America is in trouble.

     I believe that our country is in trouble.  Congress has put us so deeply in debt that there is not much hope for it ever being paid.  Education has become so expensive that higher education has become mostly for the rich.  I think that our country has always been owned by the rich but never has it been so obvious.  Rich people have forgotten one of the most basic economic principles, the more money everyone makes, THE MORE MONEY EVERYONE MAKES.  Every day we get closer to the day when Congress gets marched on and murdered.  I hope and pray that there is a nonviolent way to fix this country, I wish I knew what it is.  I can be emailed at  I guarantee no response but would value feedback.


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January 19, 2019.  It turns out that congressional immunity is a fairly specific thing and does not include treason.  Oh joy now all I have to do is track down the voting records of all Congress and file charges against everyone who voted in favor of corporate bail outs.  . I don’t believe I like this. I am essentially a pretty lazy person and here I am making a lot of work for myself.  Oh well.


I’m not sure what I can do online but I guess I’ll find out.  I guess I’ll have to check out the congressional committee that speaks to things like conflict of interest and talk to them about lawyers making laws.  Chances are that most of them will be lawyers.  I’m not sure who to talk to about my concerns about rich people. Oh well.

January 18, 2019.  While it is obvious that I have wonderful ideas, so do you.  Let’s hear some.  If you don’t want to tell me that’s fine but tell someone.   Ideas are among the most important things there are.  Your ideas could be critical.  None of us can know what might be important.  Any fresh viewpoint could be vital.  Don’t discount anyone or anything.  Talking to each other is necessary.  It is how we have become who we are.  


The problems our country has will not be solved by one persons ideas.  It will take many of us working together to accomplish much.  Always beware of anyone who knows exactly what to do ( except for me of course).

January 17, 2019.  I think that there should be term limits for both houses of Congress.  Th idea of someone retiring as a politician should send shivers down your spine.   Congresspeople should be citizens, not politicians.  I think that things will be much better when we get the rich and lawyers out of Congress.  I am still uncomfortable with banning the rich from Congress but it is way too clear that they have been running this country for their own benefit for far too long.  As for lawyers,  they are the only group that makes money from laws, and we let them make them?  What clearer conflict of interest could there be than lawyers making laws?   Then there are the charges of treason.  Congresspeople who have violated their oaths to defend the constitution,have committed treason and should be charged.  The ones who have put us six trillion dollars in debt have also done this but it would probably be difficult to prove, still I would like to see it tried.

January 16,  2019.  Urgent!  Everything is so very urgent these days.  Yep, they are.  We are just beginning to realize how interconnected we really are.  I am a citizen of the United States of America, what business is it of mine, what happens to animals in Africa?   Well for one thing, if I ever want to see wild elephants,  I have to help Asians and Africans preserve these animals.  There are no American  elephants.  If I want to make the world a better place, there is lots to do right here, but children go hungry in India,and Africa.  There are bad things happening all over the world.  What I’m saying is help where you can when you can.  

January 15, 2019 .  It would be nice if I was asking everyone to tackle one problem one time but it really doesn’t work that way.  This is a very large and very complicated world.  We will always have lots to do.  Just teaching people not to hate should keep us busy for a few thousand years.  Then there is honesty, universal education,  hope, children’s rights, littering, pollution,  there is litterally no end to the problems to be tackled.  What an exciting, world we live in!  We and our children and theirs and so on will always have wonderful, important things that need to be done.  Who could ask for more.


January 14, 2019.  I have been ranting about education for a while now, so here’s an idea.  The internet offers education in just about every possible field.  What we need is a way to test knowledge gained.  We are not the first to try something like this, the Chinese had a system of examinations.  The examinations have to be personal, no computers.  Testing entities need to be certified.  There are skills which cannot be learned from computers.  There are instruments and tools which require hands on, but there are many things which can be learned online, languages, history, literature, mathematics, geography,  and much more.  While there is much in the sciences which requires hands on experience,  a large part of it is facts, and theories.  These ideas will not solve every problem in education, but they might be steps towards a solution.  If you have better or other ideas, please speak up.  Naturally my ideas are the best but other people may have valuable ideas also.

CJanuary 13, 2019.   I will admit to being a little crazy,of course you must remember,  I was born and raised in California so my standards might be a bit skewed.  One thing that makes me a bit crazier is when somebody uses religion to justify hatred and murder.  I believe that we all belong to God and that we are all one family, brothers and sisters.  God does not foster hatred.  Anyone who says he does lies.  I am not a fundamentalist.  God is in our hearts not in a book.  When I hear of people preaching hatred as if it was the will of God.  They are lying.  All of us are imperfect, all of us.  When someone claims to know the will of God, they are usually lying.  ( Except for me of course, it should be self evident that everything I say comes straight from heaven.  This of course is sarcasm if anyone was wondering.).   We must be one family.  

January 12, 2019.  The world can end at any time.  We have no control over that, but that doesn’t  mean we shouldn’t try.  It will never be true that tomorrow will always be like today, but let’s pretend that it will.  I do ask that you be better every day, but I realize that most of you won’t.  How about this, try to be better once a week.  Do a good deed.  Pick up litter.  Limit your personal use of plastic.  Help the old lady across the street.  Speak to a politician.  Learn a foreign language.  All of us can make the world a better place, in big ways or small.  Helping the old lady down the street might be as important as speaking to a world leader.  That we can’t know, but we do know what is right and wrong and we can do what is right.  Do what is right, just once a week.  It’s a start.

January 11, 2019.  I want my country to do better, but the plain fact is it will be easier for us to do better if the world does better.  The conflict between rich and poor is not just a US problem.  None of us is powerless.  We never have been.  I am not saying that it is equally easy for all of us to act on our power, it is not, but we all have power.  I am going to ask everyone to take I can’t out of your heads.  I will try as well.  Talk to someone important, after all, you are important also.  Write a note to your mayor, or governor, or president.  Your opinion is as important as anyone else’s ( except mine of course, it should be obvious by now that I am always right!).  You might need to talk to a thousand people to get a notable response from anyone.  Sometimes the best you can do is pass along an idea.  Ideas are sneaky little fellows, they lurk around in your mind and pop out when you least expect them to.  Whatever you do, do it joyfully.  There is too much sadness in the world.  Focus on the joy.

January 10, 2019.  We can’t go back.  It might be nice to think we could but we can’t.  Yesterday does not exist anymore.  It is gone forever.  The best we can do is to work for a better tomorrow.  There is a lot of hope.  We need to find it, nurture it, help it come into being.  We all have a lot to do.  We all need to be better people.  We need to start taking voting seriously.  We need to stop supporting evil people.  We have to make the world more fair.  We need to recognize that it will never be perfect but it can be better.  We need to make it better.

January 9, 2019.  This is for Congress.  If you do not have the best interests of America as one of your professional goals, then you are not doing your job.  Let me be clearer.  The constitution of this country says that all citizens are equal before the law.  Corporate bailouts violate this.  If you have voted in favor of corporate bail outs, you have committed treason and belong in prison.  If you have supported companies like British Petroleum in making only token and partial payment for the damage they have done, and continue to do in the gulf, you have committed treason and belong in prison.  Your job is to act in the best interests of the country, in accordance with the constitution.  Putting us six trillion dollars in debt, does not do this.  I would love to be shown otherwise but right now I believe that most congresspeople are traitors to this country.

PJanuary 8, 2019.  I know that there are lots of people who think that a wall across our southern border is a good idea.  This idea has already cost our country something like thirteen billion dollars every year in productswe used to sell Mexico that they now buy from Brazil and Argentina.  An actual wall is expensive, damaging to the ecology, and offensive to our neighbors.  A smaller video and seismic sensitive fence would not be so obvious and could be set up to alert the border patrol when anyone crosses over or under the boundary and probably cost quite a bit less than five billion dollars.  Our government is not concerned with actual costs, but instead I think seeks to distract us.  They use false numbers and think none of us will check.  Our government thinks it is okay to lie to us, and that cannot be tolerated.  Are there problems on our border?  Yes there are, but there are a lot of honest hard working, wonderful people there also.

January 6, 2019.  We as a culture have not decided whether children are gifts from God or property.  Sometimes they get treated one way, sometime the other.  I take the stand that they are gifts from God.  Personally, I think that children should be the focus of our culture.   I think that children’s rights should always come first.  If there is a divorce, the children need to be considered first.  The adults had choices, the children had none.  I don’t think that abused children  should ever be returned to abusive parents.  You can get over losing parents but you don’t get over being dead.  I think that speeding in a school zone should involve jail time.  I think that no child should be allowed to live in a dangerous neighborhood, or go to an inferior school.  Is this fair to parents?  Hell no it’s not.  Children should be taken care of in all ways possible.  When they are eighteen they can choose to be Christian scientists but when they are children they need to be cared for to the best of our abilities.  Children are not property.  They should not be treated as if they were.



January 5, 2019.

I cannot talk enough about education.  So many of you are probably saying “ My property taxes are high enough!”  You are probably right, but I have to believe that if only one of the six trillion dollars that Congress has spent in the last few years had been spent on education, that everyone’s property taxes could have been lowered.  Basing education on property taxes leads to gross inequalities in education, that should not exist.  If we spent on education what we spend on the military,  no other country would ever be able to touch us.  If we had been spending the money on education, we wouldn’t need our military quite so much.  How much has the federal government paid towards education?  Do not trust me, look it up for yourself.  Compare it to what is spent on the military,  National parks,  Zoos, whatever.  Check it yourself.

January 4, 2019.  Congress is supposed to protect and defend the constitution.  They don’t.   One of the basic ideas of the constitution is equal protection under the law.  When the super rich, banks, car companies, oil companies, are offered subsidies that are not available to small businesses, they are violating that concept.  This may come as a shock to you but the rich are supposed to be treated the same as you and me.  I don’t know how things look to you, but it seems to me that this might not be true.  


Congress used to throw fits if the government was a couple of hundred billion dollars over budget, so how did we windup six trillion dollars in debt?  It is obvious that we need a math requirement for Congress.  They surely cannot know how much money a trillion dollars is.  If they do know, that is worse.  It means. That these people have no loyalty to the citizens of this country.  Every congressperson who has had a part in this has betrayed this country and committed treason.

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January 3, 2019.   We have a tough row to hoe.  We are not working alone.  The state of New York has a movement to end tuition at state universities.  They used to say that New York, Texas, and California are where the real changes take place first.  I hope it’s true.  We have a start.  There are many people working for term limits for Congress.  There are millions of tree huggers ( God bless ‘ em) who don’t like nuclear power.  There are positive signs all over the place.  


There is hope.  We will always have lots of work to do.  We still need to address lawyers in Congress, and rich people. ( it may be that we just need to start charging a few rich Congress people with treason),  we need to work on solar and wind and geothermal power.  As I said, lots to do.

January 2, 2019.  We have enough in this world.  Enough  food, enough water, enough electricity, enough housing, we have enough.  Poverty, ignorance, bigotry are the enemy.  We are indeed all family.  Ignoring problems around the world doesn’t work.  Allowing ignorance, hunger, thirst, poverty, and lack of hope to reign in the world does not work.  Throwing money at problems blindly does not help.  Making the world a better place will not happen overnight.  We took several thousand years to screw it up.  It will take a few to fix it.  It can be fixed.  Will it ever be perfect?  Of course not!  We are human, we will never get it completely right, but we can make it better.  We can start with respect, honesty, and clear goals.  We can start asking people, “ What can we do to help?”, instead of assuming that we know what must be done ( except for me of course, it is self evident that all my ideas are obviously correct and sent directly to me from heaven.)  This poor sad world needs hope most of all.  Have hope, engender hope, give hope, HOPE.  

January 1, 2019.  The six trillion dollars in debt that Congress has placed us in, may already mean the end of the United States of America.  At our best this country can do impossible things.  We are not at our best.  We have been undereducated for most of two generations.  Our education system is crippling us.  We need free or extremely low cost higher education and we need it thirty years ago.  We have been given an impossible problem to solve and because of the cost of higher education we lack the needed resources to fix it.  Yes, I am an education freak.  Almost every positive change in this country or indeed the world has its roots in education.  Fix education and fix the world.  I believe that this is truth.  Happy New Year.

December 31, 2018.  Our government has in many ways betrayed us.  They have put us in impossible debt.  Once, almost everyone who could get a university education got one.  It was fashionable.  Now, unless you are rich, or willing to put yourself in debt for half your life, you don’t get that education.  Once whenever we had a problem, we had a huge population of creative, educated people to solve it.  We no longer do.  We have most of two under educated generations.  Worse yet we have two generations who think this is the way it has to be.  I wonder how much education costs are tied to bank profits from education loans?  Hmmm.!  The truly stupid thing is that when education is cheap,  the economy is strongest.  The rich get richer, and more people are rich.  Our rich people are stupid.  Let me say that again, OUR RICH PEOPLE ARE STUPID!  The more money everyone makes, the more money EVERYONE makes. Happy  New Year.

