7I have yet to recieve an email about this blog and I have tried for months to fix it with no result, so here goes my email is mikekadams@icloud.com.  It should work now.

April 18, 2019.  How do were balance freedom and justice?  How do we maintain a country where a person who wishes to be rich can be so and a country where the rich do not abuse everyone else?  The rich will only go along with something that benefits them  and I think it is easy to show that a society that promotes decent wages for everyone  benefits everyone including the rich.  How do we prevent the rich from abusing everyone else as they have been doing for hundreds of years without causing hatred towards the rich?  Many rich people got that way by investing wisely and working hard for a better life.  These people have done nothing wrong and should be protected.   Others work for control in Congress,  they must be stopped.   If Congress is not repaired I believe that the reaction against the rich will destroy what is special in this country.  Being rich is not that difficult.  With your first paycheck, invest 25%.  Do that for thirty or forty years and you should never need to work again.  Most do not have the dedication to do this.  Those that do should not be penalized for it.

April 17, 2019.  Time to lay off Congress for a while.  Lets go for education today.  The costs of higher education  has risen more than one thousand percent, more than almost everything else.  The explanations for this dramatic increase are lame to say the least.  We cannot afford to be undereducated.  Most state university systems were created so that normal people could attain university educations.  How many still do?  Private Universities have always been expensive, thats fine, many state institutions are as good as any ivy league school, but much cheaperto attend.  Higher education cannot be only for the rich or those willing to put themselves in debt for half their lives.  We need a country that can handle any challenge.  We need a system that allows for changes in direction,not everyone knows what they want to do forever in their teens, but our system makes it almost impossible to change fields of study in a reasonable manner.  Weneed to educate everyone whocan be educated.  Maybe we will wind up with millions of overeducated repair people but so what?  

April 16, 2019.  When our country began, it was only the rich who had a few months a year that they could give up to run the country.  It made sense.  At some point the rich began to run the country for their own benefit.  This has to stop.  I don’t like the idea of punishing people for being rich but I don’t think they should be allowed to run the country anymore.  They have obviously abused the priveledge.  How about this, rich people can still be in Congress but if they are ever proved to favor the rich, they forfeit their right to ever serve in Congress and every penney they own.  Congress must be made responsible for their actions.  Even past actions.  It is recorded who has voted for what, we know who has betrayed us.  They need to be made responsible for their actions.  Allowing rich to become richer producing a temporary profit by destroying a permanent resource  favors the rich at the expense of the rest of us.  This is what fracking does.  Allowing the rich to get away with major crimes cannot be allowed,  British Petroleum  damaged the gulf of Mexico and made no more than token payments tomitigate the damage,yet we still subsidize them.  They have cost our country billions of dollars and if I got the story right, theleak is still leaking.  The head of the EPA wasa former opponent of the EPA.  The head of the FDA  has made millions from drug companies.  Oh yes, there are lots of Congresspeople who belong in prison.

FApril 14, 2019.  Congress has sold us down the river.  They do not have our best interests at heart.  They work for the rich, the status quo, and God may know who else, I don’t.  There may be Congresspeople who work for us, but there is little evidence for it.  The prosperity of our country has decreased in the last thirty years and will continue to do so as long as stupid rich people have forgotten a very basic economic principle, the more money everyone makes, the more money everyone makes.  Congress encourages the physical destruction of our country,  they support and allow fracking which destroys sources of fresh water,  they support nuclear power which endangers us all because it cannot be made safe,  they favor the super rich at the expense of the rest of us,  they set up questionable people to run the EPA and the Federal Drug Administration,  they subsidize the richest companies in the world.  They do not work for our benefit as they are supposed to do.  They should be held accountable for their actions or lack there of.

April 12, 2019.  If we wish to remain free, or be free,  we can no longer let Congress act without comment.  It is true that we need to demand more of Congress, but to do so we need to demand more of ourselves.  Most Americans  have probably always just wanted to be let alone and to quietly live their lives.  If we don’t begin to speak up,  there might not be much of a world left to live in.   The people in power right now think that facts are whatever yields the most profit.   Because of this,  aquifers are being destroyed so that oil companies can make a temporary profit by destroying a desperatly needed resource.  Taking care of the environement is not as important as taking care of the economy.  We are part of nature  if we damage too much  we die.  This is not an opinion,sadly,it's truth.

April 11, 2019.  Our government has to become more responsible.  The people need to become more vocal and active.  Three Congresspeople charged with treason would probably  make a good begining.  Three Congrsspeople in prison for life would probablydo more.  We have to make more of an impact than we do now.  This is our country, Congress is supposed to work for us.  There is nothing special about being a Congressperson.  Equality is supposed to be the law of the land, and we need to start acting as if it were true, then maybe someday it might be.  We need to make it clear that it ts not acceptable to break our trust, and we need there to be consequences.

April 9, 2019.  Education is the answer.   Doesn’t really matter what the question is, education is the answer.   We have really excellent facilities for higher education in this country.   We need to extend public education through University.   If we do this, no other country will be able to touch us.  We came close in the fifties, sixties, seventies, and eighties, and the world we live in is the result.  We are sliding backwards.  Once  we had thousands of experts in virtually every field, not any more.  A hundred years ago, only the rich and super dedicated recieved University educations.  The GI Bill began to change this with millions achieving university educations who would not otherwise have done so.  By the eighties, it was expected, if you qualified you went.  By the nineties the price tags had become enormous,  as they are still today.  We have an entire generation who believe that university educations are for the rich.  We have accepted limitations that were not there before.  Because of this, I believe that the natural rate of change in our country has slowed.  I doubt that anyone can fail to see that extending education can only benefit our country.

April 8, 2019.  Our President has appointed Andrew Wheeler to run the EPA.  What are his qualifications?   Being a lobyist for coal?  Our President is not doing his job.  I challenge him to find one single ecologist in the entire world who thinks it’s a good idea to build a twenty foot steel fence across an entire continent.  Who voted this yahoo in?  Conflict of interest, ever heard of it?  Congresspeople, you have a responsibility, not to your party but to the people of the United States.  Exactly how does this kind of thing serve the people of the United States?  Our President also has a job to do.  And it is not serving his own ends.

April 8, 2019.  I know that many people will say I’m being too hard on Congress.  Many of the things Congress does are permanent.  A destroyed aquifer is gone forever.  The waste associated with nuclear power and weapons must be dealt with forever.  A person dead because of drugs that should not have been released is dead.  People who helpped that happen have aided in murder.  People who have stolen money are theives.  People who work against the best interests of the people of the United States, have committed treason.  All of these things have been done by congress.  I wish there was a question involved here, but there is not.  Probably not all but many Congresspeople are guilty.  It is time for an accounting.

