repair people but so what?  

April 16, 2019.  When our country began, it was only the rich who had a few months a year that they could give up to run the country.  It made sense.  At some point the rich began to run the country for their own benefit.  This has to stop.  I don’t like the idea of punishing people for being rich but I don’t think they should be allowed to run the country anymore.  They have obviously abused the priveledge.  How about this, rich people can still be in Congress but if they are ever proved to favor the rich, they forfeit their right to ever serve in Congress and every penney they own.  Congress must be made responsible for their actions.  Even past actions.  It is recorded who has voted for what, we know who has betrayed us.  They need to be made responsible for their actions.  Allowing rich to become richer producing a temporary profit by destroying a permanent resource  favors the rich at the expense of the rest of us.  This is what fracking does.  Allowing the rich to get away with major crimes cannot be allowed,  British Petroleum  damaged the gulf of Mexico and made no more than token payments tomitigate the damage,yet we still subsidize them.  They have cost our country billions of dollars and if I got the story right, theleak is still leaking.  The head of the EPA wasa former opponent of the EPA.  The head of the FDA  has made millions from drug companies.  Oh yes, there are lots of Congresspeople who belong in prison.

FApril 14, 2019.  Congress has sold us down the river.  They do not have our best interests at heart.  They work for the rich, the status quo, and God may know who else, I don’t.  There may be Congresspeople who work for us, but there is little evidence for it.  The prosperity of our country has decreased in the last thirty years and will continue to do so as long as stupid rich people have forgotten a very basic economic principle, the more money everyone makes, the more money everyone makes.  Congress encourages the physical destruction of our country,  they support and allow fracking which destroys sources of fresh water,  they support nuclear power which endangers us all because it cannot be made safe,  they favor the super rich at the expense of the rest of us,  they set up questionable people to run the EPA and the Federal Drug Administration,  they subsidize the richest companies in the world.  They do not work for our benefit as they are supposed to do.  They should be held accountable for their actions or lack there of.

April 12, 2019.  If we wish to remain free, or be free,  we can no longer let Congress act without comment.  It is true that we need to demand more of Congress, but to do so we need to demand more of ourselves.  Most Americans  have probably always just wanted to be let alone and to quietly live their lives.  If we don’t begin to speak up,  there might not be much of a world left to live in.   The people in power right now think that facts are whatever yields the most profit.   Because of this,  aquifers are being destroyed so that oil companies can make a temporary profit by destroying a desperatly needed resource.  Taking care of the environement is not as important as taking care of the economy.  We are part of nature  if we damage too much  we die.  This is not an opinion,sadly,it's truth.

April 11, 2019.  Our government has to become more responsible.  The people need to become more vocal and active.  Three Congresspeople charged with treason would probably  make a good begining.  Three Congrsspeople in prison for life would probablydo more.  We have to make more of an impact than we do now.  This is our country, Congress is supposed to work for us.  There is nothing special about being a Congressperson.  Equality is supposed to be the law of the land, and we need to start acting as if it were true, then maybe someday it might be.  We need to make it clear that it ts not acceptable to break our trust, and we need there to be consequences.

April 9, 2019.  Education is the answer.   Doesn’t really matter what the question is, education is the answer.   We have really excellent facilities for higher education in this country.   We need to extend public education through University.   If we do this, no other country will be able to touch us.  We came close in the fifties, sixties, seventies, and eighties, and the world we live in is the result.  We are sliding backwards.  Once  we had thousands of experts in virtually every field, not any more.  A hundred years ago, only the rich and super dedicated recieved University educations.  The GI Bill began to change this with millions achieving university educations who would not otherwise have done so.  By the eighties, it was expected, if you qualified you went.  By the nineties the price tags had become enormous,  as they are still today.  We have an entire generation who believe that university educations are for the rich.  We have accepted limitations that were not there before.  Because of this, I believe that the natural rate of change in our country has slowed.  I doubt that anyone can fail to see that extending education can only benefit our country.

April 8, 2019.  Our President has appointed Andrew Wheeler to run the EPA.  What are his qualifications?   Being a lobyist for coal?  Our President is not doing his job.  I challenge him to find one single ecologist in the entire world who thinks it’s a good idea to build a twenty foot steel fence across an entire continent.  Who voted this yahoo in?  Conflict of interest, ever heard of it?  Congresspeople, you have a responsibility, not to your party but to the people of the United States.  Exactly how does this kind of thing serve the people of the United States?  Our President also has a job to do.  And it is not serving his own ends.

April 8, 2019.  I know that many people will say I’m being too hard on Congress.  Many of the things Congress does are permanent.  A destroyed aquifer is gone forever.  The waste associated with nuclear power and weapons must be dealt with forever.  A person dead because of drugs that should not have been released is dead.  People who helpped that happen have aided in murder.  People who have stolen money are theives.  People who work against the best interests of the people of the United States, have committed treason.  All of these things have been done by congress.  I wish there was a question involved here, but there is not.  Probably not all but many Congresspeople are guilty.  It is time for an accounting.

April 7, 2019.  When was the last time a Congessperson went to prison for their actions in congress?  I’m sorry but the time has come.  We have people running the EPA who have spent their lives working for the opponents of the EPA.  The people who supposedly protect us from drug companies have made fortunes from drug companies.  They were put there by Congress.  People who voted for  those things to happen belong in jail.  People in Congress who abuse their position have committed treason and have been getting away with it for hundreds of years.  Enough is enough.  It is time that Congress started working for the people of the United States as they are meant to do.

April 6, 2019.   Where is the EPA?  How can they allow fracking?  We need water.  Right now!  Fracking destroys aquifers, it destroys a resource that every human being needs.  They destroy this to make short term, temporary profits from oil and gas.  Again, where is the EPA?  Our government is not doing its job.  A twenty foot steel wall from the atlantic to the pacific  will disrupt the ecology of about a quarter of the continent of north America.  Where is the EPA?   Somebody needs to go to prison.  The people who allow these things to occur have committed treason.  They have betrayed us and our descendants forever.  They belong inprison.  It is time that government officials take responsibility for their actions.  When they do not do their jobs or worse work for the benefit and profit of private companies, they have betrayed us and need to face the consequences.

April 5, 2019.  Right minded people all over the world have a lot to do.  We need to outlaw nuclear war.  I think it needs to be a basic policy that any nation that uses nuclear weapons loses its right to exist.  Nuclear war solves no problems and creates huge ones.  A nuclear winter means death to millions, maybe billions.  It means increased cancer rates, lowered life expectancies, possibly extinction.  The manufacture of nuclear weapons produces waste that must be managed forever.  We are producing problems for our descendants forever.  We have a responsibility to our descendants, we need to be responsible ancestors.  Right now we are not.  Nuclear war is criminal and insane regardless of who first uses them.  Is our response to criminal insanity to become insane criminals ourselves?  I hope not.