December 30, 2018.  At some point, we need to recognize that our government does not have our best interests at heart.   Six trillion dollars on debt?!!  Really!  Our country is set up to benefit the rich at our expense.  The average nuclear power plant makes around half a million dollars a day,  they can do that because you and me pay for their waste disposal, a cost that we will have for many thousands and in some cases millions of years.  This is not a joke.  Look it up yourself.  Sadly this is only one instance where the rich get richer at public expense.  Our government supports banks, car companies,even oil companies.  I have to remind myself that it is not really that difficult to get rich in this country.  I wouldn’t mind being rich myself but I hope I wouldn’t do so at public expense.  When the US was new, it made sense of a kind for the rich to run things, who else could take a few months a year off to run the country, but this is not the way things are now.  More than fifty per cent of Congress is made up of millionaires, so is it any surprise that they run things to benefit themselves?  About fifty percent are lawyers.  What clearer conflict of interest could there be than lawyers making laws,  they are about the only group that makes money from laws.  I really don’t like the idea of keeping the rich out of Congress but they have abused their power for far to long.  Happy New Year.


December 29, 2018.   Our country does something’s pretty well.  I am disabled.  I use a walker when I walk, or crutches.  I have a nice place to live, with a reasonable rent, and so far all my medical expenses are paid.  I don’t have extra money, but I have barely enough.  If Congress follows through and lowers my monthly income by 25%, that will no longer be true.  Of course if they do that, I will want to know why they are able to go six trillion dollars in debt but can’t borrow a trillion to take care of their social responsibilities.   Are we perfect?  No we are not.  Right now however, we are not too bad.  

December 27, 2018.  I haven’t ranted about education in a while, so here goes.  Education is key.  That is it.  Education can fix our problems, give us hope for a future, and make us a real force for good in this world.  Education should be free,  not just here but everywhere in the world.  We are not in the competition right now, but we need to be.  With free or very low cost higher education, there is quite literally nothing we cannot do.  I was very fortunate to be educated during a golden age that will not come again.  That is very sad.  Who knows, what comes next might be better, I hope so.  I truly believe that the internet may very well be the key to all of our futures.  The frightening thing is how fragile the internet is.  One good solar storm and it is all over.  Sadly our lives have always been balanced on a hope and a prayer.  God bless us all,Happy New Year.

December 26, 2018.  The United States of America will never be safe until all the world is safe.  I know that that is a lot to ask, but we must realize that every hungry child is a danger to us,  every oppressed human is a danger to us.  Every person who lives in fear is a danger to us.  We are citizens of this world and we need to learn to be responsible citizens.  We need to learn to get along with the other residents of this world.  Easy this is not.  Human beings have always been tribal.  We have taken the first steps away from this but we have a long way to go.  We like to think that we have traveled farther down this road than anyone else, and it might even be true, but none of us has gone very far, and we must.  Almost every religion teaches that all people are family, and we must make this true, but we all have to recognize how small our progress has been and how far we have yet to go.  May God help us on this most difficult of voyages.  Happy New Year.

December 25, 2018.  This is the time of the year when the light begins to come back.  It is a time of hope at least for those of us in the northern hemisphere.  Our world needs hope so let’s grab on to all we can.  There is a lot of hate in this world but there is a lot of love as well and love does better in repeat sales.  Unfortunately there are a lot of seriously stupid people out there.  People who hate entire cultures, entire races (there is only one race, the human race, everything else is a lie), or entire countries is stupid.  People who pick and choose bits and pieces of religion to promote hate, are stupid.  People try to use God to promote hate are wrong and stupid.  We are all meant to be family, all of us,  everything else is a LIE.  Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays.

December 24, 2018.  I personally think that we are more than a hundred years away from anything resembling a world government.  I know that the very thought freaks out a lot of people.  Honestly, me too.  We need it obviously, but who is willing to give up the control that must happen.  No one.  First we must build trust.  We need thousands of projects that we can work on together to make the world a better place.  By the time anything like a real world government happens, de facto programs may already be doing what governments will just be beginning to do.  Respect and trust, humans have never been too good at those.  


I know many of you are saying why should anyone tell us what to do or not to do.  Chernoble and the Japanese nuclear accident have both increased cancer rates.  They affect us all.  Any pollution of the oceans, affects us all.  A large part of the food we eat and the air we breathe comes from the oceans.  The best information we have says that the carbon dioxide we produce has an effect on the climate.  I know that if you look hard enough you can find a scientist who disagrees with this.  If you look hard enough you can find a scientist who believes the world is flat.  That doesn’t mean that it is.  If ten thousand  smarter than average scientists believe that human produced carbon dioxide affects the climate and one hundred scientists (smarter than average of course) don’t think it does, I would generally go with the larger group.  Whatever you think, it is obvious that there are things we do that affect the whole world.  Some kind of world control will happen eventually, like I said, maybe a hundred years.  Have hope.  Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays.

December 23, 2018.  This blog has changed since I started.  I think that mostly I have realized that the United States cannot solve its problems in isolation.  There probably was a time when nations could address problems without reference to other countries.  Not today.  We live on one world.  Resources or lack thereof affects all of us.  None of us has an inherent right to those resources.  Ownership belongs to all of us.  This is our world.  Oxygen produced by the oceans is breathed by all of us.   A hotter climate affects everyone.  We have one world.  No one likes to be told what to do, but none of us has the right to poison the air we all breathe, or the water we all drink, or alter the climate we all live in.  We all know this but it is time to stop and think about what it means.

December 21, 2018.  Countries are different.  That is a good thing, how boring it would be if everyone was the same.  Speaking a different language and having different customs is not a bad thing, unless you try to make everyone speak your language and abide by your customs.  Our world is beautiful, exciting, and interesting, because we are different from each other.  Everyone does not have to be an American, on the other hand, people need to not hurt each other because of their differences.  Other people have the right to be themselves, they do not have the right to make me be like them.  I realize that I am insisting on people being like me, at least a little bit, but I don’t ask anyone to believe what I believe. I do ask that people respect each other.  If we cannot respect each other then there is no hope.  I hope.  Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays.

December 20, 2018.  Asking questions should never be wrong.  Try asking the internet and see what kind of answers you get.  How much does it cost?  How much do they make?  How many are lawyers?  How many are millionaires?  How much do we owe?  Do not trust me.  I am not an expert.  Contact those who are.  I am coming to believe that the internet may be our saving grace.  If you want to learn something, it is there on the internet.  This may well be the university of the future.


Nothing stays the same.  I miss our golden age but perhaps we are heading into a new one.  We have anti hate campaigns now.  I don’t know how to get more hopeful than that.  Being a hater is out of fashion, thank God!  There are horrible problems still.  There is a tremendous amount of work to do, but there is hope.  Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.


December 19, 2018.  There are quite a few millions of us.  We have a lot of power if we can figure out how to use it.  Voting of course is number one.  So far we can still vote.  Many of us are business owners. We can work to improve benefits and conditions for our workers.  We can also find out who in our communities is working to improve things and support them.  We have power if we use it.


There are people in your communities who feed the hungry and house the homeless,  support them.  Try to go to political meetings and question candidates who are lawyers or  rich.  Question funding procedures that favor the rich.  Support term limitations.  Complain, loudly, publicly, and often when there is no one acceptable to vote for.  If there is no one to vote for, go third party if you can.  The republicans and democrats try hard to promote the American two party system, which has always been a lie, and may go a long way to explain why the parties seem so similar.  As has been said, right wing, left wing, one bird.  Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays.

December 18, 2018.   Let’s not forget about Congress.  Fifty plus percent millionaires, fifty plus percent lawyers.  No wonder we are in trouble.  Congress is run to benefit the rich.  This is obvious.   Lawyers should not be making laws,  this is true but less obvious.   Congress has betrayed us.  Most of them are traitors.  They have violated the constitution.  They have put our country into nearly impossible debt.  They run the country for the benefit of the rich at the expense of the rest of us.  They do not believe in equal protection under the law.  We are fortunate to live in a country where we can change things without murder.  We must.  This is not very pleasant material for the Christmas season, sorry.  Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays.

December17, 2018.  I know I am not asking an easy thing of you.  It is hard to change.  It is hard to put others first.  It is hard to do what you know is right.  We know what is right.  No child or adult should go,hungry.  No one should be without clean water to drink.  No one should be without access to medical care.  No one should be without a home.  We know what is right, but we have lives.  We have bills to pay and children to house and feed, and families and neighbors to take care of.  We have lives.  Nevertheless, most of us choose to do as little as possible to make things better.  This is no longer good enough.  Our neighbors are everywhere and we can all do more, even if it is only a stupid blog trying to get one more person to think and care a little bit.  Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

December 16, 2018.  This is a time for joy, and hope, and children’s laughter, and family.   The truly sad thing is that all times should be for joy, hope, children’s laughter, and family.  It is never time to stop giving.  There is enough in this world for everybody.  There is never a failure of supply, only a failure of imagination.  When people are hungry,they should be fed.  When people are thirsty, they should have drink.  When people are curious, they should have access to information.  This is a lot to lay on anyone, but this is how it must be.  This country, this world belongs to all of us.  We need to learn to live in it together in peace.    We should love our neighbors as we love ourselves and all the world is our neighbor.  Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays.

December 15, 2018.  This is the season of giving.  I’m not saying don’t give but I will say don’t stop.  We need to give as much as we can as often as we can.  As long as people go hungry in this country ( or any country) we need to give,time,money, food whatever we can.  People hurt here and go uncomforted,  people are ill and get no medicine, we must do better.  I can barely walk thirty yards at a time.  I hate it.  I’m used to being able to walk miles if I wish but I can’t now though I do have hope.  I have neighbors who sometimes need an ear or a kind word and I try to be there for them.  I am blest with my neighbors.  I wish I could do more.  THIS is a little bit of more.  If I can shame one person into doing a bit more then I have done well.  Merry Christmas and happy holidays.

December 14, 2018.  I hope that most of us try to be good people.  Are we doing enough?  No we are not.  Every time you see a homeless person, or hear of someone going hungry, or worse dying because they are poor, it becomes obvious we are not doing enough.  Don’t feel guilty, do something!  Feeling guilty does no one any good.  Recognizing the problem is not even really a start.  We all know our country is in trouble.  We are one of the richest countries in the world and people die here because they are poor,  millions in our country struggle with hunger,  everyone helps the rich and what do we get?  Are there more jobs?  Are wages higher?  Is poverty reduced?


once again I say do not trust me.  Look it up, see for yourself.  Check the numbers.  If you don’t like what you find get busy and change things.  We can still do that here.

December 13, 2018.  It’s time for citizens of the United States of America to decide, do they value their own children.  What kind of people are we?  We let people go homeless.  We let children go uneducated.  We let people die from lack of medical care.  We subsidize the rich and let the poor fall by the wayside.  We let millions of Americans go hungry.  This is not who we should be.  


Do you you complain about how much it costs to take care of the poor?  Please check those costs, compare them to how much taking care of the rich costs.  Do not trust me.  Check it out for yourself.  How much does it cost each year to deal with nuclear waste?  How much does it cost each year to support the oil companies?  How much does it cost each year to finance corporate bailouts?  How much does it cost to try to repair the damage to the Gulf of Mexico that continues to be done by British Petroleum?  Banks, Motor companies, Oil producers, all are protected and supported by our government.  Compare those costs to education, and support for poor people.


December 11, 2018.  There is a devise that produces pure water from the air.  It is made of metal, a reservoir buried in the ground with an input and output pipe just above ground and a solar powered fan to pull air through the system, water condenses as the air cools down underground and flows into the reservoir.  Why couldn’t this be made from ceramic?   Instead of a solar powered fan use a pile of black rocks to  heat up the outlet pipe and maintain the air flow while the sun shines.  The idea is good but metal and solar powered fans are hard to come by in a rural Indian village,  clay is usually available.  People should not go thirsty.  There is water in the air and it can be gotten out.

December 10, 2018.  War destroys.  I’m not saying there is never a reason to fight.  Police are always necessary that is sad but true.  We need an international bill of rights.  One enforced by an international police force.  We are probably one to three hundred years from this becoming a reality.  Meanwhile,  people and things get destroyed.  Knowledge belongs to all people.  Air, water, animals, are in our care.  Failure in our care means death by hunger, thirst, illness or something else we haven’t thought of yet.  We are all connected.  Any child going hungry or thirsty is a shame for us all.  Any book being burned is a shame for all of us.  An ancient building being destroyed is a loss of human heritage and a horrible shame.  We can no longer afford war.  Unfortunately not very many people believe this.  I pray that we grow up before too much is destroyed.


December 9, 2018.  I recently emailed a Kenyan Potter who I have never met.  I had an idea that I thought she might be able to use.  We can do that now.  People are the worlds most important resource.  Together we can do anything.  The internet is an incredible resource that reaches just about everywhere, and just about everyone.  I am becoming increasingly convinced that to pay our debts we must increase our economy, and the best way to do that is to significantly increase the worlds economy.  Poverty, anywhere in the world is our enemy.  People should never be hungry or thirsty.  Medical care should always be available.  Children and adults should always have education available for them.  If we make this happen we will find new definitions for words like wonder and amazing.