April 7, 2019.  When was the last time a Congessperson went to prison for their actions in congress?  I’m sorry but the time has come.  We have people running the EPA who have spent their lives working for the opponents of the EPA.  The people who supposedly protect us from drug companies have made fortunes from drug companies.  They were put there by Congress.  People who voted for  those things to happen belong in jail.  People in Congress who abuse their position have committed treason and have been getting away with it for hundreds of years.  Enough is enough.  It is time that Congress started working for the people of the United States as they are meant to do.

April 6, 2019.   Where is the EPA?  How can they allow fracking?  We need water.  Right now!  Fracking destroys aquifers, it destroys a resource that every human being needs.  They destroy this to make short term, temporary profits from oil and gas.  Again, where is the EPA?  Our government is not doing its job.  A twenty foot steel wall from the atlantic to the pacific  will disrupt the ecology of about a quarter of the continent of north America.  Where is the EPA?   Somebody needs to go to prison.  The people who allow these things to occur have committed treason.  They have betrayed us and our descendants forever.  They belong inprison.  It is time that government officials take responsibility for their actions.  When they do not do their jobs or worse work for the benefit and profit of private companies, they have betrayed us and need to face the consequences.

April 5, 2019.  Right minded people all over the world have a lot to do.  We need to outlaw nuclear war.  I think it needs to be a basic policy that any nation that uses nuclear weapons loses its right to exist.  Nuclear war solves no problems and creates huge ones.  A nuclear winter means death to millions, maybe billions.  It means increased cancer rates, lowered life expectancies, possibly extinction.  The manufacture of nuclear weapons produces waste that must be managed forever.  We are producing problems for our descendants forever.  We have a responsibility to our descendants, we need to be responsible ancestors.  Right now we are not.  Nuclear war is criminal and insane regardless of who first uses them.  Is our response to criminal insanity to become insane criminals ourselves?  I hope not.

April 4, 2019.   I propose that the roofs of all housing authority housing be covered with solar panels  and become power producers.  This could reduce costs and make life much easier for poor people.  No power bills is a huge avantage.  Probably not the twenty five percent they are talking about reducing social security benefits, but who knows, maybe  any extra profits could be used to help poor people be less poor.   We can make things better.  Maybe not perfect, but better.   Most of America has better solar potential than just about anywhere in Europe.  We can  do better.  We can reduce energy costs for all Americans, and we should.

April 3, 2019.  It would be nice to think that the world is too big for us to have much effect on it, but it’s not true.  The ocean is so polluted that it is recomended  that no one eat more than three meals from an ocean per week.  Many rivers in the world are much worse.  There are huge islands of floating garbage in the oceans.  Our president wants to build a twenty foot steel wall accross the continent, animals do not recognize political borders  Mexico is a part of North America,  you cannot isolate one third of a continent without severe damage.  Ecologically there is one world.  We have been fouling our nest for far too long.  Fertility rates in the developed world are falling because of plastics.  Plastic bags kill thousands of turtles every year.  Clean water is a major issue in almost every country in the world, including our own, yet oil companies are allowed to do fracking which destroys aquifers so they can make temporary profits.  We need to do better.

April 2, 2019.  I am a  Quaker.  We do not believe that war should ever happen.  That is a worthy goal.  War is failure, of understanding, of knowledge, of diplomacy, of humanity.   We can not afford war.  There are too many non combatents who get hurt.  Nuclear war is insanity.  I know people say our enemies have nuclear weapons so we must have them also.  I’m not sure that this is valid reasoning.  Because our enemies are insane criminals, we should be insane criminals too?  I don’t think so.  Nuclear weapons hurt everyone, those who use them and those who are attacked by them.  This is stupid.  Let me say that again  THIS IS STUPID!  I was raised in a military family so it pains me to say this but military people who promote nuclear weapons, are stupid.  Sadly we have lots of very effective weapons that kill people just fine without raising cancer rates and lowering life expectancies.  War is wrong.  It means you were too stupid to find another way.  Work on it.

April 1, 2019.   Well, happy April fool’s day!  We always like a good prank.   Apparently so does Congress.  They support nuclear power which obligates us to guarding and protecting the waste for longer than any country on earth has ever existed.  They allow the destruction of aquifers, a resource that every civic entity in the country needs (fracking) so that the richest corporate entities that have ever existed, oil companies can make a very temporary profit.  They subsidize the rich at the expense of everybody else.   They have damaged the ecology of our country.  They believe whatever supports their political agenda reguardless of what science says.  I’ve got to admit Ihaven’t been able to pin the costs of higher education on them but give me time.   The sad thing is that Congress apparently thinks that every day is April fools.

March 31, 2019.  It is time that we become the democracy that we are supposed to be.  A government of by and for the people.  I’m not sure that we have ever really been that, but the time has come for us to try to be.   Our country has always been, I’m afraid, basically of by and for the rich, but the fifties, sixties, seventies, and eighties, taught us another way.  We can do it again if we try.   Speak up, make your opinions known, and as far as possible, vote according to them.  Start working to dismantle political parties.  No one group has ever gotten it all right, not ever, but that is what political parties all say.  It is time to try something different.  What that will be I don’t know but it is time we all figured it out.

March 30, 2019.  President Rooseveldt set this country up for success.  He tried to set things up so that average Americans could live well on their salaries.  Add to this the GI bill, that saw millions of Americans attain University educations who would not otherwise have done so.   This took us to the moon, ushered in the computer age and has changed the world  forever.  Unfortunately, education costs have gone through the roof.  It has become a rich person’s game.  We no longer have the resources that once we had.  We have an entiregeneration that believes that education is a rich person’s perogative.  The middle class has been seriously diminished, and their expectations reduced.  Historically this country has changed completely about every ten to fifteen years but someone from 1990 would be perfectly comfortable today.  We are damaged.  I hope we can recover but to be honest I’m  not sure  that we can.  I live in hope.

March 29, 2019.  This is supposed to be a country where anybody can be anything.  It is still true, but just barely.  Thirty years ago, any one could expect their children to go to college, not any more.  There are a lot more poor than there used to be.  The middle class (I’m  sorry but I’m very uncomfortable using the word class in reference to citizens of this country.  I was taught that class was a choice, expressed by language and behavior not heredity) has been sorely depleted and their expectations reduced.  This country is becoming more and more class orriented entirely based on money, certainly not behavior.  More and more, the people who run this country are becoming people I would not let my children associate with or invite into my house.  Their language and behavior is not acceptable and should not be.  ( believe itor not, not everyone talks that way nor do they all behave that way)  You choose your language and your behavior,it is your choice to be high class or low.

March 28, 2019.   I am sixty eight years old.  Right now I am rather severely disabled.  It would be easy to just sit back and decide that there is nothing I can do to change the world.  I can talk.  I can express my opinions and try to encourage others to express theirs.   Right now I think there are only about 25 people who regularly read my blog.  I am probably not going to change the world anytime soon.  That’s okay.  If I can get one person to stop and think, then I have done good.  Twenty five is not too bad.  It would be nice if hundreds of people were reading my blog every day, but twenty five is a step in the right direction.