April 4, 2019.   I propose that the roofs of all housing authority housing be covered with solar panels  and become power producers.  This could reduce costs and make life much easier for poor people.  No power bills is a huge avantage.  Probably not the twenty five percent they are talking about reducing social security benefits, but who knows, maybe  any extra profits could be used to help poor people be less poor.   We can make things better.  Maybe not perfect, but better.   Most of America has better solar potential than just about anywhere in Europe.  We can  do better.  We can reduce energy costs for all Americans, and we should.

April 3, 2019.  It would be nice to think that the world is too big for us to have much effect on it, but it’s not true.  The ocean is so polluted that it is recomended  that no one eat more than three meals from an ocean per week.  Many rivers in the world are much worse.  There are huge islands of floating garbage in the oceans.  Our president wants to build a twenty foot steel wall accross the continent, animals do not recognize political borders  Mexico is a part of North America,  you cannot isolate one third of a continent without severe damage.  Ecologically there is one world.  We have been fouling our nest for far too long.  Fertility rates in the developed world are falling because of plastics.  Plastic bags kill thousands of turtles every year.  Clean water is a major issue in almost every country in the world, including our own, yet oil companies are allowed to do fracking which destroys aquifers so they can make temporary profits.  We need to do better.

April 2, 2019.  I am a  Quaker.  We do not believe that war should ever happen.  That is a worthy goal.  War is failure, of understanding, of knowledge, of diplomacy, of humanity.   We can not afford war.  There are too many non combatents who get hurt.  Nuclear war is insanity.  I know people say our enemies have nuclear weapons so we must have them also.  I’m not sure that this is valid reasoning.  Because our enemies are insane criminals, we should be insane criminals too?  I don’t think so.  Nuclear weapons hurt everyone, those who use them and those who are attacked by them.  This is stupid.  Let me say that again  THIS IS STUPID!  I was raised in a military family so it pains me to say this but military people who promote nuclear weapons, are stupid.  Sadly we have lots of very effective weapons that kill people just fine without raising cancer rates and lowering life expectancies.  War is wrong.  It means you were too stupid to find another way.  Work on it.

April 1, 2019.   Well, happy April fool’s day!  We always like a good prank.   Apparently so does Congress.  They support nuclear power which obligates us to guarding and protecting the waste for longer than any country on earth has ever existed.  They allow the destruction of aquifers, a resource that every civic entity in the country needs (fracking) so that the richest corporate entities that have ever existed, oil companies can make a very temporary profit.  They subsidize the rich at the expense of everybody else.   They have damaged the ecology of our country.  They believe whatever supports their political agenda reguardless of what science says.  I’ve got to admit Ihaven’t been able to pin the costs of higher education on them but give me time.   The sad thing is that Congress apparently thinks that every day is April fools.

March 31, 2019.  It is time that we become the democracy that we are supposed to be.  A government of by and for the people.  I’m not sure that we have ever really been that, but the time has come for us to try to be.   Our country has always been, I’m afraid, basically of by and for the rich, but the fifties, sixties, seventies, and eighties, taught us another way.  We can do it again if we try.   Speak up, make your opinions known, and as far as possible, vote according to them.  Start working to dismantle political parties.  No one group has ever gotten it all right, not ever, but that is what political parties all say.  It is time to try something different.  What that will be I don’t know but it is time we all figured it out.

March 30, 2019.  President Rooseveldt set this country up for success.  He tried to set things up so that average Americans could live well on their salaries.  Add to this the GI bill, that saw millions of Americans attain University educations who would not otherwise have done so.   This took us to the moon, ushered in the computer age and has changed the world  forever.  Unfortunately, education costs have gone through the roof.  It has become a rich person’s game.  We no longer have the resources that once we had.  We have an entiregeneration that believes that education is a rich person’s perogative.  The middle class has been seriously diminished, and their expectations reduced.  Historically this country has changed completely about every ten to fifteen years but someone from 1990 would be perfectly comfortable today.  We are damaged.  I hope we can recover but to be honest I’m  not sure  that we can.  I live in hope.

March 29, 2019.  This is supposed to be a country where anybody can be anything.  It is still true, but just barely.  Thirty years ago, any one could expect their children to go to college, not any more.  There are a lot more poor than there used to be.  The middle class (I’m  sorry but I’m very uncomfortable using the word class in reference to citizens of this country.  I was taught that class was a choice, expressed by language and behavior not heredity) has been sorely depleted and their expectations reduced.  This country is becoming more and more class orriented entirely based on money, certainly not behavior.  More and more, the people who run this country are becoming people I would not let my children associate with or invite into my house.  Their language and behavior is not acceptable and should not be.  ( believe itor not, not everyone talks that way nor do they all behave that way)  You choose your language and your behavior,it is your choice to be high class or low.

March 28, 2019.   I am sixty eight years old.  Right now I am rather severely disabled.  It would be easy to just sit back and decide that there is nothing I can do to change the world.  I can talk.  I can express my opinions and try to encourage others to express theirs.   Right now I think there are only about 25 people who regularly read my blog.  I am probably not going to change the world anytime soon.  That’s okay.  If I can get one person to stop and think, then I have done good.  Twenty five is not too bad.  It would be nice if hundreds of people were reading my blog every day, but twenty five is a step in the right direction.

March 24, 2019.  Why do we subsidize oil companies?  These are some of the most profitable corporations on the planet,  why do they need subsidizing?   How about subsidizing Mom and Pop groceries?  Our country actually has quite a lot of small bussinesses, but the failure rate is horrendous.  Everyone who starts a bussiness understands the risks, but it has become clear that the risks for small business and big bussiness are not the same.  Credit and taxes favor the rich.  Every time I see an adverizment for resolving income tax debt ”we owed  three hundred thousand but settled for less than ten!”  it makes me furious.  If you owe five thousand, you had better find a way to pay it!

Rich people in this country have forgotten a very important economic principle, the more money everyone makes, the more money everyone makes.  If you want to become rich and stay rich, it is easier to do ifmost people have enough money.  Middle class people generate more return than poor people do.   Ending poverty would be very good for rich people.

March 23, 2019.  We have never been the perfect democracy that wepretend to be, but it’s time we tried harder.  Listen close because you may never hear this from me again,  there are a few good people in congress, and if you check you might be very surprised who they are.  Check.   I believe that party politics is always wrong.  No one gets it one hundred per cent right every time.  We have given the political parties too much power.  It’s time we took it back.  We need to establish a way that normal people with no political affiliation can attain  office.   I am not a fan of Congress.  They have betrayed us many times.  Congress is more than half special interests.  Rich people and lawyers.  We desperately need to fix that.  Whenever you speak to a candidate, two questions, ” Are you a lawyer? and Are you a millionaire?” If the answer to either of those is yes, make it clear that they have no place in Congress and will not get your vote.  We can make this better but it will take a lot of work.