December 8, 2018.  I love this country.  We are a long way from perfection, but we try.  We fail a lot too.   We have an horrific debt to pay.  The only way I can see to do so is for our economy to expand a lot.  I know this sounds a bit crazy but for us to succeed, we need for the entire world to do better.  Poverty  is an enemy.   There is enough in this world for us all.  I know many people believe that there are only so many good things to go around, but they are wrong.  Human creativity creates new resources.  We are the ultimate resource.  We can do anything if we work together.

December 7, 2018.  Every day that they produce electricity, the average nuclear power plant makes about half a million dollars.  This is a lie.  It is only possible for nuclear power plants to make money because you and I pay for the storage of waste.  Another way to say this is that every nuclear power plant you have ever seen steals about half a million dollars from you and me every day.  We pay so that rich people can get richer.   I know we need electricity but there are  better ways to make electricity.  Please do not believe me, look it up yourself.  When you Finnish please try not to murder Congress.  I know it will be hard but I hope most of us are better than most of them.

December 6, 2018,   Our climate is changing.  The scientists say that we are responsible for a big part of it.  I see no reason not to believe them.  Science does not care what you believe, or what your politics are.   Are scientists perfect?  No they are not.  They do much better than politicians however.  There is a relatively easy way to tell if a politician is lying.  Check to see if he or she has an interest in the results.  If they do they are probably lying.  Politicians are generally not scientists.  When they start  having opinions on scientific results, they are often wrong.

December 4, 2018. We need to start closing down Nuclear power plants.  There is no way for them to be cost effective.  No nuclear power plant can possibly produce enough energy to pay for the waste management involved with nuclear energy.  The waste already produced must be taken care of forever.  Okay maybe not literally forever but for millions of years.  People have not existed for that long.  After Chernoble and Japan,  we need to insist on absolute safety for nuclear plants, which no one can provide.  Taxpayers pay for nuclear waste storage and care, and this must be done effectively for ever.  Another case of the rich getting richer at public expense.


Normal people in this country are resources to help rich people stay rich and get richer.   This is immoral. Should be illegal, and has to stop.

December 3, 2018.  There are people who are masters of misdirection.  A lot is made of those evil ilegal immigrants, sneaking over to steal our jobs.  How about immoral   Employers hiring people who work for peanuts and no benefits and oh yeah, illegally.   We don’t need a border wall.  We need to work with our neighbors to improve their economies, and improve conditions.  It makes sense to help your neighbor put out a fire in his house to protect yourself.  Our neighbor used to purchase 13 billion dollars in agricultural products from us.  Now they get those things from Argentina andBrazil.

December 2, 2018.  Corporate bailouts are treasonous.  They violate equal protection under the law,  they are anti capitalist,  they are unamerican.  The people who have voted these things into existence, have committed treason against the United States ofAmerica, and need to be punished for it.  Being in Congress does not give you the right to sell us down the river.  Congresspeople have an obligation to do their best on our behalf.  Six trillion in debt is not in our best interests.  Artificially shoring up failing companies is not in our best interests.  Making rich people richer at the expense of the rest of us is not in our best interests.  Supporting the destruction of our world is not in our best interests.  People who have done these things need to be charged and punished.  

December 1, 2018.  Incredibly,  wonderful things are happening in this world.  The bad things are there as well, but our world is full of wonder and amazement and while we can’t ignore the bad things, we shouldn’t forget the good.  More people survive cancer than ever before.  Thanks to computers, we can in many ways be one world for the first time in history.   Also thanks to computers we are on the verge of all information being available to all people.  I can’t imagine how knowledge will be evaluated in the future, but I think we are coming to an age when everyone will have access to just about everything.  

November 30, 2018.  It is time for us to take a close look at who runs the country.   More than fifty percent are lawyers, another fifty percent plus are millionaires.  Lawyers are the only group in the country that make money from laws.  What are they doing making them?  What clearer conflict of interest could there be than lawyers making laws?  Every lawyer in Congress is in violation of the concept of conflict of interest.  Millionaires are just as bad. It is clear that they have set up the country to benefit the rich at the expense of the rest of us.  These people have committed treason.  They all belong in prison.

November 29, 2018.  Do you have an idea?  Tell someone.  Ideas are the most valuable items in the world.  Everything started as an idea.  There are no problems that cannot be solved.  We  can feed the world, we can provide clean water to drink, we can do anything if we try.  There are more than seven billion of us.  Get your ideas out there , somewhere there is someone who can use it or change it and make it better.


I believe in people.  If we work together there is nothing we cannot do.  

November 28, 2018.  The truth shall make you free.  Nice thought.  Why has the cost of education increased more than one thousand per cent?  Nothing, not rent, not food, not medical bills nothing else has gone up anywhere close to that amount.  Why?  Could it be that banks make billions every year from education loans?  Hmmmm!  I still think the cure for this is to march on state congresses and demand that state schools be available for normal people.  Part of the reason that state universities were established in the first place was so that normal people could go to them.  WELL!  People who complain about the cost of public education need to check how much of their tax bill goes to corporate bail outs, or to support companies that are already making huge profits without help.  Education pays for itself.  It always has.

November 27, 2018.  It’s been several days  since I have said anything about education.  Here goes.  We went to the moon in less than ten years.  There is very little that we can’t do if we try.  Education is the key to almost everything.  There are not many geniuses.  They tend to not be the best students.  Most very smart students spend their academic careers bored to tears.  School is a torture.  We are beginning to do fairly well for the slow to learn, but we do very little for gifted students.  They do not need enrichment for a few hours a week, they need programs designed for them all day, every day.  I know people will say “ we can’t  afford that”,  one trillion dollars  would probably more than double educational budgets in this country.  I think it can be proven that education pays for itself. The world we live in today is based on education, computers, communication, television, weather forecasting, medicine, you name it, it almost certainly has its roots in education.  If we can become the most educated country in the world, no other country would be able to touch us.  Will other countries try to out educate us?  Of course they will, they already are and right now many of them are beating us severely.  Let’s win the educational race.  It’s one of the few competitions where everybody wins.

November 26, 2018.  I probably sound like one of those obnoxious types that spends his life telling other people how to behave.  Well yeah, I am a little like that.  I do have strong opinions about right and wrong.  I also believe that I am not perfect and that no one, not even me, has all the answers ( though obviously I have most of them!).  The important thing is to recognize problems.  You don’t often fix things you don’t know are broken.  


One of of the things that scares me is a violent revolution.  We are fortunate to live in a place where major change can happen without violence.  That doesn’t mean it will be easy.  We have more than one generation trained to believe that the way you solve problems is to shoot somebody or blow something up.  We are getting to a point in our history when it is time to give up violence as a way to change things.  Our world is full of wonderful things that need to be protected.  Things get destroyed in wars, and not just the things you might want destroyed.  We all need to be very aware of the term “ Collaterall damage”.

November 25, 2018.   The United States of America is a very giving country.  We are very good at helping storm, earthquake, tornado,  most any kind of natural disaster we can help.  We are good at telephons, not so good at the day to day.  If you live in this country, there are homeless people in your community.  You have neighbors who go to bed hungry.  There are people down the road who will die because they are poor.  Check with your church, if they are not working to help people maybe you need to find a different church.  You might check with the local police, they often know who the good guys are.


I will say it again, we need to be better people, not just on Election Day, not just at Christmas,  but every single day.  We need to help each other.  We need to be better.  We pretend to be Christians, we need to walk the walk and talk the talk.  We need to start loving one another.

November 24, 2018.  People are more important.  If people are hungry, feed them.  If people are sick, heal them.  If people have no place to live, build them homes.  Much as I love this country, we do not treat people very well.  We have people living on the streets!  We are one of the richest countries in the world, and people die from poverty here.  People who are sick go untreated, people who are hungry go unfed,  people who are afraid go uncomforted, we must do better.  We call ourselves a Christian nation, but we must hate Jesus.  He taught us that how you treat people is how you treat him.  When was the last time you helpped a homeless person?  When was the last time you fed someone who was hungry?  What have you done to make things better?

November 23, 2018.  Education in the United States of America, is a national disgrace.  Public education is in desperate straights,  teachers are underpaid,  schools are underfunded,  we spend fortunes training soldiers but only chump change to educate our children.  We have lots of wonderful universities that only the rich or super dedicated can go to.  We worked hard establishing state universities so that normal people could get quality educations.  Now only the rich or super dedicated go to them.


1979 to 1985, I put myself through the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville, working at a minimum wage job.  This is no longer possible.


Anyone who wishes to attend a university should be able to do so.  Nothing else is acceptable.  We need this. We need it now!

November 22, 2018.  Today is Thanksgiving.  We have much to be thankful for.  I am still doing my rant and have not been harassed or imprisoned yet.  My country is still taking care of me for which I am very thankful.  There is still hope.  Africa and Asia are slowly improving.  China is becoming part of the world.  Racism is very unfashionable.  Brazil grows most of their own fuel, showing the rest of the world how to do it.   We still have a long way to go.  The problems we had yesterday we still have today but we are not dead yet.  God bless us all.

November 21, 2018.  There is a right and wrong.  It would be nice if it were easy to determine one from the other, but reality is a different thing.  Stalin was a monster.  If he had not made nice with Hitler, WW2 might not have happened.  If we had not had the USSR as an ally, we might not have won.  It is not always easy to determine what is or is not our business.  


Saudi Arabia is a valuable friend.  We do not have many of them in that part of the world.  We cannot tell other countries what to do.  We do not like it when other countries try to do that to us.  Nevertheless, we have a legitimate interest in how that country is run.  We have huge investments there, just as they have huge investments in our country.  The character of the man who will run Saudi Arabia is of legitimate interest to us.  That being said, the CIA has been wrong before.  It is too early for us or the President to make judgement calls.  People are innocent until proven guilty

November 20, 2018.  Right and wrong.  These are important ideas.  Our country is supposed to be a good guy.  Recent history sometimes refutes this.  Our country should not condone murder.  The way we treat our enemies should be consistent with our ideals and our legal system.  If our way is correct then we need to adhere to it as much as possible.  I know that many of our enemies do not believe in things like human rights.  That is their problem.  If we are right then we need to behave as if we believe it.  Human rights belong to everyone, even our enemies.  I know that many people will say that I don’t live in the real world, but I firmly believe that every time we violate our ideals, we lose, sometimes a little, sometimes a lot but we always lose.

November 19, 2018.  People in this country need to wake up.  We are in deadly danger right now!  We may be already too damaged to recover.  Our government is simply too incompetent and too irresponsible to run this country.  We are six trillion dollars in debt,  we have some of the lowest taxes in the world and our government is working on lowering taxes?  Someone please explain to me how that makes sense.  Our government supports  some of the most profitable industries on earth and helps them destroy resources that we desperately need right now!  We support British Petroleum which has tried hard to destroy the gulf and comes close to succeeding, and has not made more than token payments for the damage they have done and continue to do.  Our government is no longer valid.  They have betrayed us.  They have  come close to destroying this country, and it is time for it to stop.

November 17, 2018.  Hey rich people!  Would you like to become significantly richer?  I know a way.  Raise salaries,  increase the minimum wage,  increase benefits.  My Mom and Dad were both pretty poor but they both managed to attend a University, back in the 30s.  Increase education, increase earnings, everyone gets richer.  When education is easy, people make more money,  the more money everyone makes, the more money everyone makes.  This is a basic economic rule that has fallen by the wayside.


I believe in capitalism.  Businesses that are efficient are more successful.  Businesses that are artificially supported are artificially successful.  Businesses that damage the world need to be stopped, and as much as possible they need to be made to pay for the damage they do.  British Petroleum watch out!

November 16, 2018.  I am a slightly brighter than average old, disabled guy.  I am a pacifist, religious, and I believe that most people are good.   I have decided to try and change the world.  I am very poor.  I don’t travel well and I don’t even own a car.  My opponents are some of the richest and most powerful people on the planet.


Naturally I expect them to give up any day now.  Congress be warned.  Everyone of you who has perverted the constitution, helpped the rich at the expense of everyone else,  drowned this country in debt, I am coming for you, probably not very fast but I’m coming.

November 15, 2018.  I actually checked into filing charges on Congress.  It turns out that there is a committee that oversees congresspeople.  Turns out it is made of congresspeople.  Gee what a shock.  Somehow I don’t expect a very positive response when I state that lawyers and rich people do not belong in Congress from a committee made up of lawyers and rich people.


Oh well!  I never said it would be easy.  I hope I try to be fair.   I wouldn’t mind being rich someday.  It is clear that our country favors the rich which violates the idea of equal protection.  It has been clear that the rich are different since OJ sauntered down the highway with the police following politely behind for miles.  The fact that the rich are treated differently is a cause for national shame.   The fact that Congress passes laws that favor the rich is treason.



November 14, 2018.  Most people in this country don’t even think about nuclear power.  Chernoble, and the nuclear power plant destroyed in the tsunami in Japan. Should be enough warning.  Nuclear waste is with us forever or at least longer than human beings have existed.  Nuclear waste must be guarded forever.  There is no possible way that nuclear power can possibly be cost effective.  Yet they make money.  How?  I’m afraid that the answer is that once again we pay for it.  We pay for the storage and care of nuclear waste which is the only way nuclear power makes money.  We will pay for it forever.  Not only does this need to stop but the people who have made this possible need to be tracked down and imprisoned.  Whether we are talking beaurocracy or Congress I don’t believe anyone gave them the right to bury us in eternal debt.