March 24, 2019.  Why do we subsidize oil companies?  These are some of the most profitable corporations on the planet,  why do they need subsidizing?   How about subsidizing Mom and Pop groceries?  Our country actually has quite a lot of small bussinesses, but the failure rate is horrendous.  Everyone who starts a bussiness understands the risks, but it has become clear that the risks for small business and big bussiness are not the same.  Credit and taxes favor the rich.  Every time I see an adverizment for resolving income tax debt ”we owed  three hundred thousand but settled for less than ten!”  it makes me furious.  If you owe five thousand, you had better find a way to pay it!

Rich people in this country have forgotten a very important economic principle, the more money everyone makes, the more money everyone makes.  If you want to become rich and stay rich, it is easier to do ifmost people have enough money.  Middle class people generate more return than poor people do.   Ending poverty would be very good for rich people.

March 23, 2019.  We have never been the perfect democracy that wepretend to be, but it’s time we tried harder.  Listen close because you may never hear this from me again,  there are a few good people in congress, and if you check you might be very surprised who they are.  Check.   I believe that party politics is always wrong.  No one gets it one hundred per cent right every time.  We have given the political parties too much power.  It’s time we took it back.  We need to establish a way that normal people with no political affiliation can attain  office.   I am not a fan of Congress.  They have betrayed us many times.  Congress is more than half special interests.  Rich people and lawyers.  We desperately need to fix that.  Whenever you speak to a candidate, two questions, ” Are you a lawyer? and Are you a millionaire?” If the answer to either of those is yes, make it clear that they have no place in Congress and will not get your vote.  We can make this better but it will take a lot of work.

March 22, 2019.   Fracking must stop.  We all need water.  Fracking destroys aquifers, that is water.  We are destroying a permanent resource that is currently needed everywhere in this country, for a temporary profit.  This is more than stupid, it is criminal or should be.  Nobody owns a resource, you may own rights to a resource but thats it.  If you destroy a resource, you should go to prison and lose everything you have.   I understand greed but this is more than greed.  This is destruction of a vital resource that every citizen of this country needs.  If you destroy it, you have robbed all of us.  

I know that people will say that we need the oil.  No we don’t.  Brazil does not import oil.  They run their country on alcohol.  So could we.  We are excellent farmers.  We would have little trouble producing alcohol.  

March 21, 2019.  If we want our children to be able to experience the naural world, we need to startpreserving it.  Biologists are working to create a natural corridor from yellowstone to the northwest territories.  I think they are being timid.  We need a natural corridor from central America to thenorthwest territories, maybe all the way to patagonia.  I live in southeast Oklahoma.  We have turkeys again, lots of deer, the black bears are coming back, and there are experimental elk herds,  for right now, the natural world is coming back.  This is a region of ranches, farms, and private forests.   There are whole ecosystems being reborn here.  The natural world will come back if we let it, and people can live there as well.  The southern UnitedStates has gone from cotton fields to forests in thelast hundred years.  It can work.

March 20, 2019.  There are thousands of things to be done in this country.  Everything from litter control, pet rescue, health care, environemental protection, I could go on and on.  Every one of these is important.  I’ve got to believe that some things are more important than others,  it doesn’t mean that they actually are, just that like everyone else I think that my stuff is more important.

 I will try to make my case pretty hard.  So should you.  We all need to follow our beliefs.  All of us are important.  Our opinions count if, IF you tell people what they are.  Let me say that again, YOUR  OPINIONS AREIMPORTANT.  Express them.  You may be the shyest introvert in the world, send emails.  Whatever you are, whoever you are talk to someone. Today.

March 19, 2019.   Wecan make a better world.  Decide what you think is important, and talk about it. Talk to your family, talk to your friends, talk to anyone who will listen.  Our present situation has happened because no one spoke up.  It will continue ’till someone does.  Even our politicians will listen if enough people shout in their ears.  Shout in their ears.  Let people know what is important to you.  Be clear, be respectful, be insistent, be persistent.  Do not expect instant results, but do expect results.  If we work together we can change things.  Things must change.  They will either get better or worse.  Please lets try for better.

March 18, 2019.  Sorry about yesterday, perfect I am not.  Forgetting things scares the bajeesis out of me.  Several members of my family have alzheimers.  Being absent minded is amusing when you are thirty, not so much when you are sixty eight.

Now for todays rant.  Citizens of the United States have some serious cultural flaws. (don’t get me wrong, there are many things we do extremely well, but we could be better).  We worship winners.  We love to play games, but most of us quit when we get to old to win.  Americans love baseball, but very few adults still play.  That is very sad.  We should be playing our whole life.  Many people in this country look on life as peaking in high school.  How lame is that?  Don’t get me wrong, high school was great, so was University, my twenties, my thirties, forties and so on.  And I aintdead yet.  I used to be a runner, thirty to fifty miles per week,  but a back doctor said no more running.  I still like to walk.  Right now, I’m learning to walk again.  I’ll make it.  I have too much left to do.  I hope you do too.

March 16, 2019.  You know you are in trouble when the government is the source of many of your problems.   Our government favors the rich.  This has to stop.  I hope that stopping it does not involve mobs with torches and pitchforks, but our government will determine that.  Our government supports nuclear energy.  This endangers all of us.  It is a technology that cannot be made safe.  If anyone tells you that nuclear power plants are safe, they are lying, I challenge anyone to show that this is  not true.  Nuclear power plants are vulnerable to earthquakes, tornadoes,  hurricanes,  tsunamis,    floods, terrorists,  they cannot be made safe.  They can only be made ”reasonably” safe which means not safe, ask the Japanese.  Their waste must be guarded and stored forever, which means that any possible profits come directly out of taxpayers pockets and will do so forever.  The government supports the destruction of our world.  This sounds terrible but it is true.  The government supports fracking which destroys aquifers, that is water, a desperately needed resource.  They subsidize Brittish petroleum which produced the oil leak that destroyed the gulf coast for years, they only made token payments and my understanding is that the leak is still leaking.  I propose that the rich and lawyers be removed fron Congress.  The rich have abused their possitions by rampant favoritism for hundreds of years, enough is enough.  Lawyers should not be making laws,  they are the main group that makes money from laws, what clearer conflict of interest could there be?


March 15, 2019.  Time for todays rant.  Education.  Whatever problems we might have, education can help solve them.  No question, no doubts,  education is at least a big part of the answer.  Huge parts of our civilization are the result of educaion.  Our clothes, the houses we live in the electricity that powers our days,  computers, cell phones,  music, virtually every facet of our society has changed as a result of education.  Almost every culture on earth is based in education.  Unfortunately our culture does not respect education.  Teachers are not respected.  They are not well paid, nor are their schools well funded.  Higher education is in an even worse situation.  It has been priced ridiculousely high to the point whereonly the rich or those willing to put themselves in debt for half their lives complete higher educations.  Everybody who can needs to complete a university education.  