March 22, 2019.   Fracking must stop.  We all need water.  Fracking destroys aquifers, that is water.  We are destroying a permanent resource that is currently needed everywhere in this country, for a temporary profit.  This is more than stupid, it is criminal or should be.  Nobody owns a resource, you may own rights to a resource but thats it.  If you destroy a resource, you should go to prison and lose everything you have.   I understand greed but this is more than greed.  This is destruction of a vital resource that every citizen of this country needs.  If you destroy it, you have robbed all of us.  

I know that people will say that we need the oil.  No we don’t.  Brazil does not import oil.  They run their country on alcohol.  So could we.  We are excellent farmers.  We would have little trouble producing alcohol.  

March 21, 2019.  If we want our children to be able to experience the naural world, we need to startpreserving it.  Biologists are working to create a natural corridor from yellowstone to the northwest territories.  I think they are being timid.  We need a natural corridor from central America to thenorthwest territories, maybe all the way to patagonia.  I live in southeast Oklahoma.  We have turkeys again, lots of deer, the black bears are coming back, and there are experimental elk herds,  for right now, the natural world is coming back.  This is a region of ranches, farms, and private forests.   There are whole ecosystems being reborn here.  The natural world will come back if we let it, and people can live there as well.  The southern UnitedStates has gone from cotton fields to forests in thelast hundred years.  It can work.

March 20, 2019.  There are thousands of things to be done in this country.  Everything from litter control, pet rescue, health care, environemental protection, I could go on and on.  Every one of these is important.  I’ve got to believe that some things are more important than others,  it doesn’t mean that they actually are, just that like everyone else I think that my stuff is more important.

 I will try to make my case pretty hard.  So should you.  We all need to follow our beliefs.  All of us are important.  Our opinions count if, IF you tell people what they are.  Let me say that again, YOUR  OPINIONS AREIMPORTANT.  Express them.  You may be the shyest introvert in the world, send emails.  Whatever you are, whoever you are talk to someone. Today.

March 19, 2019.   Wecan make a better world.  Decide what you think is important, and talk about it. Talk to your family, talk to your friends, talk to anyone who will listen.  Our present situation has happened because no one spoke up.  It will continue ’till someone does.  Even our politicians will listen if enough people shout in their ears.  Shout in their ears.  Let people know what is important to you.  Be clear, be respectful, be insistent, be persistent.  Do not expect instant results, but do expect results.  If we work together we can change things.  Things must change.  They will either get better or worse.  Please lets try for better.

March 18, 2019.  Sorry about yesterday, perfect I am not.  Forgetting things scares the bajeesis out of me.  Several members of my family have alzheimers.  Being absent minded is amusing when you are thirty, not so much when you are sixty eight.

Now for todays rant.  Citizens of the United States have some serious cultural flaws. (don’t get me wrong, there are many things we do extremely well, but we could be better).  We worship winners.  We love to play games, but most of us quit when we get to old to win.  Americans love baseball, but very few adults still play.  That is very sad.  We should be playing our whole life.  Many people in this country look on life as peaking in high school.  How lame is that?  Don’t get me wrong, high school was great, so was University, my twenties, my thirties, forties and so on.  And I aintdead yet.  I used to be a runner, thirty to fifty miles per week,  but a back doctor said no more running.  I still like to walk.  Right now, I’m learning to walk again.  I’ll make it.  I have too much left to do.  I hope you do too.

March 16, 2019.  You know you are in trouble when the government is the source of many of your problems.   Our government favors the rich.  This has to stop.  I hope that stopping it does not involve mobs with torches and pitchforks, but our government will determine that.  Our government supports nuclear energy.  This endangers all of us.  It is a technology that cannot be made safe.  If anyone tells you that nuclear power plants are safe, they are lying, I challenge anyone to show that this is  not true.  Nuclear power plants are vulnerable to earthquakes, tornadoes,  hurricanes,  tsunamis,    floods, terrorists,  they cannot be made safe.  They can only be made ”reasonably” safe which means not safe, ask the Japanese.  Their waste must be guarded and stored forever, which means that any possible profits come directly out of taxpayers pockets and will do so forever.  The government supports the destruction of our world.  This sounds terrible but it is true.  The government supports fracking which destroys aquifers, that is water, a desperately needed resource.  They subsidize Brittish petroleum which produced the oil leak that destroyed the gulf coast for years, they only made token payments and my understanding is that the leak is still leaking.  I propose that the rich and lawyers be removed fron Congress.  The rich have abused their possitions by rampant favoritism for hundreds of years, enough is enough.  Lawyers should not be making laws,  they are the main group that makes money from laws, what clearer conflict of interest could there be?


March 15, 2019.  Time for todays rant.  Education.  Whatever problems we might have, education can help solve them.  No question, no doubts,  education is at least a big part of the answer.  Huge parts of our civilization are the result of educaion.  Our clothes, the houses we live in the electricity that powers our days,  computers, cell phones,  music, virtually every facet of our society has changed as a result of education.  Almost every culture on earth is based in education.  Unfortunately our culture does not respect education.  Teachers are not respected.  They are not well paid, nor are their schools well funded.  Higher education is in an even worse situation.  It has been priced ridiculousely high to the point whereonly the rich or those willing to put themselves in debt for half their lives complete higher educations.  Everybody who can needs to complete a university education.  

March 14, 2019.  When was the last time you tried to get a politician to do what was right.   Have you told your neighbors your opinions about things.  I do not like the idea of the wall.  I think it is racist, expensive,  and ecologically damaging.  I think it would have been better to quietly install a video fence with a seismic component and automatic alerts.  We would know when someone was crossing or going under the border, and we would not have offended our neighbor to the south.  Here is my point.  This is my opinion, what is yours?  Our opinions are important.  More than that, our opinions are vital.  We are all so afraid to be different.  Well surprise surprise, we ARE all different regardless of what we might like.  It’s time we started respecting one another.  All of my opinions are not right.  Neither are yours.  I realized a long time ago that I am not perfect.  Nor are you.  Your opinions are of value, so are mine.  Speak up.

March 13, 2019.  There is no way on earth that nuclear power makes sense.  It is dangerous and cannot be made safe.  There is no ”Safe Enough”.  Every accident kills.  Nuclear waste must be managed forever.  There is no possible way for nuclear power to be cost effective.  Chernoble, and the Japanese plant destroyed in the tsunami, have increased cancer rates, and lowered life expectancies, for all of us.  No nuclear plant can be made safe.  They are all vulnerable to earthquakes, tornadoes,  hurricanes,  tsunamis, terrorists, and probably six or eight other things I haven’t thoght of yet.  They cannot be made safe.  Nuclear power is foolish.  It costs us a lot of money and will do so forever, FOREVER!!!  People who support nuclear power are stupid.  They should not be allowed outside by themselves.  They endanger our future.