Six trillion dollars in debt ( that the government will admit to) will probably never be repayed.  Our government which for years has been working towards a balanced budget, has suddenly decided that six trillion is okay.  Then they have the nerve to tell people on Social Security that their benefits will probably be reduced by about 25% in the next decade or so.  They can go six trillion dollars in debt but they can’t be bothered to meet their own obligations to their own people.  Our Congress is so morally bankrupt.  Only a very few congresspeople can possibly expect to stay out of prison, if justice is ever served.

November 13, 2018.  I believe that Congress has betrayed the United States of America.  They have a long history of voting in their own self interests in spite of the benefits or lack thereof for the people of our country.  There may be an element of ignorance involved in their treason.  Many Americans are lacking in  knowledge about science.  Maybe they are unaware of the long term costs of managing atomic wastes.  Apparently congresspeople are lacking in the intelligence and imagination to come to terms with concepts like “ effectively forever”. Build a fence, put warning signs on it, and post three security guards for ten thousand years.  There is no way atomic energy can be cost effective.  Ten thousand years does not even begin to reach the end of our responsibility.  A million years is not enough.  It may be true that better ways will be found in the future, even so how dare we leave such problems for our great great great great great etc. grandchildren.  We should be ashamed.  Every atomic generating plant needs to be shut down NOW!


This is one small area that needs to be fixed, at least as much as it can be.

November 12, 2018.  Congess needs to know that what they do has consequences.  Will we be able to get everyone who has betrayed our trust?  Probably not.  Let them live in fear.  When you take an oath to defend the constitution, and betray that trust, you have committed treason.  Much of Congress belongs behind bars.  This has probably been true for generations, but I believe it is true.  People who have been part of establishing nuclear power may not need to be imprisoned, but people who support fracking do, people who have allowed multi trillion dollar debt,  people who have voted in favor of bailouts for the super rich, and people who violate conflict of interest among others need to be brought up on charges.


Congress is not made up of special people.  They are not above the law.  It is time they get reminded of this.  

November 11, 2018.  The United States of America is a long way from being perfect.  Our list of sins is long and sad.  Our list of accomplishments is also long and quite remarkable.   


I believe that we are, in many ways, a laboratory for the world.  New things get tried here first, and if they work  the rest of the world will pick them up.  Most of the time that gives us a bit of a head start, sometimes we use that head start rather well, other times the Japanese, Koreans, Germans, or a bunch of kids in Uganda, will take an idea and take off in a direction that we had not thought of.  Oh well.  


Our country has never been perfect.  I would like to believe that this is the only time its very existence has been threatened, but I don’t  think that’s true.  Sadly that is part of democracy.  We always have to fix what’s broken, and something is always broken.  The really bad thing is that we have gotten big enough that things we do have permanent effects.  Atomic waste is with us always, an aquifer destroyed is gone forever,  an extinct animal will never come back.  It would be nice if the USA could  fix the whole world but we can’t.  We all have work to do.

November 10, 2018.  Thirty years ago it seemed as if there was nothing we could not do.  Now we can’t even educate our children.   We are willing to spend trillions of dollars to fight all over the world but we can’t afford to pay teachers an adequate salary.  People still die from being poor.  The super rich destroy our world and we pay for it.  We have to stop. I have been told that I can expect my social security benefits to be reduced by about 25% in the not too distant future.  Please explain to me how we can afford to go trillions of dollars in debt and can’t even take care of our own people!  The people who manage the fortunes of the country need to adjust their priorities, number one needs to be always our own people.  Right now it is clear that it is not.  We need to insist that our government take care of us first.  Otherwise, think about this, a lot of us old farts will be moving in with their relatives, or living under bridges.  Trust me, no one wants either of those.

November 9, 2018.  There was a time when anyone who wanted a university degree could get one fairly easily.  Obviously this is no longer true.  This needs to be fixed.  Once again, THISNEEDSTOBEFIXED!  Most state universities were established so that normal people could get higher educations.  People need to march on their state capitols and demand that this be fixed.  Private universities have always been expensive. However there is no excuse for state schools to be so expensive.  This is probably the easiest problem to fix.  People need to demand to know why the costs have risen so high.  There are probably some charges to be filed.  


Once again I’m preaching education.  I truly believe that the miracles of the fifties, sixties, seventies, and eighties, were directly linked to education.  Does education fix everything?  Yes, appropriate education does fix pretty much everything.  


November 8, 2018.  I have to apologize to anyone who has tried to communicate with me. Apparently I have not been receiving any messages from this site.  A friend and I played around for a while and couldn’t get any messages to go through.  Sorry!  I’m not giving up though.


Lets talk about the rich.  I believe that most of the rich people in this country got that way by working hard and being wise.  Unfortunately it is easily demonstrable that rich people in Congress have for years been running things to benefit the rich at the expense of the rest of us.  We pay for the bailouts, nuclear waste storage, environmental damage done by the oil companies, and probably at least ten other things.  I don’t like the idea of a group of people being banned from Congress but it has become way too obvious that the country is at present being run for the benefit of the rich at the expense of the rest of us.  We can not let this continue.  More than half of Congress consists of millionaires.  I have to assume that they are responsible.


Now let’s have a go at lawyers.  They are the only group that makes money from laws.  Why are they allowed to make them?  This makes no sense whatsoever.  It has to stop.  



November 7, 2018.  How do we start over?  I don’t know.  I wish I did.  I’m not sure how to do it better.  I think we might start with elections.  Democrats and Republicans are destructive.  One often hears about the American two party system.  That is a lie.    We need to find a way that the election becomes something more than a popularity contest.  I think there should be penalties for not voting.  I think there should be a none of the above slot on the ballot.  Maybe we should have a confirmation vote two years into a presidential term.  I would like to say that we should vote again and again until the vote comes out the way I would like it, but that would probably not be very acceptable.


The sad fact is that it all comes down to us.  We need to be better  and more involved.  We need to let the political parties know that manners are important,  that a plutocracy is no longer acceptable,  that lawyers do not belong in Congress, that our presidents and congresspeople need to adhere to higher standards of behavior and that they can be tried for treason if they betray us.

November 6, 2018.  I wonder how to bring congresspeople up on charges?  How do we get lawyers and the rich into a courtroom?    I need to do quite a lot of research.  Lawyers make money from laws.  What clearer conflict of interest could there be than lawyers making laws?  I believe that rich people making laws that favor the rich is also a conflict of interest.  Lawyers and millionaires make up more than half of Congress.  There can be no surprise that we are in trouble.  Gee, guess what?  Apparently we can’t trust Congress to behave responsibly.  What a shock!  (Sarcasm)


We are citizens of the United States of America.  We need to  become serious.   This is our country.  We are responsible for what it does.  The things Congress has already done, violate the constitution,  clearly favor the super rich at the  expense of the rest of us, and established laws and policies that harm the  people and future of this country.  (Fracking, bailouts, nuclear energy, oil subsidies, trillions of dollars in debt, ).  I am not sure what to do about them.  If you have an idea, speak up.  Something needs to be done.  There is a very real chance that it is already too late.  I hope that is not true.



November 5, 2018.  I am a great believer in the human ability to figure out ways to do more with less.  There are limits.  We all must have fresh water.  To destroy an aquifer is not only stupid, it is criminal.  To do so so that rich people can get richer and make money for a few years is just wrong.  Our oil companies are doing this right now.  Our government subsidizes them so they can do it better.  Where is the environmental protection agency?  How could this possibly be legal?  The fact that it is is more evidence of the treason that Congress has committed against  the citizens of the USA.


Corporate bailouts are clearly a violation of equal protection under the law.   The leak of oil in the gulf ( that is still leaking), has not been paid for.  British petroleum has barely made token payments for the damage done, and still being done, but it’s okay because the government says so.  We are trillions of dollars in debt and the government is working on tax cuts for the rich.  Our government has betrayed us and is no longer valid.



November 4, 2018.  I have let it go too far this year.  It is too late for me to arrange for absentee voting.  I need to be ready for the next elections.  Votes do make a difference, but sometimes there is no one to vote for.  I am not sure exactly how to have the best effect.   Perhaps the best way would be to join a party and work hard to make my beliefs part of the party as a tiny minority view.  I don’t know.  I would not be comfortable being a hipocrit.  Both parties are seriously flawed and none of the other parties are in a position to give either of them much competition.  Lets face it, no party wants to hear “Rich people and lawyers should not be in Congress.”  


Somehow people in this country need to become aware of how dangerous it is to have lawyers and rich people running the country.  They are in the majority in Congess and that should terrify all of us.  They run the country to suit themselves to the detriment of the rest of us and in defiance of the constitution.  This we can no longer allow.

November 3, 2018.  I don’t believe that rich people or lawyers should be in Congess.  Lawyers make money from laws.  Rich people voting on laws that benefit the rich, does not make sense.  After generations of striving for a balanced budget. We are suddenly trillions of dollars in debt.  The interest on that debt has to be higher than the deficits that people complained about before.  The government is trying to get lower taxes for the rich.  How does that make sense?  We are deeper in debt than we have ever been and the government is lowering taxes?  Our government is not acting in our best interests.  


When the government behaves in a manner not in the best interests of its people it has committed treason in spirit if not in fact.  Our government has violated our trust.  It is no longer a valid government.

November 2, 2018.  We need to insist upon DEMOCRACY.  Right now our country is run by and for the rich.  This cannot be allowed to continue.  I am not asking for the rich to be penalized, just that rich and poor be treated the same.  That means that if you are accused of murder, and you run from the police, you get stopped.  It also means that if General Motors gets bailed out then so does the mom and pop grocery store down the block.  Our constitution is not in force just when it’s convenient.  If it is then maybe it’s time for another revolution.  We live in a country where this can be done peacefully.  Thank God.  We need to.  The rich are not different.  We are all citizens of this country.

November 1, 2018,  I know that people have lives.  I used to have one also.  It’s easy when you spend most of your day online or watching syfy.  I’m not complaining, my life is getting better,it just took me many years to get here it will take some time to get out.   Still, I have a long list of things I always wanted to do and so I’m trying to do some of them.


Living up to my own ideals is not easy.  I have very limited stamina.  I’m  working on it and there has been some progress but I have a long way to go.


I will get there.  I’m very stubborn.  I have set myself a very thorny path.  If no one kills me first, maybe I’ll accomplish a bit.  I hope so.   I will try.

October 31, 2018.  A lot of people just want to mind their own business.  That’s all well and good in your own home or out in the woods, but if your walking down Walmart and I can see and hear you it is my business.  If you are behaving wrongly towards a child it is my business, if you are committing a crime, it is my business.  We are responsible for each other.  


Many people who who live out in the country expect to be left alone, after all, how is it my business what someone else does in their own home?  If you harm a child, we all have to live with that child.  If you harm your spouse,  we will eventually have to deal with it.  Abused children become child abusers, no not 100% but many.  We all share one world.  We affect each other.  Damaged people have to be dealt with, and damaged children become damaged adults.  


No child should be hungry or thirsty.  No child should live their lives in fear.  Education should be universally available.  We need a bill of rights for children not just in the USA but in the world.

October 30, 2018.  We do not have private ownership of land in this country.  If you do not believe that then try not paying your property taxes.  We have a long term lease.  I don’t have a problem with that.  We all cost society.  Police, roads, schools, libraries, all public services must be paid for somehow.  We also have extremely rich people leasing public land for oil, gas, gold, and all manner of other resources.  What does the public get out of it?  


Our world is is different than it used to be.  How would it be wrong for the public to get a reasonable royalty from the production of resources from public land.  


Our government is is still trying for tax cuts.  Please explain this to me.  We are deeper in debt probably than any other country in recorded history. They are cutting taxes?  How does that make sense?  


It it is time for us to get real.  We need to stop living in the fantasy world the rich have created for us.  We do not need more oil.  Let me say that again,WE DO NOT NEED MORE OIL.  35 mpg is not good mileage .  Brazil does not import oil.  They grow their fuel and so could we.  You do not reduce debt by reducing your resources (tax cuts).   Social security is not an entitlement.  I have to assume that the USA does not intend to default on their debt, we should remember that retirement and social security are also debts owed by the government.  


October 29, 2018.  The world we live in today is very different from the world I was born into.  Nowhere is out of reach.   We are all neighbors, much more than we have ever been. True, we have always been neighbors but it is more evident now than it has ever been.  What happens in the Congo or Ruanda or Mongolia affects us.  It happens to our brothers and sisters.  I know, how Christian of me.  Genetics indicates that about seventy thousand years ago, humans almost went extinct.  There were only a few thousand of us alive.  We are all at least cousins if not truly siblings.  We are all related.


The best family in the world can have rough spots.  Simple good manners can get us through a lot.  We can no longer afford war.  Every war we have leaves economic holes in the fabric of our world, and the larger our world gets the more dangerous those holes become.  Right now there are huge swaths of the world where it is unsafe to go.  This needs to be fixed.  Like it or not, we are one world, one family, we need to start acting like it.