March 14, 2019.  When was the last time you tried to get a politician to do what was right.   Have you told your neighbors your opinions about things.  I do not like the idea of the wall.  I think it is racist, expensive,  and ecologically damaging.  I think it would have been better to quietly install a video fence with a seismic component and automatic alerts.  We would know when someone was crossing or going under the border, and we would not have offended our neighbor to the south.  Here is my point.  This is my opinion, what is yours?  Our opinions are important.  More than that, our opinions are vital.  We are all so afraid to be different.  Well surprise surprise, we ARE all different regardless of what we might like.  It’s time we started respecting one another.  All of my opinions are not right.  Neither are yours.  I realized a long time ago that I am not perfect.  Nor are you.  Your opinions are of value, so are mine.  Speak up.

March 13, 2019.  There is no way on earth that nuclear power makes sense.  It is dangerous and cannot be made safe.  There is no ”Safe Enough”.  Every accident kills.  Nuclear waste must be managed forever.  There is no possible way for nuclear power to be cost effective.  Chernoble, and the Japanese plant destroyed in the tsunami, have increased cancer rates, and lowered life expectancies, for all of us.  No nuclear plant can be made safe.  They are all vulnerable to earthquakes, tornadoes,  hurricanes,  tsunamis, terrorists, and probably six or eight other things I haven’t thoght of yet.  They cannot be made safe.  Nuclear power is foolish.  It costs us a lot of money and will do so forever, FOREVER!!!  People who support nuclear power are stupid.  They should not be allowed outside by themselves.  They endanger our future.

March 12, 2019.  We need to remove rich people from congress.  They have obviously abused their power to favor the rich at the expense of the rest of us.  They have forfeited their rights to serve in Congress.  I would be willing to let them serve if they agree that if they are ever proved in court to have violated our trust, they will be fined all of their fortune and spend the rest of their lives in prison.  As for lawyers, there can be no question, they are the only group in the country to make money from laws, what clearer conflict of interest could there be?  Lawyers should never be allowed in Congress.


I do realize that this is not common wisdom.  Fifty plus percent of Congress are millionaires, and fifty plus percent are lawyers.  It won’t be easy but it needs to be done.  Congress supports fracking, corporate bailouts, nuclear power, they have allowed Brittish petroleum to destroy the gulf, and get off with only token payments,  they have sold us out and should pay for it.

March 11, 2019.  Around thirty years ago, disaster happened and nobody noticed.   The price of higher education had grown to the point where years of debt became involved.  This hurts us a lot.  Once upon a time if you discovered that there was another subject that held your heart, it was not a big deal.  You went back to school.  You had already done it, and it didn’t cost a lot, so a year or two in school, and you changed your course of study.  This is no longer easy, so it doesn’t happen much.  This hurts us.  We are under educated.  This hurts us big time.   We can do anything if we are prepared.  Right now we lack the huge educated population that we used to have.  Wehave a lot to do.


Part of our problem is the peasant attitudes of our rich people.  Many peasants believe that thereare only so many good things, and when they are gone, they are gone.  The fifties through the eighties proved that there are no limits to good things.  Sadly this is no longer part of who we are which is very sad.  We have a lot of problems to solve which will take incredible amounts of imagination and creativity.

March 9, 2019.  People need to start speaking up, about everything that concerns them.   We need to be concerned about nuclear power,  lawyers in Congress, rich people in Congress,    favoritism,  education, and American ideals.  That’s what concerns me.  What concerns you?  Whatever it is tell people.  Tell your neighbors, tell your friends, but be sure to tell politicians.  I believe it is important.  That’s why I do this blog.  I can’t get out much, but this way, I figure there are about twenty five people who check my blog regularly.  It would be nice if thousands checked every day, but twenty five is better than none.  You are important.  I am important.  We are all important.  We need to talk to people.

March 8, 2019.  There is a lot wrong with our country.  Our actual morals and our ideals do not match.  We have let much that was wonderful about our country fade away.  We have built a miraculous new world based on that wonder, but miracles become harder every year.  We need peace, education, honest government,  a government run for the benefit of its people,  the death of favoritism,  and probably a half dozen other impossible things.  We can do the impossible, we have done it before, we must do it again.  

There are things that are right with our country.  We change better than anyone in the world, except of course, Californians,  about every ten years or so our world changes completely.  It has been that way since Europeans began to settle North America.  We are a generous people.  We are often tolerant.  We are amongst the most religious people on the planet.  Many of us actually believe in human rights.  Many of us believe in American ideals.  If we get busy, maybe we can start to change things in a few years.

March 7, 2019.  Let’s talk about nuclear power.  It’s stupid, dangerous,very expensive, and cannot be made safe.   The Japanese thought their tsunami protections adequate, they were wrong.  All of us will live less long because of their mistake.  All of our chances of cancer have increased.  Chernoble did the same thing.  Nuclear waste is dangerous forever, or near as.  It must be managed forever.  There is no possible way that nuclear energy can possibly make a profit.  If you check youwill find that the average nuclear power plant makes about half a million dollars profit per day.  Allof that comes out of our pockets, yours and mine.  Worse than that we pay for the management of nuclear waste, forever.   Nuclear power plants are vulnerable to terrorists,  earthquakes,  tsunamis,  hurricanes,  tornadoes, and cannot be made safe.  Every one is at risk  every day, all the time.  NUCLEAR POWER IS STUPID.

March 6, 2019.  I think we need to do away with nuclear weapons.  They no longer keep us safe, they put us in danger.  Nuclear weapons destroy,  people, land, even their manufacture is a lasting danger.  We have conventional weapons now that are close in power to their nuclear cousins.  A nuclear war would poison land,  increase cancer rates, and lower lifespans everywhere.  Who wants that?  We have based our defense on the fact that nuclear war is unthinkable.  To any sane person it is, but look around, the world is not run by the sane.  Any country that uses nuclear weapons should lose its right to exist.  We don’t need them.  There are better choices.

March 4, 2019.  Two generations ago it was possible to put yourself through a good university, without going into serious debt.   Everyone who could was sort of expected to go to a university.   This did result in a large group of people who were under  employed.  It also resulted in a population that had a lot of choice and the feeling that  changing ones mind was not a bad nor a difficult thing, just go back to school.  Now, only the very rich can afford to do this.  We have limited our country.  This hurts us a lot.  We cannot afford limits.  We need people who believe there are no limits.  We need to establish education as a right for evry American.  The benefits will be amazing.

March 3, 2019.  We can fix this.  It won’t be easy.  It took a long time to get here.  It will take some time to get out, if we can.  It’s hard to be patient.  If Congress is reading this, okay I admit that the mobs with pitchforks and torches may be a bit farther away than I have previously indicated.  I plead dramatic effect.  They will come when enough people realize what you have done, but it may take a while.  It is easy to let others do what we need to be doing.  We can forgive a lot if it means we don’t have to do it.  There are limits, and we are reaching them.  We have most of two generations that do not believe in education.  We have a huge part of the population that don’t believe that there is much that can be done.  We have a lot of rich people who are used to having all the power and think that it is their right.  We have a lot to do.  Getting people to give up power peacefully is not easy, not impossible, but definitly not easy.  We have a tremendous amount to do.