March 12, 2019.  We need to remove rich people from congress.  They have obviously abused their power to favor the rich at the expense of the rest of us.  They have forfeited their rights to serve in Congress.  I would be willing to let them serve if they agree that if they are ever proved in court to have violated our trust, they will be fined all of their fortune and spend the rest of their lives in prison.  As for lawyers, there can be no question, they are the only group in the country to make money from laws, what clearer conflict of interest could there be?  Lawyers should never be allowed in Congress.


I do realize that this is not common wisdom.  Fifty plus percent of Congress are millionaires, and fifty plus percent are lawyers.  It won’t be easy but it needs to be done.  Congress supports fracking, corporate bailouts, nuclear power, they have allowed Brittish petroleum to destroy the gulf, and get off with only token payments,  they have sold us out and should pay for it.

March 11, 2019.  Around thirty years ago, disaster happened and nobody noticed.   The price of higher education had grown to the point where years of debt became involved.  This hurts us a lot.  Once upon a time if you discovered that there was another subject that held your heart, it was not a big deal.  You went back to school.  You had already done it, and it didn’t cost a lot, so a year or two in school, and you changed your course of study.  This is no longer easy, so it doesn’t happen much.  This hurts us.  We are under educated.  This hurts us big time.   We can do anything if we are prepared.  Right now we lack the huge educated population that we used to have.  Wehave a lot to do.


Part of our problem is the peasant attitudes of our rich people.  Many peasants believe that thereare only so many good things, and when they are gone, they are gone.  The fifties through the eighties proved that there are no limits to good things.  Sadly this is no longer part of who we are which is very sad.  We have a lot of problems to solve which will take incredible amounts of imagination and creativity.

March 9, 2019.  People need to start speaking up, about everything that concerns them.   We need to be concerned about nuclear power,  lawyers in Congress, rich people in Congress,    favoritism,  education, and American ideals.  That’s what concerns me.  What concerns you?  Whatever it is tell people.  Tell your neighbors, tell your friends, but be sure to tell politicians.  I believe it is important.  That’s why I do this blog.  I can’t get out much, but this way, I figure there are about twenty five people who check my blog regularly.  It would be nice if thousands checked every day, but twenty five is better than none.  You are important.  I am important.  We are all important.  We need to talk to people.

March 8, 2019.  There is a lot wrong with our country.  Our actual morals and our ideals do not match.  We have let much that was wonderful about our country fade away.  We have built a miraculous new world based on that wonder, but miracles become harder every year.  We need peace, education, honest government,  a government run for the benefit of its people,  the death of favoritism,  and probably a half dozen other impossible things.  We can do the impossible, we have done it before, we must do it again.  

There are things that are right with our country.  We change better than anyone in the world, except of course, Californians,  about every ten years or so our world changes completely.  It has been that way since Europeans began to settle North America.  We are a generous people.  We are often tolerant.  We are amongst the most religious people on the planet.  Many of us actually believe in human rights.  Many of us believe in American ideals.  If we get busy, maybe we can start to change things in a few years.

March 7, 2019.  Let’s talk about nuclear power.  It’s stupid, dangerous,very expensive, and cannot be made safe.   The Japanese thought their tsunami protections adequate, they were wrong.  All of us will live less long because of their mistake.  All of our chances of cancer have increased.  Chernoble did the same thing.  Nuclear waste is dangerous forever, or near as.  It must be managed forever.  There is no possible way that nuclear energy can possibly make a profit.  If you check youwill find that the average nuclear power plant makes about half a million dollars profit per day.  Allof that comes out of our pockets, yours and mine.  Worse than that we pay for the management of nuclear waste, forever.   Nuclear power plants are vulnerable to terrorists,  earthquakes,  tsunamis,  hurricanes,  tornadoes, and cannot be made safe.  Every one is at risk  every day, all the time.  NUCLEAR POWER IS STUPID.

March 6, 2019.  I think we need to do away with nuclear weapons.  They no longer keep us safe, they put us in danger.  Nuclear weapons destroy,  people, land, even their manufacture is a lasting danger.  We have conventional weapons now that are close in power to their nuclear cousins.  A nuclear war would poison land,  increase cancer rates, and lower lifespans everywhere.  Who wants that?  We have based our defense on the fact that nuclear war is unthinkable.  To any sane person it is, but look around, the world is not run by the sane.  Any country that uses nuclear weapons should lose its right to exist.  We don’t need them.  There are better choices.

March 4, 2019.  Two generations ago it was possible to put yourself through a good university, without going into serious debt.   Everyone who could was sort of expected to go to a university.   This did result in a large group of people who were under  employed.  It also resulted in a population that had a lot of choice and the feeling that  changing ones mind was not a bad nor a difficult thing, just go back to school.  Now, only the very rich can afford to do this.  We have limited our country.  This hurts us a lot.  We cannot afford limits.  We need people who believe there are no limits.  We need to establish education as a right for evry American.  The benefits will be amazing.

March 3, 2019.  We can fix this.  It won’t be easy.  It took a long time to get here.  It will take some time to get out, if we can.  It’s hard to be patient.  If Congress is reading this, okay I admit that the mobs with pitchforks and torches may be a bit farther away than I have previously indicated.  I plead dramatic effect.  They will come when enough people realize what you have done, but it may take a while.  It is easy to let others do what we need to be doing.  We can forgive a lot if it means we don’t have to do it.  There are limits, and we are reaching them.  We have most of two generations that do not believe in education.  We have a huge part of the population that don’t believe that there is much that can be done.  We have a lot of rich people who are used to having all the power and think that it is their right.  We have a lot to do.  Getting people to give up power peacefully is not easy, not impossible, but definitly not easy.  We have a tremendous amount to do.

March 2, 2019.  Congress, one more time.  Congress has come close to destroying this country,  they may have succeeded.  It may very well be too late to fix this country.  I hope not.  Congress has abandoned American ideals.  The rich have arranged things to suit themselves, and the lawyers have set things up where it is hard for a lawyer not to do very well.   We have let the rich and powerful control things for far too long.   Congress does not realize how close we are to marching mobs with pitchforks and torches.  They will be coming for you, Congress.  I hope this can be stopped.  You have abused and damaged this country for far too long.  Things will change.  Peacefully or not is up to you.  Do your job.

March 1, 2019.  We might not need to ban rich people from Congress.  Lets just make them responsible for what they do.  If they violate the constitution,  they go to prison for treason.  If they put any group first ahead of the people of our country, they go to prison for treason.  If they damage this country, destroy vital resources, they go to prison.  This last one might be a bit much but I’m sorry,  we have vital resources being destroyed right now.  Water.  Aquifers are being destroyed and Congress allows it.  We have industries that need to be dismantled,  nuclear power plants.  They cannot be made safe.  Their waste is a problem forever.  One tsunami on the east coast and dozens will be destroyed, and American lifespans will decrease by years.  Every few thousand years a sizable tsunami hits the east coast.  It happens.  Do you feel lucky?  My point is that Congress does not have the right to put us all at risk, but they do.