October 28, 2018.  Education is the key to just about everything.  We need free or very low cost higher education.  We need it now.  We need much more effective public education.  Tie the education budget to the military budget, dollar for dollar.  In one generation no one will be able to touch us.  Our economy will be through the roof, our debt problems will disappear.  I know I know  fix education and all our problems will disappear, yeah right!

Maybe it won’t fix everything but it would fix a lot.


It needs to be remembered that not all education takes place in a classroom.  Many things like manners do not need to be taught, they just need to be accepted as the standard of behavior.  We need to be better people.  We need to be less accepting of casual dishonesty, we need to be less accepting of bullying, cheating,  violence, violence, and violence.  (We have raised a whole generation on video games where you solve problems by killing someone or blowing someone up.).   Actually if people would accept basic Christian values, or Buddhist values, or Islamic values, asa behavior standard, we would be much better off.

October 27, 2018.  I would like to say that I grew up in a golden age, but it’s not true.   I grew up when every child had measles, mumps, chicken pox, there were polio epidemics and little that could be done, the flu killed thousands every year, pneumonia was often a death sentence, and if you got cancer you died.   Racism was the order of the day, and intolerance was standard.


Education  was improving  and I was fortunate to go to elementary school in California when it’s education system was among the best in the world.  


The  sixties, seventies, and eighties, probably do qualify as a golden age.  


Among the many many viewpoints about how the world works are these two.  One, there is a limited amount of good things in the world, get as many as you can and prevent others from getting what you want because there are only so many.  Two,  the more everyone has, the more everyone has.  I believe that number two is correct and I believe that the evidence backs me up.  Unfortunately the people in charge right now apparently are number ones.  They have damaged the middle class, vastly increased the poor, and possibly destroyed our country to become richer.  What do we do about it?  I wish I knew.  I am a pacifist and think that violence means you didn’t work hard enough to find a peaceful way.   We need to find a way.

October 26, 2018.  There was a time when celebrities tried to keep to a certain standard of behavior.  Long ago and far away.  I wish in many ways, that I could condone lying.  People  should be able to be honest and decent.  Hero’s are not what they used to pretend to be.  The fact that most people seem to agree that “everyone” does it, is intensely sad.  Acceptance of low class behavior is sad and wrong.  If you wouldn’t be comfortable letting someone be around your kids, why would you elect them to office, or consider them as special.  


We we need to be better people, and we need to demand better behavior from celebrities, and politicians (forgive my foul language).  There used to be something called good manners.  Let’s bring them back.  It is very hard to ask someone to speak up in Walmart and say something about bad language, but how you feel about things is easy,being brave enough to do something is not.

October 24, 2018.  I truly believe that most people would like to do the right thing.  I am not convinced that this applies to Congress.  More than fifty percent of Congress are millionaires, and lawyers.  Lawyers should not make laws.  Lawyers should not make laws.  Lawyers should not make laws.  By the way, lawyers should not make laws.  The rich should not be making laws that benefit the rich.  I can’t think of any fair way to keep the rich out of politics, but limiting campaign funds might be a start.  The first question asked of a candidate should be what is your income?  Being rich should not automatically eliminate someone but it should be a consideration.  Being a lawyer should eliminate politics as a profession.  Lawyers make money from laws, they should not make them.


I understand that trying to do right by your constituents and the nation as a whole might not be the easiest thing to do.   Not betraying the country should not be too difficult.  Perhaps Congress people should be required to read the constitution or at least the bill of rights before being sworn in.  Laws that favor the rich over the poor need to be thrown out.  Subsidies for oil companies should be stopped.  Bail outs for the super rich need to be ended.  Every Congrssperson needs to understand the concept fair.

October 23, 2018.  Equal protection under the law.  That should mean that everyone gets treated the same.  We don’t.  Every Congress person who has voted to bail out large companies at the expense of the rest of us, has committed treason.  They should be tried for it.  They take an oath to protect and defend the constitution and they have violated that oath.  Credit card companies can legally make deals for people with large debts.  People with small but significant debts get no help.  This is not right and should not be legal.


Congressional immunity is wrong.  Congress people should be as responsible as anyone else for their actions and most certainly treason should not be protected.  Institutional violation of the constitution is treason.  I believe that most of Congress is guilty of this.  Anyone who claims they did not know is too stupid to be allowed outside by themselves, much less run our country.


We have done this.  We have stood by and let the special interests run our country.  This is killing our country.  We need to take back our country.  We need to let lawyers know that they do not belong in Congress.  We need to let rich Congess people know that they should have no part in making laws that benefit rich people.  We need to remind the President that he works for us and we deserve a certain level of civilized behavior from him or her.



October 22, 2018.  It has occurred to me that more than half of our Congress people belong to a special interest group, the rich.   It should be no surprise that our country is run to benefit the rich,  we allow them to run the country.  No millionaire should be allowed to participate in making any law that has an effect on rich people.  That would be a clear conflict of interest.  


I am am beginning to think that our legal system needs to be rebuilt.  Many, if not most of our laws are seriously flawed.  They were made by people who made money based on the law.  Conflict of interest needs to become very important to us.  This is a concept that may have already destroyed our country.  We are supposed to be a country of, by, and for the people, not the rich.  I know for a fact that many of the rich in this country are people who worked hard and invested wisely.  It should not be difficult to become rich here.  The rich should not be penalized for being clever and creative, but the country should not be managed for the benefit of the rich.


Fact;  if you are rich and owe the government a large amount of money, they will reduce your debt.  Fact; if you owe credit card companies a large amount, they will make a deal for you.  Fact; if you are a bank, an oil company, an auto manufacturer, the government will support you , even to the damage of the country.


Oil companies are allowed to destroy environments and important resources so they can have temporary profits.  Auto makers are supported so they continue to make inferior products (does anyone really believe that 35 mpg is good mileage?  It was in 1960!).  


The famous gulf gulf oil leak has not been paid for.  The payments made cannot possibly be considered more than token.  Fracking, destroys aquifers.  We need every aquifer in this country right now.  Every city in the country needs fresh water.  To destroy a source of fresh water is more than criminal, it is insane.  


Some me people will say “But we need the oil”. The fact is we don’t.  Brazil does not import oil.  They run on alcohol.  They grow their fuel.  So could we.  The inescapable fact is that the government supports the oil companies to the detriment of our own people.  This has to stop.

October 21, 2018.  It is true  that a lot of our founding fathers were rich,but it is also true that they did not trust government, even their own.  One of them said something to the effect of people should not fear their government, the government should fear outraged citizens.  We do not owe our government anything that they have not earned.  Our President works for us.  He is our employee.  He needs to behave in a way that makes us proud to have him represent us.  This is the main problem I have with our President.  I try to not say much about him out of respect for my sister in law and my nephew but they deserve to know how I feel and why.  Frankly our President is foul mouthed, rude, and disrespectful.  I had similar reasons for not liking Mr. Clinton.


Congess also needs to remember that they work for us, not the other way around.  Every party has supposedly been working for a balanced budget, so how do we wind up trillions in debt?  Our Congress and the administrations they have worked under have betrayed us. They have sold our country down the river.   I think the first step with Congress is to get rid of the lawyers.  What clearer conflict of interest could there be than lawyers making laws?  Then we might start getting rid of lobbyists.

October 20, 2018.  This is the twenty first century.  We need to recognize that we are citizens of the world.  people all over the world need to start taking responsibility for what our countries do.  I know that many countries are not used to having power, but we all have power and need to recognize it.  I am a Christian but Ibelieve that Jesus was a multifaceted person.  One of the things he taught was how the powerless could have power.  Do what is right even if it costs you your life.  That is frightening, harsh and effective.  Jesus taught powerless Jews how to deal with the Romans.  It works.  It worked two thousand years ago, it would work today.


I know that I am asking a lot.  Asking people who have never been responsible for the actions of their nations to take responsibility,  but we all must.  Here in the USA, we need to let Congress and the President know what we will and will not put up with.  This is relatively easy for us.  In the Middle East,  things are not so simple.  There are, unfortunately, many places where a wrong word,  a wrong opinion, can get you killed.  Here we can be arrested if someone in power decides that we are dangerous.  That is scary (but true).  I know that I have a lot of nerve, asking strangers to risk their lives.  I’m sorry, but that is exactly what I am doing.  We are one world, but in many ways we are tribal people who are not sure about the humanity of other people.  It is in part genetics.  We are wired to see our expanded family as most important.  We have no choice but to outgrow this view.  If we cannot be one people, we will perish.  

October 19, 2018.  We as a planet are approaching a crossroads.  One direction makes things better for everyone, the other makes things worse.   We, and I mean all of us, every humanbeing on the planet, need to decide what we can do and what we can’t.  Nuclear power is stupid.  Anyone who makes money from nuclear power is stealing from someone because there is no possible way to make a legitamate profit. The waste must be protected forever, and someone must pay for it.  


As for oil,  fracking destroys aquifers.  This we cannot afford.  Our world is desperate for fresh water.  We can live without the oil.  We cannot live without the water.


There is something else we need to think about, cities.  The city of SanJose California is built over some  of the finest farmland in the world.  Soils, water, climate are critical resources.  There are better places to build cities.  We have excellent farmers all over the world, but to feed the billions we will all too soon need to feed, we may need to rethink how and where we build cities.


Our oceans are becoming, more and more, open sewers.  That is definitely an overstatement, but not as much of one as it should be.   Oceans are overfished with important species frighteningly close to extinction.  There are islands of plastic, floating in the oceans,  Seabirds and turtles are two of the species endangered by plastics.


We have one world.  We need to be one people in this at least.  We need to learn to work together.  We have a lot to do.

October 18, 2018.  We are responsible for this world, and for each other.  The oceans, the air, the forests, the animals,  all are in our care.  We must also care for each other.  We only have one world that we all share.  Anything that damages the world damages each one of us.  The higher cancer rates that resulted from Chernoble affect us all.  Pollution in the US, or Africa, India, or Europe, touches all of us.  We all breathe the same air. We eat fish from the same oceans.  We have one world, when it dies, so do we.  This is not a national issue, it is a world issue.  


 We must take care of each other.  If Africa is hungry,  it hurts us all.  If Mexico has a problem, so does the US.  We are connected to each other.  Chernoble and Japan, raised cancer rates for all of us.  A nuclear war is not just a nightmare, it is absolute insanity.  We would all lose.  I think the nuclear powers should dismantle their nuclear weapons.  We need to make it basic world law that any nation that uses nuclear weapons,  loses its right to exist.  That is very harsh,China, the USA, and Russia will not like it, but a nuclear war cannot be allowed to happen.


Everyone in the world wants to be safe, to have enough to eat, to see their children do better.  We need to be working to make this happen.  Basic economics, the more money everyone makes, the more money Everyone makes.  The rich get richer,and hopefully the poor disappear.  Better is no longer good enough.  People need  enough income to lead happy, productive lives.  We need education.  We need to feed seven billion people, and probably several more billion before the population levels out.  I don’t think that will be done with current food production methods.  We need ideas and research from everywhere.  The Natives of the Amazon basin created thousands of acres of productive black earth in the rain forest.  We need to know how.  The Chinese are some of the best farmers in the world, we need to learn from them.  I am an education fanatic.  Education is the key to most problems.  Every nation on the planet needs to become an education culture.


October 17, 2018.  Many people think that the world is too big for mere humans to have a significant effect.  I’m pretty sure that this has not been true for many thousands of years.   People in California love their natural grass covered hills with patches of ancient oaks spotted here and there across the landscape.  Not natural at all.  The Native Americans managed this landscape using fire.  The forests across the continent were managed and controlled by the Native people.  Between 1492 and 1600, the native population was reduced from 25 to 30 million to 5 to 8 million.  As a result, many areas had actually gone back to a natural state by the time Europeans saw them.  South American natives had cities, towns, farms, roads, canals all through the Amazon basin.  They were destroyed in the sixteenth century almost surely by epidemics brought by Europeans.  There is a measurable change in climate that resulted from about 40 million killed by Genghis Khan. We are billions now.  Each of us producing CO2 in varying amounts depending on how we live.


It may be true that the changes we see in the world are completely natural, but that is not what science says.  Believing does not make it true.   I’d like to say that science is not political but these days everything is political.  It is true that sometimes it is the maverick, single voice that proves correct but not very often.  Always remember that there are three kinds of lies, there are white lies,  there are damnable lies, and then there are statistics.  Numbers are wonderful things but if you are careful and know what you are doing, you can pretty much get them to say what you want them to.  This is why scientists publish.  Their results must be repeatable.  Even this is not one hundred per cent.  An experiment must actually test what it is meant to test.  There is the story about the scientist studying the flea.  He yelled “ Jump!” and the flea jumped.  He removed the flea’s first pair of legs and repeated the experiment, and the flea jumped.  He removed the next pair of legs, repeated the experiment, and the flea jumped.  He removed the last pair of legs, repeated the experiment and the flea did not jump.  The scientist came to the obvious conclusion; that removing a fleas third pair of legs made it deaf.  Many science experiments are not this straightforward.  It can be very difficult to determine whether or not an experiment tests what it is supposed to or not.  Believe me, scientists love to prove that that other idiot is doing it wrong.  So when eight out of ten say one thing, I tend to believe them.