March 2, 2019.  Congress, one more time.  Congress has come close to destroying this country,  they may have succeeded.  It may very well be too late to fix this country.  I hope not.  Congress has abandoned American ideals.  The rich have arranged things to suit themselves, and the lawyers have set things up where it is hard for a lawyer not to do very well.   We have let the rich and powerful control things for far too long.   Congress does not realize how close we are to marching mobs with pitchforks and torches.  They will be coming for you, Congress.  I hope this can be stopped.  You have abused and damaged this country for far too long.  Things will change.  Peacefully or not is up to you.  Do your job.

March 1, 2019.  We might not need to ban rich people from Congress.  Lets just make them responsible for what they do.  If they violate the constitution,  they go to prison for treason.  If they put any group first ahead of the people of our country, they go to prison for treason.  If they damage this country, destroy vital resources, they go to prison.  This last one might be a bit much but I’m sorry,  we have vital resources being destroyed right now.  Water.  Aquifers are being destroyed and Congress allows it.  We have industries that need to be dismantled,  nuclear power plants.  They cannot be made safe.  Their waste is a problem forever.  One tsunami on the east coast and dozens will be destroyed, and American lifespans will decrease by years.  Every few thousand years a sizable tsunami hits the east coast.  It happens.  Do you feel lucky?  My point is that Congress does not have the right to put us all at risk, but they do.

February 28, 2019.  A lot of our problems arise from favoritism in Congress.  We are a great country to be rich in since the whole country is set up to favor the rich.  This has to stop.  Public lands produce unbelievable amounts of profits.  The people who harvest those resources should recieve a large percentage of those profits, but these resources belong to all of us.  Lets say that again, they belong to all of us, not Exxon, not Brittish petroleum, not Mobil oil company,but the citizens of the United States.   There is no reason for any school inthe nation to be underfunded.  There is no reason for the exorbitant prices of higher education,or for teachers to be underpaid.  I am not saying that rich people cannot get richer from public resources but maybe just a tad less rich would not be a bad thing.

February 27, 2019.  The federal government is planning on reducing social security benefits by about 25% in five or six  years.  I know we cost the government a lot but there are ways.  If our roofs were covered in solar panels, we would produce energy for sale,  probably not a huge profit but some.  What if every federal building was covered in solar panels?  There might not be any reason to cut my pay.  At the very least it would cut my expenses quite a lot.  Whatever happens, I will survive somehow, but there are people out there worse off than me.  How they will survive is a question.  Things can be better.

February 26, 2019.  Enough whining about education.  Here’s an idea.  How about a five percent charge on all resources derived from public lands.  That should be enough to not only reduce university cost to reasonable levels, but also pay for K through 12 education everywhere.  This would reduce taxes, and make quality education available to every child in our country.  This is a good thing.  Oh I guess it is a bit sad that oil companies might make a bit less, but the bottom  line is this, the resources that make them money, belong to us, all of us.   It is not wrong for us to be paid  so that they can be incredibly rich.  

February 25, 2019.  We need to be the best educated country in thè world.   Normally I would be all about cooperation but this is my country and I would like it to be the best.  In order to do this we need to be better educated.   Education is thekey to everything.   Any problem you can name can be solved with proper education.  We went to the moon in ten years,  we invented a world where  most of the world is connected by cell phones,  we invented the internet which allows anyone to talk to anyone else.  All of these advances based in education.   No question should go unanswered.  No idea should go unexplored.  No human mind should go undeveloped.  A lot sooner than most would like, we will have nine billion people to take care of in this world.  We can do it but we can’t afford to waste resources especially human ones.  While I love my country,  the mind that saves the world could come from anywhere.


February 24, 2019.  Our higher education system has been in place for almost thirty years.  This is not the way it has always been.  The feeble explanations as to why costs have increased are lame to say the least.  The current system,  makes no sense.  It makes a lot of sense for banks who make fortunes from educational loans.   The rest of us get hurt.  We have thousands of people who used to be educated and are not.  We need those people, we need them educated.  We do not need banks that do not act in the nations best interests.  There is no reason for costs to have risen more than one thousand percent since the seventies.  Nothing else has gone up that much, nothing.  We are being cheated.  Surprise surprise the banks are stealing from us.  I really hope I am wrong.  I am curious as to how Congress is involved.  I don’t know how but I don’t doubt they are involved.


February 23, 2019.  I sincerely hope that something stops the building of THE WALL.   I am ashamed that my country is building it.  I’m sorry but I believe the wall is racist,  offensive, and won’t work.  Our president has lied to us.  I wish this was just an opinion but it is a demonstrable fact.  Most smuggled drugs do not illegally cross the border out in the desert they come through ports of entry.  Please do not believe me check it out for yourself.   Mexico is our neighbor.  They should be our friends.  Do they have problems?  Of course they do.   We should be helping them solve them.  Thats what good neighbors do.   Mexico is not going anywhere.   Having several hundred million neighbors who hate you is not healthy.  We need to find another way.  A quietly built video fence with a seimic component, would guard the boundary better and tell us when a tunnel was being dug.   deer, coyotes, wolves, antelope, wild sheep,  animals of all kinds would still be able to cross, and the border patrol could be automatically alerted when a crossing or a tunnel was attempted.  This could and should have been built with no fanfare.  Instead, we have lost about nineteen billion dollars in agricultural business that we used to do with Mexico.

February 22, 2019.  We need a bill of rights for children.  We do not do right by our children and we need to.  We waste resources and we hurt our future.  Children ARE our future.  Children should be safe.  They are not.  Children should have adequate nutritition.  They do not.  Children should have access to the best quality education.  They do not.  Children should never go back to abusive parents,  they will get over losing their parents, they dont get over being dead.  In a divorce, the needs of the children shoułd be handled first, the parents had choice, the kids didn’t.  Children are gifts from God, and need to be treated appropiately.

February 21, 2019.  We need people who believe in American ideals to run the country.   If we are right then we need to adhere to those ideals always, notjust when it is easy to do so.  Life is not easy, never has been, never will be.   The easy way hurts us,  always.   Human rights are a thing, they exist.  If you do not believe this then you have no place in American government.   It might be possible for there to be situations where human rights might need to be ignored, time, public safety, survival might be involved.  When those situations change, sincere apologies, compensation, might be the order of the day.    Rightly so.   Whenever possible, we need to make things right.  If we are the good guys then we need to be the good guys.  American ideals are pretty good.  When we violate them, it hurts us, every time.