February 28, 2019.  A lot of our problems arise from favoritism in Congress.  We are a great country to be rich in since the whole country is set up to favor the rich.  This has to stop.  Public lands produce unbelievable amounts of profits.  The people who harvest those resources should recieve a large percentage of those profits, but these resources belong to all of us.  Lets say that again, they belong to all of us, not Exxon, not Brittish petroleum, not Mobil oil company,but the citizens of the United States.   There is no reason for any school inthe nation to be underfunded.  There is no reason for the exorbitant prices of higher education,or for teachers to be underpaid.  I am not saying that rich people cannot get richer from public resources but maybe just a tad less rich would not be a bad thing.

February 27, 2019.  The federal government is planning on reducing social security benefits by about 25% in five or six  years.  I know we cost the government a lot but there are ways.  If our roofs were covered in solar panels, we would produce energy for sale,  probably not a huge profit but some.  What if every federal building was covered in solar panels?  There might not be any reason to cut my pay.  At the very least it would cut my expenses quite a lot.  Whatever happens, I will survive somehow, but there are people out there worse off than me.  How they will survive is a question.  Things can be better.

February 26, 2019.  Enough whining about education.  Here’s an idea.  How about a five percent charge on all resources derived from public lands.  That should be enough to not only reduce university cost to reasonable levels, but also pay for K through 12 education everywhere.  This would reduce taxes, and make quality education available to every child in our country.  This is a good thing.  Oh I guess it is a bit sad that oil companies might make a bit less, but the bottom  line is this, the resources that make them money, belong to us, all of us.   It is not wrong for us to be paid  so that they can be incredibly rich.  

February 25, 2019.  We need to be the best educated country in thè world.   Normally I would be all about cooperation but this is my country and I would like it to be the best.  In order to do this we need to be better educated.   Education is thekey to everything.   Any problem you can name can be solved with proper education.  We went to the moon in ten years,  we invented a world where  most of the world is connected by cell phones,  we invented the internet which allows anyone to talk to anyone else.  All of these advances based in education.   No question should go unanswered.  No idea should go unexplored.  No human mind should go undeveloped.  A lot sooner than most would like, we will have nine billion people to take care of in this world.  We can do it but we can’t afford to waste resources especially human ones.  While I love my country,  the mind that saves the world could come from anywhere.


February 24, 2019.  Our higher education system has been in place for almost thirty years.  This is not the way it has always been.  The feeble explanations as to why costs have increased are lame to say the least.  The current system,  makes no sense.  It makes a lot of sense for banks who make fortunes from educational loans.   The rest of us get hurt.  We have thousands of people who used to be educated and are not.  We need those people, we need them educated.  We do not need banks that do not act in the nations best interests.  There is no reason for costs to have risen more than one thousand percent since the seventies.  Nothing else has gone up that much, nothing.  We are being cheated.  Surprise surprise the banks are stealing from us.  I really hope I am wrong.  I am curious as to how Congress is involved.  I don’t know how but I don’t doubt they are involved.


February 23, 2019.  I sincerely hope that something stops the building of THE WALL.   I am ashamed that my country is building it.  I’m sorry but I believe the wall is racist,  offensive, and won’t work.  Our president has lied to us.  I wish this was just an opinion but it is a demonstrable fact.  Most smuggled drugs do not illegally cross the border out in the desert they come through ports of entry.  Please do not believe me check it out for yourself.   Mexico is our neighbor.  They should be our friends.  Do they have problems?  Of course they do.   We should be helping them solve them.  Thats what good neighbors do.   Mexico is not going anywhere.   Having several hundred million neighbors who hate you is not healthy.  We need to find another way.  A quietly built video fence with a seimic component, would guard the boundary better and tell us when a tunnel was being dug.   deer, coyotes, wolves, antelope, wild sheep,  animals of all kinds would still be able to cross, and the border patrol could be automatically alerted when a crossing or a tunnel was attempted.  This could and should have been built with no fanfare.  Instead, we have lost about nineteen billion dollars in agricultural business that we used to do with Mexico.

February 22, 2019.  We need a bill of rights for children.  We do not do right by our children and we need to.  We waste resources and we hurt our future.  Children ARE our future.  Children should be safe.  They are not.  Children should have adequate nutritition.  They do not.  Children should have access to the best quality education.  They do not.  Children should never go back to abusive parents,  they will get over losing their parents, they dont get over being dead.  In a divorce, the needs of the children shoułd be handled first, the parents had choice, the kids didn’t.  Children are gifts from God, and need to be treated appropiately.

February 21, 2019.  We need people who believe in American ideals to run the country.   If we are right then we need to adhere to those ideals always, notjust when it is easy to do so.  Life is not easy, never has been, never will be.   The easy way hurts us,  always.   Human rights are a thing, they exist.  If you do not believe this then you have no place in American government.   It might be possible for there to be situations where human rights might need to be ignored, time, public safety, survival might be involved.  When those situations change, sincere apologies, compensation, might be the order of the day.    Rightly so.   Whenever possible, we need to make things right.  If we are the good guys then we need to be the good guys.  American ideals are pretty good.  When we violate them, it hurts us, every time.

February 20, 2019.  Congress supports nuclear power.  Nuclear power is not safe and cant be made so.  Congress also allows fracking.  Fracking destroys aquifers.  We need water.  All of us.  We need more every year and Congress allows water resources to be destroyed forever.  Brittish Petroleum created the oil leak in the gulf.  They made a few token payments but they have not come close to paying for the damage they have done.  The government subsidizes them.   If you are an oil company, a bank, a car manufacturer, or are very rich, the government will support you.   Fifty percent plus in congress are millionaires, fifty percent plus are lawyers (the only group that makes money from laws).  I don’t like the idea of limiting congresspeople based on income but the rich have clearly abused their possitions.  Congress has violated our trust,  they have violated the constitution, they have put our country in danger.

February 19, 2019.  Thereare states where it is difficult to impossible to use alternative energy.  This is ridiculous.  Power companies should not have that kind of power.  Legislators who have taken part in such things have committed treason.   Lobbyists are often  simply wrong.  providing information is a good thing,  but if that is all they are doing, why are legislators favoring energy companies?   If energy companies are not efficient enough to make a profit, they should not be artificially supported.  We do too much of that already.  An average nuclear power plant makes about half a million dollars per day, all from public pockets, we pay for that, every dollar.  It is not their right.  Figure this,  what happens when the atlantic coast gets hit by a significant tsunami?  How many  nuclear plants will be destroyed?  Each nuclear plant is a danger to all of us.  Every nuclear accident lowers the average lifespan.  Think on this, every nuclear accident, you lose years.  Every few thousand years, the atlantic coast is hit by major tsunamis.  Look it up.  Every coast gets hit.  Nuclear plants cannot be made safe.  Nuclear power plants are not safe.  Nuclear power plants are not safe.  Nuclear power plants are not safe.  They cannot be made so.