The climate is changing.  CO2 affects the climate.  These are things we know to be true.  Less CO2 would be good.  We can’t do much about volcanoes or huge herds of herbivores

we can do something about what we do.  We should.

October 16, 2018.  Humanity has become one of the most powerful agents of extinction.  This does not need to be so.  The United States oddly enough, does pretty well.  Places where deer, turkeys, foxes, bears, even elk are coming back.  (As for Sasquatch, who knows?).   Much of this is not due to any good intentions on our part.  1928 was the year that destroyed the South.  A boll weevil epidemic wiped out cotton in the American South. Here in Oklahoma,  everyone left.  Between Sobol and Fort Towson there were once perhaps a couple of thousand small farms.  When I was born there were maybe fifteen households in the same space.   This happened all over the south.  Millions of acres went back to forest and have remained so to this day.  Forestry has replaced farming as the major industry.  Hunters brought back foxes, deer, turkeys ( the bear came back on their own), and elk. 

We are not excessively virtuous, we just like to hunt.  My point is that a large urban population and a healthy environment can coexist.  Europe is doing a pretty good job,  there are many places in Asia where environmentalism is catching on,  South America is starting to toe the line, Africa is patchy but coming around.  We need to take better care of our world.   Our oceans are over used, over fished, and over poisoned.  Every time I see an advertisement featuring sea salt as a clean natural ingredient, I always want to ask what about mercury levels, pesticides, antibiotics, sewage, and all the other pollutants we dump in the oceans?  Our climate is changing and for once we can do something about it.  We need to.

October 15, 2018.  Many people wince at the cost of space exploration.  You don’t hear much about the benefits.  Look around your house, almost everything electronic comes from the space race.  Years ago I heard of one 18 mile stretch of road in LA.  Using computerized lights saved billions of dollars in accidents that didn’t happen.  How many thousands of miles of computerized roads are there now?  How many lives are saved every day with medical technology developed for space?  The space race has not only cost us nothing, it has payed for itself many times over, and continues to do so every day. I have the TV on right now, the signal comes from a satellite.  How many lives have been saved from early warnings of storms, hurricanes,  floods, all from satellites.  The trillions of dollars saved because of better weather reports based on satellites.  People who think that NASA cost us money are not paying attention that or they are too stupid to be allowed outside unsupervised.

October 14, 2018.  Let’s say a word or two about professional sports.  I think we are too competitive in this country.  We talk a lot about teamwork in this country but mostly we want to be winners.  It’s nice to win but it should also be nice just to play.  We forget how much fun we used to have playing.  It is seen as childish which is stupid.  We are human, we should enjoy playing as long as we live but we give it up when we no longer win.  That is so incredibly sad.  Instead we sit on couches and watch as others play.  Many of us saw our glory days in our teens. Do I have to say how lame that is?  Competition is fun and should always be so.  We should be happy for a good game whether we win or not.  We should enjoy a good game as long as we live.  The fact that we stop playing is more than sad, it is wrong.


Here I am trying to get people to play when we are faced with such a plethora of impossible problems.  We ARE faced with impossible problems.  We need play more than ever.  We need to be strong mentally and physically.  Play aids both of those.  

October 13, 2018.  Education needs to change in this country.  We are on the right course in many ways,but in many others we are falling short.  We need a bill of rights for children.  It needs to be enforced.  Will this always be fair to parents?  No it will not.  Children are more important.  Children are not property.  They are not things to be owned.  Their care and education should be the number one consideration in this country.  I know that a lot of people will not like this.  If it doesn’t make you uncomfortable you have not been paying attention.  Will this be easy?  No it will not!  It will be very hard.  If we can do one generation where children are the main focus of our culture.  Where their education and development , health and well-being, are the main effort of our culture.  No other culture or country would be able to touch us.  I think the hardest thing will be to maintain our diversity.  How do we allow for all the differences in our country.  Those differences are what make us preeminent in the world today.  We should work hard not to lose that.


October 12, 2018.  1960 to 1969 we went to the moon.  We did the impossible.  I was never so proud to be an American.  We can do it again.  We need to.  We owe quite a few trillion dollars.  To pay it is as impossible as going to the moon.  We must do it.


This is not our only challenge.  We must find a way to protect our electronics against magnetic pulses.  We know they happen and we are way too dependent on electric everything.


Our education system is our way out.  I know that education folks tend to think that education is the answer to everything.  That’s because it is.  Almost everything can be fixed by appropriate education.  People should be number one in this country, not profits.  


I know now that not everyone will agree.  Good!  Tell me about it.  You may have noticed that I haven’t said anything about our President.  There is a reason for that.   Our President is rated as being pretty intelligent and I have a sister in law and a nephew who think a lot of him.  I may not think much of him but I respect my sister in law and nephew who are intelligent, creative, capable people,  I am a long way from being perfect (don’t tell my grand nieces),  but I am intelligent and creative.  If I’m wrong, tell me about it , if I’m right, pats on the back are appreciated.

October 11, 2018.  I’ve had a bit of trouble with the site editor, but I think this will work.  I even like the idea of my most recent post being easiest to view.  It surprised me how much I missed doing this on the past few days.


Most of my life I have ignored the news.  I figured if it was important enough, I would hear about it whether I wanted to or not.  By and large this has been true, but you miss a bit also.  There are people in New York trying to cut education costs.  That is good news.  I bet there are some in California as well,  probably other states also.  Let me know.


Our national debt, unfortunately is a done deal.  The only thing to do is to figure out how to pay it.  Do I have to point out how crazy it is to cut taxes when we owe so much?  We pay much lower taxes than most of the world and much less than we used to.  I don’t have much room to talk.  This is the only time in my life when I don’t pay much at all in the way of taxes.  I freely admit that not complaining about taxes is easy for me.  Just give me a couple of million dollars and we will see how sincere my beliefs are.


That was a joke (unless you happen to have a couple of million lying around, then I am totally serious).


I am a Pinterest addict.  I will try to share some of my favorite pins with you.

Here is one thought, I think we need a bill of rights for children.  I don’t think children should ever be returned to abusive parents.  You can get over losing parents, you don’t get over being dead.  I think that children should have the right to a decent education,to enough food, a safe home.  

I am almost 68 years old.  I graduated in1985 from the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville.  I believe at that time it was rated number four in the south.  I put myself through, working at a minimum wage job.  This last Presidential election is the first since I turned 21,that I did not vote.  There was no one to vote for.  I have watched our education system go from one where anyone who wanted an education could get one to one where only the rich or people willing to put themselves in debt for half their lives get one.  I have watched congress turn us into a debtor nation.  The democrats blame the republicans who blame the democrats.  As has been said, left wing and right wing belong to the same bird.  Our country cannot decide whether children are gifts from God, or property.  Sometimes they get treated one way, sometimes the other.  We need to decide.  Like all of us, I share the guilt.  This is the first time I have shared these thoughts.

My name is Mike as is every fourth male person of my generation.  My father was a naval officer so we moved about every five years.  I am a Quaker which is a little weird.  If someone becomes my enemy, all I can do is hunt them down and forgive them.  

     I am pretty liberal, I believe in the importance of human rights.  I believe in science and that we can no longer believe that the world is so big that people can not possibly seriously affect it.  In many ways, we are hurting this planet,  we poison the air, we pollute the oceans,  we destroy the natural world.  This has to stop or nature will stop us.  I truly believe that.  August 12, 2018.

I hesitate to say that all Congress has committed treason, but everyone who voted for multi trillion dollar debt has,  as well as anyone who voted in favor of bail outs for large corporations.  Under equal protection under the law,  everyone who needs help should be helped.  I believe that all Congress people who are lawyers should be charged with conflict of interest.  August  13, 2018

I’ve never done this before, and I’m not very computer literate, so please cut me some slack if it seems less than professional.  I’m going to try to add something new every day.  Today let’s talk  about resources.  Let’s start with water.  As I understand it, fracking destroys aquifers.  How stupid could we possibly be to allow the destruction of a renewable resource for the sake of a finite profit?  There is nota civic entity in the country that does not need water.  I have a similar problem with atomic energy.  Atomic waste must be protected for thousands of years.  We are allowing rich people to get richer at public expense.    I have no problem with being rich, I wouldn’t mind trying it out myself, but being rich costs society more than being poor does.  Rich people should be charged for what they cost everyone.  When public property yields oil or minerals,  a share should go back to the public.  If national property makes you rich,  how is it wrong for the nation to get a cut? Enough thinking for one day.  August 14, 2018.

    In many ways, the United States is a laboratory for the world.  I think you could make a good case for the country reinventing itself about every ten years. We’ve been doing this since first settlement.  I was born in 1950 and every decade has been a new world.  I love this country but something has changed.  I don’t believe that people change, but the situation has.  Once if you ran out of water you could take water from the next valley but today someone else is already using that water.  California steals water from the north to keep L.A. and San Diego going.  

     We are in this together.  What we do affects Mexico and Canada and Bermuda and Cuba and the Bahamas.  Several years ago there were severe wildfires in Mexico millions of Texans had to breathe that air.  What we do can hurt our neighbors.  Every island in the pacific has beaches polluted with tons of plastic,  there are huge islands of it floating in our oceans.  We are responsible for it.  If we do not fix it, it will fix us.  A huge chunk of the oxygen you and I breathe comes from the oceans. If the oceans die billions of us will die also.  Do not trust me.  Look it up.  You are looking at this on the internet.  Do not trust me, trust yourself.  August 15, 2018

 Our government is spending trillions of dollars fighting wars.  What are they doing to support our men when they come back?  I am a Quaker.  We do not believe that war is ever a valid activity.  I recognize that not everyone is a Quaker.  I would never think less of someone following their own conscience,even if they believe differently than I do.  Our military is not made of tanks, aircraft carriers, guns, transports, ships, these are equipment.  If we are going to put men at risk then we had better take good care of them.  Congress had better pray that I am the worst of their enemies.  They do not want millions of angry veterans after them. August 16, 2018.

I hate to say this because I have spent my life like most of us, living day to day, trying to vote in a way that makes a positive difference but mostly letting the world take care of itself.  I don’t think we can afford to do this any longer.  Congress has gotten away from us.  I don’t know how to get it back.  I’m afraid it is going to take something like marching on Congress and informing them that they can go on trial for treason or get out.  I am old, tired, disabled, and working to not be disabled.  This blog is not much of a start, but it is a start.  I would like to call on everyone  to become as politically active as they can.  I would really not like to lead a march on Washington,  my walker would have problems, but I will do what I can.  This I affirm.  August 17 ,2018

I don’t usually post twice in a day but today I think I will.  I recently read a post from my sister in law and she made an excellent point.  These days we all have good reasons to get angry but what good does that do?  Problems won’t be solved by any one persons ideas or work.  I’d like to think that I make perfect sense all the time, but I don’t.  Only by working together can we make things better and we must. August  17, 2018

August 18, 2018. I am not a big fan of politics.  Republicans actually generally have  wonderful policies and plans but they are way too much only for the rich.  The democrats are not much better,  a Native American once said something like the left wing and the right wing belong to the same bird.  You hear people talk about the American two party system.  That is an out and out LIE.  


Making things better will will require people working together.  We need rich people who actually believe in the American system.  Poor people willing to do a bit more than just survive.  I’m not going to say that all rich people are evil but some act as if they were.  British Petroleum in effect destroyed many industries in the gulf.  The leak is still leaking!  Yes they payed huge sums in reparations but nowhere near replacement for what they destroyed.  I live in southeast Oklahoma.  We are a very poor region of the state.  We have had double digit unemployment for almost a hundred years.  Finally relief was in sight,  it was discovered that we are sitting on a gas field.  British petroleum bought the wells and sealed them up.  I’d bet a quarter that our government subsidizes these criminals.  Poor people can be just as bad.  They don’t really do as much damage though they can be incredibly annoying.  I live in a housing authority complex, quite comfortably on disability.  I am grateful though I don’t look on it as a gift since I have been paying for this over most of my life.  I am fortunate in that I have hope of getting off disability.  Many of my neighbors don’t have that hope.  I used to work in a truck stop next to a Choctaw casino on third shift.  Again and again I would see poor people show up and essentially throw away money.  I’m a long way from perfect.  I love to gamble, but I can’t afford it right now (also it’s a tough trip for me right now).  There are a lot of gamblerholics around here.  It’s very sad.


It breaks my heart to see young women with two to six kids.  I’m sure they love their kids but children should not be paychecks.  At what point does having children in poverty become child abuse?  This is a topic I would not normally touch with a ten foot pole but I think it’s important to think about at least.  I have known people who were poor who were amazing parents, I have seen many more who were not.  I think that children are our future.  A child’s life is more important than any adults.  It’s time we put our own comfort aside.  When I see someone riding down the road with a child in their lap, I always want to say don’t you love your kid, why are you risking his life?  I know ,what is my business, what is not?  Where do we draw the line?  I think that children are more important, than our own comfort.  