February 20, 2019.  Congress supports nuclear power.  Nuclear power is not safe and cant be made so.  Congress also allows fracking.  Fracking destroys aquifers.  We need water.  All of us.  We need more every year and Congress allows water resources to be destroyed forever.  Brittish Petroleum created the oil leak in the gulf.  They made a few token payments but they have not come close to paying for the damage they have done.  The government subsidizes them.   If you are an oil company, a bank, a car manufacturer, or are very rich, the government will support you.   Fifty percent plus in congress are millionaires, fifty percent plus are lawyers (the only group that makes money from laws).  I don’t like the idea of limiting congresspeople based on income but the rich have clearly abused their possitions.  Congress has violated our trust,  they have violated the constitution, they have put our country in danger.

February 19, 2019.  Thereare states where it is difficult to impossible to use alternative energy.  This is ridiculous.  Power companies should not have that kind of power.  Legislators who have taken part in such things have committed treason.   Lobbyists are often  simply wrong.  providing information is a good thing,  but if that is all they are doing, why are legislators favoring energy companies?   If energy companies are not efficient enough to make a profit, they should not be artificially supported.  We do too much of that already.  An average nuclear power plant makes about half a million dollars per day, all from public pockets, we pay for that, every dollar.  It is not their right.  Figure this,  what happens when the atlantic coast gets hit by a significant tsunami?  How many  nuclear plants will be destroyed?  Each nuclear plant is a danger to all of us.  Every nuclear accident lowers the average lifespan.  Think on this, every nuclear accident, you lose years.  Every few thousand years, the atlantic coast is hit by major tsunamis.  Look it up.  Every coast gets hit.  Nuclear plants cannot be made safe.  Nuclear power plants are not safe.  Nuclear power plants are not safe.  Nuclear power plants are not safe.  They cannot be made so.

February 18, 2019.   Our country has become increasingly crippled since the early nineties.  We need better education.  We need it now.  We won’t get it.  It took more than thirty years to get here.  The powers that be have had one and a half generations to convince us that this is the way it’s supposed to be.  It isn’t.   Education is not just for the rich or super dedicated.  It needs to be for everybody.  


It it may be that alternative methods of education need to be tried.  It is amazing what is available on the internet.  Languages, maths, physics, chemistry, geography, geology, economics, you name it.  What is needed is a method for evaluation.


My university experience was varied, long, and a tremendous amount of fun.  I may wish that people today could experience it,but yesterday is gone and will not come again.  This should not be a bad thing.  Tomorrow is a new day,  rejoice.


February 17, 2019.  Ourtradition is to throw money at problems.  This is very effective, but also very expensive.   Japan’s efforts towards nuclear weapons were only a very few steps behind ours.  We spent untold billions, they spent only a fraction of that.   We can no longer afford the  throw money approach.  I am a tired old disabled guy and I can think of ways to destroy billion dollar tanks.  I can’t believe that our enemies are less creative.  War is the result of unwise choices,and bad intelligence.  War is failure.  I don’t like it when my country fails.  We need to find better ways

February 16, 2019.  I think I have an idea that might help.  Convert public housing units to generating stations.  Cover the roofs with solar panels, put up wind generators, eliminate energy costs for the residents,  surpluses could be used to defray costs, maybe even supplement the incomes of the residents, or help pay interest on the national debt.  If public housing made a profit, it could be expanded to meet actual needs.  With luck it could reduce the  reduction in benefits, maybe even produce raises. This is not an easy idea.  It requires a shift in thinking.  I hope this helps, if you have a better idea please share it with someone.

February 15, 2019.  Well I’m always asking people to check things out.  I did some research and our national debt, while pretty serious, is not quite as bad as I thought.   I’m still not fond of Congress.  Too many rich folks and too many lawyers, and they still favor the rich at the expense of the rest of us,and that violates the constitution.  It turns out that social security costs a lot of money.  How can we make it cost less?  Perhaps we can find a way to lower cost of living, rent, heat, electricity.  As I have said, we can do amazing things when we try.  I live in a complex of housing authority housing.  What if the roofs were all covered in solar panels with wind generators scattered around the project.  Selling electricity  could significantly lower costs.  

February 14, 2019.  Twenty trillion dollars in debt.  That leaves me sort of breathless.  One generation and we have managed to acquire more debt than any other nation in history, I may be wrong about that but I’m sorry, I doubt it.  What can we do?  I have no idea.  No idea at all.  According to Mark Twain, that means I’m whining.  Whining it is then because I have no idea how to solve this.  If you do, speak up.  Congress or our government won’t, they got us into this mess.  If you have an idea speak up to anybody who will listen.  Our governments idea is to cut taxes.  Can anyone explain to me how that makes sense?   When you owe money you pay the maximum you can.  That’s common sense.  Apparently sense of any kind is not very common in Washington.


February 13,  2019.   Well I stand corrected,  according to CNN our national debt is currently twenty trillions.  We may well and truly be done.  Congress may very well have destroyed this nation.  It was not that long ago that there was not a trillion  dollars in the whole world, and we are twenty trillion in debt.   I think that congresspeople  should start  looking for countries with no extradition,  and training to outrun the mobs with torches.  I love this country, but in many ways we are not too bright, otherwise we would already have marched on Washington.  Maybe this is what our President is trying to distract us from.

February 12, 2019.  It has been quite a long time since our government feared us.   That is sad, for us.  There are limits.  I think that sadly we are approaching them.  Once anyone who wanted to could attend a university.  True that resulted in a lot of people having degrees and very little knowledge, but it also got a lot of creative genius university educations.  It got us to the moon, solar electricity, cell phones, computers, the internet, most of the things that our society depends on, came from the sixties, seventies, and eighties.  The creative folks who came up with those things are not being replaced, at least not enough.  Our attitudes towards education are crippling us.  We can not afford ignorance.  Ignorance will destroy us, if we let it.

February 11, 2019.  My country is not perfect.  We have profound faults, but we have amazing virtues and are blessed with this wonderful country of which we are apart.  We do not protect children.  We do not respect education.  We value money over virtue.  These are some of our worst faults.  We are a long way from being the worst.  We are not very good at being bad.  We badly need a bill of rights for children.  We need to respect, honor, and adequately pay for public education.  We need to shift our values so that virtue comes before money.  If we do these things, we have a chance to fix everything.

February 10, 2019.  I do not want to be there when Congress gets marched on and all the representatives murdered.  I hope that this can be prevented.  I know that most congresspeople must see me as an enemy, but I have no desire for anyone to be murdered, no matter how much they might deserve it.  Congress has betrayed us.  They have violated the constitution, put us six trillion dollars in debt, they openly favor the rich at public expense (the average nuclear power plant makes half a million dollars a day, all of which comes from public pockets.  There is no possible way for a nuclear power plant to make a profit since its waste must be stored forever, and protected, the public pays for this),  they allow fracking which destroys vital resources ( water) that we need right now,  they allow British Petroleum to destroy the gulf, making only token payments, and receiving subsidies from the government,(from what I hear, the leak is still leaking).  Most of Congress belongs in prison.  This is better than being murdered by angry mobs,  which becomes more and more likely every year.