February 18, 2019.   Our country has become increasingly crippled since the early nineties.  We need better education.  We need it now.  We won’t get it.  It took more than thirty years to get here.  The powers that be have had one and a half generations to convince us that this is the way it’s supposed to be.  It isn’t.   Education is not just for the rich or super dedicated.  It needs to be for everybody.  


It it may be that alternative methods of education need to be tried.  It is amazing what is available on the internet.  Languages, maths, physics, chemistry, geography, geology, economics, you name it.  What is needed is a method for evaluation.


My university experience was varied, long, and a tremendous amount of fun.  I may wish that people today could experience it,but yesterday is gone and will not come again.  This should not be a bad thing.  Tomorrow is a new day,  rejoice.


February 17, 2019.  Ourtradition is to throw money at problems.  This is very effective, but also very expensive.   Japan’s efforts towards nuclear weapons were only a very few steps behind ours.  We spent untold billions, they spent only a fraction of that.   We can no longer afford the  throw money approach.  I am a tired old disabled guy and I can think of ways to destroy billion dollar tanks.  I can’t believe that our enemies are less creative.  War is the result of unwise choices,and bad intelligence.  War is failure.  I don’t like it when my country fails.  We need to find better ways

February 16, 2019.  I think I have an idea that might help.  Convert public housing units to generating stations.  Cover the roofs with solar panels, put up wind generators, eliminate energy costs for the residents,  surpluses could be used to defray costs, maybe even supplement the incomes of the residents, or help pay interest on the national debt.  If public housing made a profit, it could be expanded to meet actual needs.  With luck it could reduce the  reduction in benefits, maybe even produce raises. This is not an easy idea.  It requires a shift in thinking.  I hope this helps, if you have a better idea please share it with someone.

February 15, 2019.  Well I’m always asking people to check things out.  I did some research and our national debt, while pretty serious, is not quite as bad as I thought.   I’m still not fond of Congress.  Too many rich folks and too many lawyers, and they still favor the rich at the expense of the rest of us,and that violates the constitution.  It turns out that social security costs a lot of money.  How can we make it cost less?  Perhaps we can find a way to lower cost of living, rent, heat, electricity.  As I have said, we can do amazing things when we try.  I live in a complex of housing authority housing.  What if the roofs were all covered in solar panels with wind generators scattered around the project.  Selling electricity  could significantly lower costs.  

February 14, 2019.  Twenty trillion dollars in debt.  That leaves me sort of breathless.  One generation and we have managed to acquire more debt than any other nation in history, I may be wrong about that but I’m sorry, I doubt it.  What can we do?  I have no idea.  No idea at all.  According to Mark Twain, that means I’m whining.  Whining it is then because I have no idea how to solve this.  If you do, speak up.  Congress or our government won’t, they got us into this mess.  If you have an idea speak up to anybody who will listen.  Our governments idea is to cut taxes.  Can anyone explain to me how that makes sense?   When you owe money you pay the maximum you can.  That’s common sense.  Apparently sense of any kind is not very common in Washington.


February 13,  2019.   Well I stand corrected,  according to CNN our national debt is currently twenty trillions.  We may well and truly be done.  Congress may very well have destroyed this nation.  It was not that long ago that there was not a trillion  dollars in the whole world, and we are twenty trillion in debt.   I think that congresspeople  should start  looking for countries with no extradition,  and training to outrun the mobs with torches.  I love this country, but in many ways we are not too bright, otherwise we would already have marched on Washington.  Maybe this is what our President is trying to distract us from.

February 12, 2019.  It has been quite a long time since our government feared us.   That is sad, for us.  There are limits.  I think that sadly we are approaching them.  Once anyone who wanted to could attend a university.  True that resulted in a lot of people having degrees and very little knowledge, but it also got a lot of creative genius university educations.  It got us to the moon, solar electricity, cell phones, computers, the internet, most of the things that our society depends on, came from the sixties, seventies, and eighties.  The creative folks who came up with those things are not being replaced, at least not enough.  Our attitudes towards education are crippling us.  We can not afford ignorance.  Ignorance will destroy us, if we let it.

February 11, 2019.  My country is not perfect.  We have profound faults, but we have amazing virtues and are blessed with this wonderful country of which we are apart.  We do not protect children.  We do not respect education.  We value money over virtue.  These are some of our worst faults.  We are a long way from being the worst.  We are not very good at being bad.  We badly need a bill of rights for children.  We need to respect, honor, and adequately pay for public education.  We need to shift our values so that virtue comes before money.  If we do these things, we have a chance to fix everything.

February 10, 2019.  I do not want to be there when Congress gets marched on and all the representatives murdered.  I hope that this can be prevented.  I know that most congresspeople must see me as an enemy, but I have no desire for anyone to be murdered, no matter how much they might deserve it.  Congress has betrayed us.  They have violated the constitution, put us six trillion dollars in debt, they openly favor the rich at public expense (the average nuclear power plant makes half a million dollars a day, all of which comes from public pockets.  There is no possible way for a nuclear power plant to make a profit since its waste must be stored forever, and protected, the public pays for this),  they allow fracking which destroys vital resources ( water) that we need right now,  they allow British Petroleum to destroy the gulf, making only token payments, and receiving subsidies from the government,(from what I hear, the leak is still leaking).  Most of Congress belongs in prison.  This is better than being murdered by angry mobs,  which becomes more and more likely every year.

February 9, 2019.  Major oil companies employ fracking.  This destroys aquifers.  Oil will not last forever.  Aquifers last, maybe not forever but quite a long time.  Our country will survive without oil but not without water.  Every metropolitan area in the country needs water, and needs more with every increase of population.  This is the United States, we do not have private property.  If you don’t believe that try not paying property taxes for a while.  If someone destroys a resource they should pay for it.  Not a token payment but a replacement payment in perpetuity.  


Brittish Petroleum is responsible for the leak in the gulf a few years ago.  Number one, from what I’ve read, it is still leaking, number two, they have not made more than token payments to anybody in the gulf.  They should be pouring out billions every year,but not only do they not, but we subsidize them.


I realize that this country is set up for the benefit of the rich and to hell with the rest of us, but this is ridiculous.


This is the kind of thing that sets off mobs with torches.  Congresspeople, keep an eye on the roads.

February 8, 2019.  Congress is fifty per cent plus millionaires, and fifty percent plus lawyers.  Is it any wonder we are in trouble?    It doesn’t take much to see that the rich are favored.  If you owe the government a lot of money, they will make you a deal,  if you owe credit companies a lot of money, they will make you a deal.  If you do your best to destroy the gulf, they will make you a deal and subsidize you  ( just ask British Petroleum).   Lawyers should not be making laws.  This is common sense.  They are the only group of people who make a living from laws.  Billionaires, Banks, Motor companies, oil companies,  the super rich are not allowed to fail in this country.  These days it seems as if equal protection is a quaint old idea with no place in the real world.  If you didn’t get it, that was sarcasm.  Congresspeople who ignore equal protection under the law have committed treason.  They should be prosecuted and jailed.