August 18, 2018. I just read a quote from Teddy Roosevelt that said that complaining about something without proposing a solution is called whining.  Okay here is a proposed solution.  Perhaps it is time to admit that our little experiment in democracy has been less than a total success.  Let’s try a lottery system,  everyone qualified for a position gets their name in a hat and whoever gets tagged is it.  Think about it, assuming only half of the population are honest, half the time we will have an honest president, If I did the math right (big if), one quarter of the time we will have a president who is smarter than average and honest.  I think that is better than we are doing now.  It’s a silly idea.  If you have a better one, tell somebody.

August 19, 2018. I’m sitting here watching one of the silliest series of movies ever made.  The Sharknado series.  I chuckle my way through each one.  Trust me, I Iive on the edges of tornado alley.  My esteemed sister in law lives in Moore which seems to be a tornado magnet.  Tornados are not funny.  When we have a tornado warning here I just open the windows and doors and read a book.  I have no way to get to a shelter.  Sharknado however is hilarious.   I seldom claim to be perfect.

Higher education has become mostly for the rich.  If you are incredibly creative, or willing to go into debt for half your life,you can get an education,but mostly it’s better to be rich.  I truly believe that the most prosperous time in our country were based on education.  1947 to 1960, millions of men got university educations on the GI bill,  in the 60s going to the university was a way to defer the draft,  in the 70s and 80s it was just expected.  Now we are back to the situation of the early twentieth century where the rich and dedicated get university educations.  This is not progress.  I propose that for every dollar going to defense, one goes to education.  Do that for one generation and we won’t need to spend so much on defense.  August 20, 2018

 August, 21, 2018. A lot about this country makes me crazy, and don’t try to tell me to find another one, my family is this country.  We  met the first white men in their weird canoes, and later on we were in some of those early boats.  This is my country.  It’s a long way from perfect but then it always has been.  We can make it better.  Don’t try to tell me that you know exactly how to fix things.  That is always a lie.  The native Americans were not perfect.  They fought amongst themselves way too much.  Tecumseh had the right idea but he was too late.  There were too few Native Americans by his time to accomplish his goals.  Most died before they ever saw a white man.  The archeological record indicates that North America had a population of 30 to 35 million people in 1492, if you check the records of first contact you get numbers of only 5 to 8 millions.  Part of the reason that early settlers had such an easy time of it was that most of the continent was empty.  We have much to learn from Native Americans and from all the people who make up this country.  No one group has all the right answers,but if we work together we can make things better.  No one is inferior.  Black slaves survived incredible horrors just to arrive on our shores their strength and joy makes us stronger.  Chinese and Japanese industry and tenacity, the bravery of people leaving their homelands to try for a better life makes us stronger as a people.  We probably have more rich people than any other country in the world.  It’s time we reminded them to pay their own way.

August,22, 2018.  I mourn for the wonderful things I was able to experience as a young person that young people today never will.  The world has changed, not better or worse but different.  There are good reasons for those changes but there is always a dark side to the good old days.  I had a lot more freedom than children do today mostly because a lot of the truly horrifying things were not publicized like they are today.  If I had a child, I would worry every second they were out of sight.  We as a culture need to take better care of our children.  Abusive parents should lose their kids forever.  Is this fair to parents?  Probably not, but children will get over losing parents, they don’t get over being dead.  What we spend on public education is shameful.  I fully realize that all problems can not be solved by throwing money at them but most really good teachers have to make some very hard choices, and many of them choose to leave teaching.  We have resources now to make education truly individual but it means changing which humans really don’t like to do.


August 23, 2018.  I believe our system in many ways is better than most.  I believe that people who are arrested should have due process of law.  Some people say that terrorists do not honor our rights so whyshoudwe honortheirs.  We should honor their rights because we are better than them.  We should not let terrorists change what we believe to be correct behavior.  Everyone is afraid of another 9-11.  They should be.  However,we should not let fear keep us from being who we are.  Bad things will happen.  They always have and always will, but we cannot let fear make us do wrong things.

August 24, 2018. We  spend trillions of dollars on military equipment.  I might be mistaken but I believe I can think of a way to take out just about anything we’ve got.  I started to write it down but just on the off chance that I’m the only one who has thought of it, I won’t write it down.  If I’m not the only one then the military has been stealing money from us for years.  We have been put in debt, effectively forever for no good reason.  


Most military men men are doing what they think is right.  I can’t argue with that ,even though I think they may be mistaken.  The bad people they are after are really bad people and need to be policed.  My main problem is why must we pay for it?  Unless we want to live in a world managed by hate, we need to find a better way.  I hope that most people recognize the folly of hating an entire people or culture.  As long as reactions are based in hate, we will never have peace, and peace should be our goal.


August 25, 2018. We do some very foolish things in this country.  Our government, our car companies both lie to us all the time.  Our car companies keep trying to tell us that thirty five mpg is good mileage and nobody says anything.  Congress can legally tell us that a product whose primary ingredient is soy bean oil has zero calories.  Oil companies keep trying to tell us how hard they are working to replace oil, what a croc!  Brazil does not import oil, it runs on alchahol.  Other countries are already doing this why is it so hard for us to do?  


We have become so used to being lied to that it is no longer worthy of comment.  This has to change.  Congress has arranged for corporations to legally lie to us.  Sadly it is our fault.  We have let the corporations buy Congress.  We ought to make Congress people account for every dime they ever touch and if they can’t, they should be charged with treason.

August 26, 2018. I know that many people will say that I am being disloyal, speaking out against the government, but I am following a fine old American tradition. 


When did did any of us give Congress the right to set their own wages?  The whole idea of congressional immunity sets my teeth on edge (all nine I have left).    How about this,  congressional wages shall be set at twice the average wages of the citizens of that state.  Each state shall provide housing for their Congress people.  If you don’t like it, pay for your own housing after you explain in detail where the money comes from.  If you ever take money, gifts, campaign donations, anything of value from a lobbyist, corporation, or individual (except under proper and limited circumstances), they shall be charged with treason, tried, and if found guilty, imprisoned for life.  It is time we reminded Congress who they are working for.  


August 27, 2018.  Recently, Congress had 41% lawyers.  What clearer conflict of interest could there be?  Lawyers are the main group of people who make money from laws.   Every Congress person who is a lawyer should be charged with conflict of interest.  No lawyer should be allowed in Congress.


I believe that our country  has always been owned and run for the benefit of the rich.  This seems to be becoming much more blatant and obvious than in past years.  When O J rode serenely down the highway with police politely following behind, on national television it became quite plain that the rich are different.  Had OJ been a poor black man he would have been shot before he had gone five miles.  If you owe the government a fortune, they will make you a deal.  If you owe them five thousand you had better find a way to pay it!  We are supposed to have equal protection under the law, but we don’t.  If you are a billionaire, the government will help you out, if you are a mom and pop store

about to go under, you had better get out of the pool cause Uncle Sam don’t care.  


I believe in American ideals and equal protection is a biggy.  I am not anti rich. I wouldn’t mind trying it out myself.  I have a rich uncle who earned his money honestly and I believe keeps it honestly.   We are Americans-and we do better when we abide by our our own ideals.



August 28, 2018. In the early years of this country, it made sense for the government to be run by the rich.  Who else could take several months a year to run the country.  I don’t  think the founding fathers thought of the idea of professional politicians.  I don’t think the fact that we have them is a good idea.

People in Congress should be working for the good of their own people and the good of the entire nation.  They are not doing so and have not been doing so for quite some time!  I can think of no good reason for a Congress person to have an offshore bank account.  I can think of several hundred million reasons why every Congress person should account for the origins of every dime they possess, and state on pain of life in prison that they have no offshore accounts. 




August 30, 2018. Sorry I missed yesterday.  Here goes.  Anyone who really wants one can obtain an education in this country.  Of course you had better be willing to put yourself in debt for half your life.  If you change your mind and decide to persue another field, you had better be rich.  In the 70s and 80s, a university education was pretty much expected.  By the 90s it began to move back into the realm of the rich and super dedicated.  We have improperly educated an entire generation, and we will pay for that.  We already have, our Congress people are so poorly educated that they don’t realize the difference between billions and trillions.  There should be a math requirement for Congress.  If this is not true then we have a Congress full of traitors who have sold us all down the river.  


Billions can be paid.  I don’t believe that trillions can be.  I have been told to expect my benefits to be reduced by about 25% in the not too distant future.  If they try to do this I’d like to get several million of my closest friends, march on Washington and demand that Congress borrow one trillion to be used for our own citizens and social programs.


I have heard a lot about how people on social security and public assistance

are costing the federal government fortunes.  I’m sorry but thanks to Congress it has become quite clear that the billions we cost comes nowhere near the cost

of the military and our war on terror.  I’m not saying don’t do it, I’m saying find a better way.  Once we had unbelievable numbers of creative, educated,people who might have successfully tackled these problems.  Now we don’t.  This last generation has cost us more than we will ever know.  Our great great great grandchildren will still be paying for it.

August 31, 2018.  I have spent ten years as a teacher.  I have seen the good and the bad of our education system.  Sorry, more bad than good.  We are beginning to do okay by most of our special ed students.  Not terrific, not good, but okay.There is a group that gets lost very easily, that is the smart kids.  A child with an iq of 130 is as different from the norm as a child with an iq of 70.  Their needs are rarely met.  People assume that smart kids can get by on their own without help.  This is only rarely true.  Smart kids need extra stimulation, not two hours a day but all day.  I taught science.  When you get a kid in ninth grade who has no notion of what the scientific method is you, your school, your nation are in deep trouble.  It is amazing how many people do not think that science is creative.  Taking an idea developing experiments and theories based on the results is one of the most creative activities there is.  Scientists are often artists, as well as scientists.  Here’s a thought, let’s spend as much per year per kid as we spend to train soldiers.  I think we should spend dollar for dollar military/education.  One generation and no country would be able to touch us.

September 1, 2018,  What rights should children have?  I think they should have the right to be safe,  to have enough to eat, to a descent education.  I don’t think a child should ever be returned to an abusive parent, they can get over losing a parent, but they don’t get over being dead.  Should it be illegal to raise children in certain neighborhoods?  I m not sure but it needs to be thought about.  We need to make sure that the needs of children are met in every divorce situation.  Parents had a choice, the children did not their rights should come first.  Are children property?  I don’t think so.  How should parents rights and children’s rights be balanced?  Where do we draw the lines?  This needs to be thought about.  


September 2, 2018.  I think I know a way to significantly increase the prosperity of the United States.  Reestablish free or very low cost higher education for everybody.  The fact that we have made financing higher education so very profitable has already messed us up severely.  If we were able to fix this situation tomorrow, it would be years I think before we would see much in the way of results.  We have allowed the rich (some of them) to damage our country.  My initial inclination is of course to blame Congress, but I can see that not everything is Congress fault (just most things).  You may ask what evidence I have that my idea would have a beneficial effect I offer the 50s through the 80s.  





September 3, 2018. I hate to be wrong, but sometimes I am.  I have spent most of my life not watching news, working on the theory that if it is important enough you will hear about it whether you want to or not and otherwise why be depressed by professionals.  Sometimes this comes back to bite me where I sit.   Apparently Congress does have significant oversight on congressional income. I still think we need to look closer.  Big business has purchased Congress.  Congress runs the country to benefit the rich, somewhere somehow someone is getting paid off.  Because it’s not obvious doesn’t mean it isn’t happening.  I do love the internet.  We are many trillions of dollars in debt.  Trying to balance things by cutting social programs is ridiculous.  Does money get wasted of course it does, but we are talking about billions of dollars nowhere near trillions.    Our military toys are way too expensive and vulnerable to be cost effective.  Men are better than machines.  When Congress puts us in so much debt that it can not be repaid, they have betrayed us.

 September 4, 2018.  Tomorrow is my sixty eighth birthday.  We don’t make a big deal about birthdays in my family,so in most ways it is just another day.


I do love this country.  At our best we are very very good.  At our worst we are very bad.  We area long way from perfection but in many countries I would already be in prison.  I still believe that we change better than anyone.  That may not seem like a big thing, but I believe it is.  This world must change.  We must find ways to live together.  We must find ways to preserve this world and all its beauty.  We must find ways to solve disputes without violence or destroying the world we live in.  We will soon have quite a few more billions of people to feed, house, educate, take care of.  We can only do this together.

September 5, 2018.  September 5 in 1950 I was born in Oakland, California.  California is one of the most beautiful places on the planet.  Unfortunately, there are too many people there right now.  If you have not seen sequoias, you do not know what big trees are.  Redwoods, the California coast,  the beaches, the mountains,  if you have a high tolerance for large crowds or even if you don’t,  California is still one of the most incredible places in the world.  Oklahoma is home,  wherever I live, it always will be,  but I will always have a soft spot for California.

September 6, 2018.  The good old days will never come again.  That’s okay.  They weren’t really that good.  People don’t change.  The bad guys are with us always, always have been, probably always will be.  A hundred years ago,  bad guys generally behaved because if they didn’t no one would do business with them.  That happens when communities are small and people don’t move much.  Today people mess up, they move or steal a new identity.  Today, with computers. We are, in a way going back to being able to know what people are.  Privacy may be going the way of the dodo, but the upside if there is one is that people will be more accessible.


Computers allow us to do things that have never been possible before.  People are more connected than ever before.  A scientist can use people all over the world to go through mountains of data.  I believe that education will become much more individualized, and available than ever before.   There is a lot to be done, but I have hope.