February 9, 2019.  Major oil companies employ fracking.  This destroys aquifers.  Oil will not last forever.  Aquifers last, maybe not forever but quite a long time.  Our country will survive without oil but not without water.  Every metropolitan area in the country needs water, and needs more with every increase of population.  This is the United States, we do not have private property.  If you don’t believe that try not paying property taxes for a while.  If someone destroys a resource they should pay for it.  Not a token payment but a replacement payment in perpetuity.  


Brittish Petroleum is responsible for the leak in the gulf a few years ago.  Number one, from what I’ve read, it is still leaking, number two, they have not made more than token payments to anybody in the gulf.  They should be pouring out billions every year,but not only do they not, but we subsidize them.


I realize that this country is set up for the benefit of the rich and to hell with the rest of us, but this is ridiculous.


This is the kind of thing that sets off mobs with torches.  Congresspeople, keep an eye on the roads.

February 8, 2019.  Congress is fifty per cent plus millionaires, and fifty percent plus lawyers.  Is it any wonder we are in trouble?    It doesn’t take much to see that the rich are favored.  If you owe the government a lot of money, they will make you a deal,  if you owe credit companies a lot of money, they will make you a deal.  If you do your best to destroy the gulf, they will make you a deal and subsidize you  ( just ask British Petroleum).   Lawyers should not be making laws.  This is common sense.  They are the only group of people who make a living from laws.  Billionaires, Banks, Motor companies, oil companies,  the super rich are not allowed to fail in this country.  These days it seems as if equal protection is a quaint old idea with no place in the real world.  If you didn’t get it, that was sarcasm.  Congresspeople who ignore equal protection under the law have committed treason.  They should be prosecuted and jailed.

February 7, 2019.  Education can fix what’s wrong.  I truly believe that.  We are made to love learning things.  Look at any toddler to check this.  Somewhere early in life we manage to turn this off in most people.  It should be obvious how stupid and dangerous that is for us.  We have built our culture on the products of genius from those few who resist whatever it is that kills the desire to learn.  Our education system once made higher education easy.  As a result a large number of genius obtained education.  You might think that it should be easy for a genius to get educated, but it’s not true.  A genius is usually bored to tears by the time they get to grade school, and totally turned off of education by middle school much less high school.  Our present culture is based on the genius of the sixties, seventies and eighties.  Sadly, they are beginning to die off and they are not being replaced in sufficient numbers.  The sixties, seventies and eighties demonstrated that under the right circumstances, we can do almost anything.  Unfortunately since the early nineties, higher education belongs to the rich or super dedicated people who are willing to put themselves in debt for half their lives.  The cost of higher education has gone up more than one thousand percent since 1972, more than anything else.  Don’t believe me, check it out yourself.  If it doesn’t make you angry then you are not paying attention .  We started state universities so that normal people could get university educations.  Is that true where you live?

February 6, 2019.  Building a fence should not be a big deal.  Building a twenty foot steel fence is stupid.  It’s offensive to our neighbors,  expensive to build and maintain,  damages the ecology, and won’t work as well as a video fence with a seismic component to detect underground activity.  The only reason I can think of to fight so hard for a fence that makes no sense is that our President is trying to distract us from something.  He is too smart for it to be anything else.  


Our neighbors to the the south are not going anywhere.  We must learn to live with them.  We do not need more enemies, we have quite enough already.  Alienating an entire country is stupid.  Mexico  is our neighbor if not our friend.  We need to fix that.  If your neighbors house is on fire you help him put it out.  Common sense.  Building a fence will not keep the flames on the other side.  We  need to recognize that we are part of the  world.  Having friends helps us, having enemies hurts us.  This is not difficult to understand.

February 5, 2019.  We need to talk to our leaders.  If you check it you will find that our leaders are happy to talk to us but not too eager to listen to what we have to say.  Be persistent.  I’m not saying you will have much success.  To become leaders in this country people have to buy in to the system as it is.  This means that they usually won’t be much interested in non traditional views.  If you are not a democrat or a republican, you can’t have much power so why should they listen to what you have to say?  We need to let the powers that be know that we are here and are not going anywhere.  One message won’t mean much, ten thousand will.  Talk to anyone you can, your neighbor, your governor, your senator, representative, your president.  No one is going to change anything if they don’t know that someone cares.  Tell people you care.

A The February 4, 2019.  The traditional way to change things, to try to is the third party route.  I’m not convinced that that is a good idea or has ever produced real change.  No one party will ever get it all right, and the system is built around it doing so.  We need to work towards and, us and them.  That is foreign to us and needs to change.  Our tradition is our team and their team.  We need to forget their team, and just work for our team.  This is our boat and if we are going to get to the other side, we need to work together.  We can’t leave anyone behind.  We don’t need another political party, but we do need to let the extant parties know that we will not put up with their nonsense.  We will never be completely united, so what?  We are one nation.  We can work with that.  All of us need to be more involved with the political process even if only to say loudly HELL NO!

February, 3, 2019.   When the bend in the road comes we probably won’t see it coming.  We can’t go back.  Yesterday will not come again.  Whatever golden ages we have had in the past, will remain there.   Still change will come.  Tomorrow will be different and that’s a good thing.  When I was young  anyone who wanted it could get a university education.  It was easy, expected, and not very expensive.  If we are extremely lucky, we may get to something similar, but it won’t be the same.  If we are lucky we may find a way to have a Congress that actually serves us without violence.  We need to get out there looking for four leaf clovers ‘cause we sure do need a lot of luck.


February 2, 2019.  Congress, education, children,  individual responsibility.  That’s pretty much what I talk about.  My country should be the good guy and I’m not convinced that we always are.  If our way of doing things is the best then that’s what we should do all the time.  If you don’t believe that then you should not be working for the government.  There is no middle ground.  Either we are right or we are not, and if we are right then there is never a reason to violate our ideals.  Innocent until proven guilty, the right to an atourney,  the Geneva convention,  our way of doing things always.  Is it easy?  No.  Just right.  We need to not let fear make us stupid.  

February 1, 2019.   Congress is on very thin ice.   They have ignored the well being of this nation to a ridiculous point.  They have put us into impossible debt.  They very clearly favor the rich over everyone else.    They have damaged this country possibly beyond repair.  Lawyers, the only group of people who make money from laws make up the majority of Congress.   We have let privilege and special interests run the country for generations, maybe centuries.  If you check into communicating with Congress, you will find that information about them is readily available but actually talking to Congress is not so easy.  It is time for all of us to let congress know that we are here and we have questions for them,  for example, why has the cost of higher education gone up more than  a thousand per cent when literally nothing else has gone up anywhere near as much.  Somewhere we are being cheated and it needs to end.