February 7, 2019.  Education can fix what’s wrong.  I truly believe that.  We are made to love learning things.  Look at any toddler to check this.  Somewhere early in life we manage to turn this off in most people.  It should be obvious how stupid and dangerous that is for us.  We have built our culture on the products of genius from those few who resist whatever it is that kills the desire to learn.  Our education system once made higher education easy.  As a result a large number of genius obtained education.  You might think that it should be easy for a genius to get educated, but it’s not true.  A genius is usually bored to tears by the time they get to grade school, and totally turned off of education by middle school much less high school.  Our present culture is based on the genius of the sixties, seventies and eighties.  Sadly, they are beginning to die off and they are not being replaced in sufficient numbers.  The sixties, seventies and eighties demonstrated that under the right circumstances, we can do almost anything.  Unfortunately since the early nineties, higher education belongs to the rich or super dedicated people who are willing to put themselves in debt for half their lives.  The cost of higher education has gone up more than one thousand percent since 1972, more than anything else.  Don’t believe me, check it out yourself.  If it doesn’t make you angry then you are not paying attention .  We started state universities so that normal people could get university educations.  Is that true where you live?

February 6, 2019.  Building a fence should not be a big deal.  Building a twenty foot steel fence is stupid.  It’s offensive to our neighbors,  expensive to build and maintain,  damages the ecology, and won’t work as well as a video fence with a seismic component to detect underground activity.  The only reason I can think of to fight so hard for a fence that makes no sense is that our President is trying to distract us from something.  He is too smart for it to be anything else.  


Our neighbors to the the south are not going anywhere.  We must learn to live with them.  We do not need more enemies, we have quite enough already.  Alienating an entire country is stupid.  Mexico  is our neighbor if not our friend.  We need to fix that.  If your neighbors house is on fire you help him put it out.  Common sense.  Building a fence will not keep the flames on the other side.  We  need to recognize that we are part of the  world.  Having friends helps us, having enemies hurts us.  This is not difficult to understand.

February 5, 2019.  We need to talk to our leaders.  If you check it you will find that our leaders are happy to talk to us but not too eager to listen to what we have to say.  Be persistent.  I’m not saying you will have much success.  To become leaders in this country people have to buy in to the system as it is.  This means that they usually won’t be much interested in non traditional views.  If you are not a democrat or a republican, you can’t have much power so why should they listen to what you have to say?  We need to let the powers that be know that we are here and are not going anywhere.  One message won’t mean much, ten thousand will.  Talk to anyone you can, your neighbor, your governor, your senator, representative, your president.  No one is going to change anything if they don’t know that someone cares.  Tell people you care.

A The February 4, 2019.  The traditional way to change things, to try to is the third party route.  I’m not convinced that that is a good idea or has ever produced real change.  No one party will ever get it all right, and the system is built around it doing so.  We need to work towards and, us and them.  That is foreign to us and needs to change.  Our tradition is our team and their team.  We need to forget their team, and just work for our team.  This is our boat and if we are going to get to the other side, we need to work together.  We can’t leave anyone behind.  We don’t need another political party, but we do need to let the extant parties know that we will not put up with their nonsense.  We will never be completely united, so what?  We are one nation.  We can work with that.  All of us need to be more involved with the political process even if only to say loudly HELL NO!

February, 3, 2019.   When the bend in the road comes we probably won’t see it coming.  We can’t go back.  Yesterday will not come again.  Whatever golden ages we have had in the past, will remain there.   Still change will come.  Tomorrow will be different and that’s a good thing.  When I was young  anyone who wanted it could get a university education.  It was easy, expected, and not very expensive.  If we are extremely lucky, we may get to something similar, but it won’t be the same.  If we are lucky we may find a way to have a Congress that actually serves us without violence.  We need to get out there looking for four leaf clovers ‘cause we sure do need a lot of luck.


February 2, 2019.  Congress, education, children,  individual responsibility.  That’s pretty much what I talk about.  My country should be the good guy and I’m not convinced that we always are.  If our way of doing things is the best then that’s what we should do all the time.  If you don’t believe that then you should not be working for the government.  There is no middle ground.  Either we are right or we are not, and if we are right then there is never a reason to violate our ideals.  Innocent until proven guilty, the right to an atourney,  the Geneva convention,  our way of doing things always.  Is it easy?  No.  Just right.  We need to not let fear make us stupid.  

February 1, 2019.   Congress is on very thin ice.   They have ignored the well being of this nation to a ridiculous point.  They have put us into impossible debt.  They very clearly favor the rich over everyone else.    They have damaged this country possibly beyond repair.  Lawyers, the only group of people who make money from laws make up the majority of Congress.   We have let privilege and special interests run the country for generations, maybe centuries.  If you check into communicating with Congress, you will find that information about them is readily available but actually talking to Congress is not so easy.  It is time for all of us to let congress know that we are here and we have questions for them,  for example, why has the cost of higher education gone up more than  a thousand per cent when literally nothing else has gone up anywhere near as much.  Somewhere we are being cheated and it needs to end.

January 31, 2019.  It is easy to look around and decide that we already have enough problems right here without looking far afield for them.  There might have been a time when that was true but not now.  We have neighbors and trading partners, customers and suppliers.  Anyone who attended University has friends and acquaintances from all over the world.  We drink coffee and tea from all over the world, and chocolate, and fruits, and vegetables, hair care products, you name it.  We are an international community with ties in every direction.  We are obvious but this is becoming more and more true for all mankind.  It would be nice to say how nice, since we all depend on each other surely war is less and less possible.  Sadly I doubt that this is true.  It should be but sadly we are a ways from freedom from war.   We have a lot to do.  We all need to do what we can to make things better locally and what we can to improve things everywhere.  Anyone who is oppressed anywhere is a danger to us.  Anyone who is hungry is a danger to us.  Anyone who is ignorant is a danger to us.  This is where our enemies come from.

January 30, 2019.  Children are the future of this country.  Without them we have no future.  Children deserve the best we can give them.   We don’t do this and never have.  As a result we regularly waste resources in the form of wasted lives of children.  Children need the best medical care, the best education possible, and freedom from fear.   Adults also need all these things.  Sadly in this country at this time no one is guaranteed any of this.  We need to put children first, and adults second.  Nobody in this country should die because they are poor.  We have made progress but we have a ways to go.


I know that many will disagree with me.  Good!  Speak up.  I think that children should come first.  I don’t think that children should ever be returned to abusive parents.  You can get over losing your parents but you don’t get over being dead.  I think that children’s rights should come first.  In a divorce settlement, the children should be considered first.  The adults had choice, the children did not.  I even think that there are some neighborhoods that are too dangerous to raise children in.  


If if we take care of our children, there will be no stopping us.  We will be stronger than we have ever been.  No one will be able to stop us.  We will be able to do anything.