September 7, 2018.  I really wish I knew how to fix everything, but I don’t.  I don’t believe anyone does.  That does not mean we should not try.  As a race, we have always done a bit of this and a bit of that and continued with whatever works.  Our real problem is letting go of what doesn’t work,realizing when things no longer work ,and remembering that we are all different and that that is not a bad thing.


our problems are very real and I believe that they will destroy this country if they are not addressed.  We have wonderful ideals but we are not very good at living up to them.  We have to try harder.  The people who run this country need to be reminded who we are supposed to be.

September 8, 2018.  What is fair?  Are the rich and poor treated fairly?  I don’t think so.  If you owe the government 100,000$ they will make you a deal, if you owe them 5,000$ you had better find a way to pay.  Oil companies make billions producing temporary profits while destroying aquifers that our country needs now and will need more with every rise in the population.  Nuclear power outfits make billions while you and I pay for the storage of nuclear waste which must be protected effectively forever.  There is no way that nuclear energy can possibly make a profit,but it does because you and I pay for it.


Am I wrong to believe that if a resource is destroyed, it should be paid for by the destroyer?  We lease land in this country.  We do not own it.  If you don’t believe that try not paying your property taxes for a few years.  Part of every resource in this land should belong to the country.  Destroying a resource should be a horrible crime.  We have been given this beautiful country and I believe we are obligated to care for it.

September 10, 2018.  We live in a very dangerous world, and we probably live in one of the safer areas.  Others in this world, want security as much as we do.  There  are few places as safe and secure as we are.  We at least have the illusion of being protected by the bill of rights.  


Things have ave changed in this country.  We are a long way from perfect, but we are closer than we used to be.  Life should be about getting better , and we are, but we will never be perfect.  That is not a sad thing.  We are human.  Most Americans don’t understand religious conflict.  One of the most positive things about us.  I am a Quaker, one sister is Lutheran, the other was Jehovas Witness, my brother was Wiccan, and one of my Aunts families Presbyterian, and another Catholic.  We all love each other.  I think this is more common than many would like to admit.  


There is hate in this country, but it is not as accepted as once it was.  There are many people happy to point out why Native Americans and Blacks should hate  

Caucasians, mostly with half truths and out and out lies.  Things HAVE gotten

better.  We are more accepting as a people,  few children these days want to be

the cowboys, everyone wants to be the Indian.  Are we where we need to be?  

No we are not.  Are we closer than we used to be?  Yes.

September 11, 2018.  I have had a pretty wonderful life, so far.  Ain’t done yet!  It’s very frustrating to be terribly disabled,  to see clearly how to not be disabled, and to realize that it’s just going to take time.  Many of my neighbors are also disabled and don’t have the hope that I have not to be.  I would like to make a difference in the world.  I try to stop and remind myself that I already have.  I’m not dead yet.  I wish I had some world changing wisdom to impart, but I don’t.  Maybe I can get a couple of people to think a bit and make the world a better place.  At any rate, I will try.

September 13, 2018.  How can we change things that need to be changed in this country?  I don’t think we can change the trillions in debt our Congress has put us in.  All I can think of is to somehow return to an economy similar to the one we had in the 50s through the 80s, sad to say that will take years and will be made incredibly difficult, the education situation must be repaired.  It must be made as available as possible.  We have to outlaw profits from educational loans.  Most people don’t realize how crippling our current education system has become.  We performed miracles in the 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s, and a large part of that was because of education.  The people who created the world we live in are now my age or older.  Their peak creative years are over, even though many of them still do amazing things.  THere are wonderful people out there but not as many as once there were.  We need more, many more.  It may well be that the debt Congress has put on us will crush us.  A trillion dollars is an almost unbelievable amount of money.  We can hope even if we can see no avenue for that hope.

September 14, 2018.  Well I thought I would establish myself as a major insufferable prig.  I do not like the F word.  To me it is an expression of low class.  Has nothing to do with money.  Just a choice to be rude and offensive.


Why would anyone choose to offend every Baptist Grandmother in earshot for no good reason?  Me, I’m fond of sex.  I think it’s one of the nicest things God ever came up with.  Using sex to curse with is as close as you can come to spitting in Gods face.  I’m opposed to that.


I am not perfect.  I need to become a better man.  We need to become better people.  We have a long difficult row to hoe, and we need to get started.

September 15, 2018.  A couple of months ago, I witnessed a woman letting her short son sit in the front seat of her car.  I said nothing for which I am intensely ashamed.  Every time I see a small child riding in the front seat or worse, a toddler in a drivers lap,  I want to pull the driver over and ask them why they don’t love their children?  We are trained in this country to not but in, but there are times when we should.  I decided those months ago that I would not let children be endangered without saying something.  Naturally it hasn’t occurred again yet.  When it does, I hope I have enough courage to follow through.  Children are more important.  In the absence of another responsible adult, the closest adult is in loco parentis.


When you see something wrong, you should say something.  Otherwise you are an accomplice to whatever happens.  Every time you see someone drive drunk and don’t try to stop them if someone is harmed, you are partly responsible.   Every time you witness a child being abused and do nothing, if they are harmed, you are partly responsible.  We are responsible for each other, we have to be.  Is this an easy thing to ask?  No it is not.  We are an incredibly diverse culture, possibly the most diverse the planet has ever come up with.  What is right and correct for one group may not be right and correct for another.  Does this let us off the hook?  No I think not.  Saying I’m sorry is good for the soul.  Allowing someone to be hurt is never right.

September 16, 2018.  Someone once said that when 𝙻𝚒𝚏𝚎 hands you lemons, make lemonade.  It takes more than lemons to make lemonade.  We are the missing ingredients.  I believe we have it in us to solve the problems that we need to solve.   We need to start listening to each other.  We need to find answers, not democratic answers nor republican answers but real answers.  We need to stop letting other people do our thinking for us.  Nobody has all the answers.  Working together, listening to one another, we might, if we are lucky, find the answers we need.


There are no guarantees in life.  It may well be that the debt our country owes will crush us.  Multiple trillion dollars in debt may well be impossible to deal with.  We are fortunate that many of the richest countries in the world own significant parts of our country and so do not want us to fail.  That may not be enough.  The truly sad thing is that the people who put us in that debt are free and will probably remain so, despite the fact that they have betrayed us and may very well have destroyed this country.



September 17, 2018.  The worst thing about this blog is trying to live up to my own words.  I was more comfortable using lots of plastic, not  keeping an eye out for child abuse or drunk drivers, and worst of all not trying to become a better person.  I am a terrific procrastinator, one of the best.  Now I must work at being a less able procrastinator.


I still have only one idea that might allow us to deal with multi trillion dollar debt, and that is to repair our educational system.  I still believe in people.  I may be very anti politics and anti Congress, but I am trying to find a way that does not involve marching on Congress and stringing them all up.  


I don’t believe people in this country realize how badly our debt compromises this country.  If they did Congress would have been destroyed already.  Our university system is as big a problem.  Most people do not realize that these are our two most important problems.  Until they do, we will not solve them.

September 19, 2018.  How to fix the education problem?  How about this, a five percent levy on resources produced from public lands, or private for that matter would lower the cost of higher education to a reasonable level.  Every university educated American is a victory.  Every twenty year educational loan is a defeat.  If anyone in this country wants to study anything they should be able to.  If someone discovers they have made a mistake and wishes to be an archeologist rather than a biologist, switching tracks should be easy. We need to be the most educated people on the planet because we owe the most money and to pay trillions of dollars will take unbelievable creativity and ability. We went to the moon in nine years  solving our debt problem may take longer, but I have hope that it can be done.


We are more interconnected now than we have ever been.  In many ways, we are one culture, we eat the same food, we watch the same tv programs, we wear the same clothes.  Working together we can  tackle this problem and I hope solve it.


The people who created this debt are traitors.  Even with our best efforts and everything working in our favor, we may not be able to deal with the debt.  It may well be that the people who voted in favor of this debt have destroyed this country.  I hope not, but six trillion dollars in debt is a lot of money.  Investigate this yourselves and get angry, then forget that anger and get busy.  If our children and grandchildren are to live lives worth living, we have a lot of work to do.

September 20, 2018.  We set this country up for disasters.  We operate on electricity more and more each year, yet every hundred years or so large solar flares will destroy electrical systems.  The last time this happened, significant parts of Canada were shut down.  The time before that, I think in the 1850s knocked out our telegraph system.  We know this happens.  It has happened before, it will happen again, but when it does, people will die.  There are thousand foot tidal waves that hit the east (and west) coasts from time to time, yes we are talking many thousands of years, but they do happen,when they happen again, how many nuclear power plants will be wiped out?  Then there are nuclear power plants,  there is no way they can actually make money, in fact picture nuclear waste that must be fenced, protected, warned against, forever.  It does make money because you and I pay for those costs.  Another case of the country being run to benefit the rich at the expense of everyone else.  Prisoners cost something like 30,000$ per year each, and we have more people in prison than almost anyone else.  I wish this was the end of the list.  It’s not, not even close, but maybe it gives you some idea what we’re up against.  I hope so, we have a lot to do.

September 21, 2018.  Our country is constantly dying and being reborn.  American history shows us many times when our country changes so completely as to be unrecognizable.  Size, safety,  speed of travel, speed of communication, literacy, education, industry, photography, telegraph, telephone, television,  computers, cellphones, and literally thousands of other things that make up our lives have changed, and are still changing.  


I cannot not imagine a way out of our national debt.  That does not mean that there is no reasonable way to pay off the debt.  It just means I don’t know how.  We need a nation full of creative, educated, people working to solve this problem.  We need to become the best educated people on the planet.  This will not be easy.  This will involve getting the banks to explain why educational costs have risen so much more than other costs.  Might not be a bad idea to find out just how much money banks make on educational loans.  The cost of higher education MUST be brought down.  


There are are other things that need to be done.   What are lawyers doing making laws?  They are the only group that makes money from laws.  What clearer conflict of interest could there be?  


The republicans have supposedly been been working to balance the budget.  I’m not convinced but I have always thought that a balanced budget would be a good idea.  


I think we need term term limits for Congress.  Three should be plenty.  The thought of a retired Congress person is frightening.  


I think maybe we should get rid of lobbyists.  



September 22, 2018.  Greed is destroying this country.  In Montana they are destroying aquifers that we need right now, and will need forever, so that they can make money.  A temporary profit in place of a permanent resource. How is this right?  How is this moral?  Once again we are letting the rich get richer at everyone’s expense.  There needs to be limits.  We need to set them now and hope it is not too late.


No one has the right to put us in danger.  Destroying resources puts us in danger.  No one has the right to destroy a resource.   


Nuclear power puts us all at risk.  No one can say that any plant is absolutely safe. After Chernoble and Japan, less than absolutely safe is unacceptable.  The care of nuclear waste needs to be at the expense of the industry not us.  Considering you are talking about eternal care, there is NO POSSIBLE WAY that nuclear power can be cost effective, much less make a profit.  Caring for the nuclear waste we already have will cost us more than any energy we could possibly get.  I challenge anyone to prove that this is not true.  I really hope you can.

September 23, 2018.  The people who seem to be trying to destroy our country have done a wonderful job.  They may well have destroyed this country.  I’m hoping we can figure it out.  If we can’t then the glorious history of the United States of America is over and done with.  Like Rome we might linger a while as a sad ghostly remnant of ourselves.  It might take a long time for the sad remnants of the USA to disappear but they will.  Somewhere along the way I hope that some of the responsible people get tried for their actions.  


Chances are are against the responsible people being brought to justice,  mostly because I think some of them are among the richest and most privileged people in this country.   I hope I’m wrong.  I would like to see these people brought to justice, but I don’t expect it.


It took us nine years to go to the moon.  Solving our problems will be as difficult, only more so.  The banks will work against us.  They make millions on educational loans.  Congress is not going to willingly admit the horrible mistakes they have made.  This may be one of the most difficult tasks ever undertaken.  We will be asking people to behave in a moral and responsible manner.  Sometimes this works, most times not.  Still, we have to try.

September 24, 2018.  We do not do education correctly in this country.  Learning about new things should be the most exciting thing in the world until puberty and then it should be number two for the rest of your life.   Unfortunately we work pretty hard at destroying that instinct.  Education more than pays for itself.  I believe that most of our success in this country can be traced to education in one form or another.  


Teachers should be be respected professionals,  instead, in most places in the US, teachers are marginalized, underpaid, under respected,  and underpaid (yes I know I already said that but it bears repeating).  


There are parents who are excellent.  Who work tirelessly for the betterment of their children.  God bless them.  Sadly there are also parents who believe their lazy, lying kids, when they shouldn’t.  Mostly having parents who care is a blessing.  All too often, after elementary school, parents disappear.  Teenagers are kids.  Anyone who says different is lying.  They may be kids who are forced to behave as adults, but they are kids.  Parents who ignore their teenagers, are child abusers.  A child is a child is a child!  They need guidance, support, advice, and sometimes hugs.  I am an adult and I need these things, how much more do children, who are learning to be adults, need them.  Parents who do not show up on parent/teacher nights, are bad parents.  You may not want to hear this but it is true.