January 29, 2019.  There are meetings in Oklahoma concerning higher education this week.  I’d bet a quarter they don’t mention lowering costs.  This of course needs to be the major concern in every state.  Higher education costs need to be reduced or eliminated, not just in Oklahoma but everywhere.  An educated USA cannot be stopped.  There is litterally nothing that we cannot do.  We went to the moon in nine years, we can pay off six trillion dollars.  The truly scary thing is that most people don’t see this as a major national problem.  There may be better ways to address the problem.  I hope so reguardless, we need to get started.

January 28, 2019.  Things change.  They always have, they always will.  When they stop doing what they were designed for then it is time for a change.  Our government has not been taking care of us .  Our Congress has violated the constitution, placed us in nearly impossible debt,  and made subsidizing the rich basic government policy.  We can not allow this to continue.  Sadly, the rich in Congress have abused their authority.  As for lawyers, they are the only group in the country that makes money from laws.  Please explain how lawyers making laws is not a conflict of interest.  I’m not saying that we can fix things tomorrow, but we have to get started.

January 27, 2019.  We need to start working to save our rich people.  They are obviously too stupid to do it themselves.  Running the country for their own benefit is coming closer and closer to destroying this country.  Rich people, if they want to remain rich, cannot afford to be stupid.  Running the country into the ground to benefit the rich doesn’t really help anyone.  It just brings is closer to marching mobs with torches.  Worse than that, permanent damage is being done.  British Petroleum produced a leak in the gulf that is still leaking.  They have not made more than token payments for the damage they have done, and we still subsidize them.  I am trying very hard not to be anti rich.  I really wouldn’t mind trying it out myself, but  the incredible stupidity makes it very hard.  Rich people putting the country six trillion dollars in debt and then working for tax cuts.  Really?!?  Subsidizing companies that litterally destroy vital resources, aquifers, to produce temporary profits, gas and oil.  This is what fracking does.  We need water right now.  We will need it more tomorrow, with every increase in population we will need it more.  Despite what some rich people would have you believe, oil is not a necessity.  We cannot afford stupidity.


January 26, 2019.  The government of my country appears to be working very hard to destroy this country.  Nobody seems to have noticed the six trillion dollars worth of debt that the government will admit to.  Congess favors the rich at the expense of the rest of us, consistently.  Our government works hard to make enemies of our neighbors to the south.  Please, a twenty foot steel wall?  A video wall with seismic sensors to warn of underground activity would be cheaper, less offensive, and more effective, and could have been put into action quietly with no fooforah.  It makes one wonder what the government does not want us to look at.  We have neighbors.  Like them or not we must live with them.  We are part of a community.  We buy and sell to almost everybody.  

January 25, 2019.  I still believe that free or extremely low cost higher education is key to our future.  Not just ours but everyone’s.  The genius we need to save the world may be born in some small village in Tunisia, or outside New Delhi.  We can not afford to waste any human resource.  It may very well be that the internet is key to this.  It is unbelievable what is available on the internet.  Once upon a time people educated themselves and became famous for what they knew, discovered, or could do.  It may be that we will return to this.  People who want to find out things, will find a way to do so.  This may be our saving grace. It would be nice.

January 24, 2019.   Our world changes around us every day.  What seems absolutely vital today, might seem trivial  a year from now.  You do the best you can.  If we get enough people focused on making things better, we can fix the world.  It’s not about making everybody think and believe the same but about recognizing that they never will and that’s okay.  We are all different and it’s supposed to be that way.  If we deal with each other with respect and caution we can build a better world.  I am a Quaker,  my eldest sister was a Jehova’s Witness,  my brothers first family are Baptist, and his second family Wiccan,  some cousins are Episcopalian while others are Roman Catholic,  Mom and Dad were Methodist, my point is that we all love each other and respect each other.  We can make the world a better place.  We need to.

January 23, 2019.  Well this isn’t what I wanted.  I’ll have to complain to the management again.  Who knows maybe we’ll get it right this time.


The people who are running this country are not taking care of us.  That is their job and they are not doing it.  Our country is run by and for the rich at the expense of everybody else.  Once upon a time our Congress would have fits if our government was a few hundreds of billions over budget.  Now trillions in debt is okay.   How did that happen?  The people who own nuclear power plants make an average of half a million bucks per day, every dollar comes out of public pockets.  Nuclear power plants are heavily subsidized.  They produce waste that must be managed effectively forever, and  we all pay for that and will forever.  There is no possible way that nuclear energy should yield any profit ever.  Big business oil litterally steals money every day.  British petroleum produced the leak in the gulf that destroyed fisheries, billions of dollars in business, and is still leaking, and has made no more than token payments.  We still support them.

January 20, 2019.  Well I complained to the site managers and I guess this is the response.  I’m glad that the response info is at the start of my blog, but I was hoping could still access previous posts.  Oh well.


we need to accept that we have power and we need to start using it.  We have to work together and we need to get busy now.  Nations will probably still be around for several hundred years.  In the meantime, we need to learn to work together.  Right now, for the first time in history, nowhere is out of reach, a Potter in Africa, a farmer in Brazil, a Zoologist in China, we can all reach out and talk together and more importantly work together.  We can make this world a better, safer, and happier place.  I am a Quaker.  One of the nice things about Quakers is that they do everything by consensus which means essentially everyone agrees.  Trust me, it ain’t easy,but when you are done, you have a group of people all working in the same direction, which is a pretty powerful thing.

January 21, 2019.  Well, this is not exactly what I had in mind.  I was hoping to have the comment section before the ranting section.  This way I’ll have exactly the same situation as before.  No change.


Right now we all live in a wonderful place.  We can reach out to almost anyone, anywhere in the world.  This has never before been possible but it is now.  I can pass along an idea to a Chinese Premiere,or a coffee farmer in Kenya, or an Icelandic fisherman.  One would think that this might free us from the possibility of war forever, but history does not support this.  Japan should never have gone to war with the United States.  The United States supplied most of Japans steel and fuel.  Their miscalculations cost both of us in massive loss of life.  The Japanese are an amazing people and I will be immodest enough to make the same claim for my country.  Even the amazing can be stupid.  We did not behave as the Japanese thought we would and the Japanese did not behave in a way that made sense to us.  It cost us both dearly.


Ending war would be a good thing, but it should be clear that it will take constant work.  This is not a bad thing.  We humans do not highly value things that come easily.  Ending war is something that needs to happen.  Military men around the globe think that nuclear weapons make sense.  They do not.  Every bomb that goes off lowers all of our life expectancies, and has the potential of poisoning land.  We have more that seven billions in this world to feed.  Lowering lifetimes and poisoning land is criminal activity and needs to be seen as such.  It should be clear that eventually, any country that uses nuclear weapons should lose the right to exist.  I am proud that my country has started to limit nuclear weapons, but we need to keep going.  Having nuclear weapons should be a cause of disgust, not pride.  Do you want to be proud?  End hunger.  End thirst.  Educate people.  Clean up the oceans.  The ability to kill people should not be a source of pride