January 31, 2019.  It is easy to look around and decide that we already have enough problems right here without looking far afield for them.  There might have been a time when that was true but not now.  We have neighbors and trading partners, customers and suppliers.  Anyone who attended University has friends and acquaintances from all over the world.  We drink coffee and tea from all over the world, and chocolate, and fruits, and vegetables, hair care products, you name it.  We are an international community with ties in every direction.  We are obvious but this is becoming more and more true for all mankind.  It would be nice to say how nice, since we all depend on each other surely war is less and less possible.  Sadly I doubt that this is true.  It should be but sadly we are a ways from freedom from war.   We have a lot to do.  We all need to do what we can to make things better locally and what we can to improve things everywhere.  Anyone who is oppressed anywhere is a danger to us.  Anyone who is hungry is a danger to us.  Anyone who is ignorant is a danger to us.  This is where our enemies come from.

January 30, 2019.  Children are the future of this country.  Without them we have no future.  Children deserve the best we can give them.   We don’t do this and never have.  As a result we regularly waste resources in the form of wasted lives of children.  Children need the best medical care, the best education possible, and freedom from fear.   Adults also need all these things.  Sadly in this country at this time no one is guaranteed any of this.  We need to put children first, and adults second.  Nobody in this country should die because they are poor.  We have made progress but we have a ways to go.


I know that many will disagree with me.  Good!  Speak up.  I think that children should come first.  I don’t think that children should ever be returned to abusive parents.  You can get over losing your parents but you don’t get over being dead.  I think that children’s rights should come first.  In a divorce settlement, the children should be considered first.  The adults had choice, the children did not.  I even think that there are some neighborhoods that are too dangerous to raise children in.  


If if we take care of our children, there will be no stopping us.  We will be stronger than we have ever been.  No one will be able to stop us.  We will be able to do anything.

January 29, 2019.  There are meetings in Oklahoma concerning higher education this week.  I’d bet a quarter they don’t mention lowering costs.  This of course needs to be the major concern in every state.  Higher education costs need to be reduced or eliminated, not just in Oklahoma but everywhere.  An educated USA cannot be stopped.  There is litterally nothing that we cannot do.  We went to the moon in nine years, we can pay off six trillion dollars.  The truly scary thing is that most people don’t see this as a major national problem.  There may be better ways to address the problem.  I hope so reguardless, we need to get started.

January 28, 2019.  Things change.  They always have, they always will.  When they stop doing what they were designed for then it is time for a change.  Our government has not been taking care of us .  Our Congress has violated the constitution, placed us in nearly impossible debt,  and made subsidizing the rich basic government policy.  We can not allow this to continue.  Sadly, the rich in Congress have abused their authority.  As for lawyers, they are the only group in the country that makes money from laws.  Please explain how lawyers making laws is not a conflict of interest.  I’m not saying that we can fix things tomorrow, but we have to get started.

January 27, 2019.  We need to start working to save our rich people.  They are obviously too stupid to do it themselves.  Running the country for their own benefit is coming closer and closer to destroying this country.  Rich people, if they want to remain rich, cannot afford to be stupid.  Running the country into the ground to benefit the rich doesn’t really help anyone.  It just brings is closer to marching mobs with torches.  Worse than that, permanent damage is being done.  British Petroleum produced a leak in the gulf that is still leaking.  They have not made more than token payments for the damage they have done, and we still subsidize them.  I am trying very hard not to be anti rich.  I really wouldn’t mind trying it out myself, but  the incredible stupidity makes it very hard.  Rich people putting the country six trillion dollars in debt and then working for tax cuts.  Really?!?  Subsidizing companies that litterally destroy vital resources, aquifers, to produce temporary profits, gas and oil.  This is what fracking does.  We need water right now.  We will need it more tomorrow, with every increase in population we will need it more.  Despite what some rich people would have you believe, oil is not a necessity.  We cannot afford stupidity.


January 26, 2019.  The government of my country appears to be working very hard to destroy this country.  Nobody seems to have noticed the six trillion dollars worth of debt that the government will admit to.  Congess favors the rich at the expense of the rest of us, consistently.  Our government works hard to make enemies of our neighbors to the south.  Please, a twenty foot steel wall?  A video wall with seismic sensors to warn of underground activity would be cheaper, less offensive, and more effective, and could have been put into action quietly with no fooforah.  It makes one wonder what the government does not want us to look at.  We have neighbors.  Like them or not we must live with them.  We are part of a community.  We buy and sell to almost everybody.  

January 25, 2019.  I still believe that free or extremely low cost higher education is key to our future.  Not just ours but everyone’s.  The genius we need to save the world may be born in some small village in Tunisia, or outside New Delhi.  We can not afford to waste any human resource.  It may very well be that the internet is key to this.  It is unbelievable what is available on the internet.  Once upon a time people educated themselves and became famous for what they knew, discovered, or could do.  It may be that we will return to this.  People who want to find out things, will find a way to do so.  This may be our saving grace. It would be nice.

January 24, 2019.   Our world changes around us every day.  What seems absolutely vital today, might seem trivial  a year from now.  You do the best you can.  If we get enough people focused on making things better, we can fix the world.  It’s not about making everybody think and believe the same but about recognizing that they never will and that’s okay.  We are all different and it’s supposed to be that way.  If we deal with each other with respect and caution we can build a better world.  I am a Quaker,  my eldest sister was a Jehova’s Witness,  my brothers first family are Baptist, and his second family Wiccan,  some cousins are Episcopalian while others are Roman Catholic,  Mom and Dad were Methodist, my point is that we all love each other and respect each other.  We can make the world a better place.  We need to.

January 23, 2019.  Well this isn’t what I wanted.  I’ll have to complain to the management again.  Who knows maybe we’ll get it right this time.


The people who are running this country are not taking care of us.  That is their job and they are not doing it.  Our country is run by and for the rich at the expense of everybody else.  Once upon a time our Congress would have fits if our government was a few hundreds of billions over budget.  Now trillions in debt is okay.   How did that happen?  The people who own nuclear power plants make an average of half a million bucks per day, every dollar comes out of public pockets.  Nuclear power plants are heavily subsidized.  They produce waste that must be managed effectively forever, and  we all pay for that and will forever.  There is no possible way that nuclear energy should yield any profit ever.  Big business oil litterally steals money every day.  British petroleum produced the leak in the gulf that destroyed fisheries, billions of dollars in business, and is still leaking, and has made no more than token payments.  We still support them.

January 20, 2019.  Well I complained to the site managers and I guess this is the response.  I’m glad that the response info is at the start of my blog, but I was hoping could still access previous posts.  Oh well.


we need to accept that we have power and we need to start using it.  We have to work together and we need to get busy now.  Nations will probably still be around for several hundred years.  In the meantime, we need to learn to work together.  Right now, for the first time in history, nowhere is out of reach, a Potter in Africa, a farmer in Brazil, a Zoologist in China, we can all reach out and talk together and more importantly work together.  We can make this world a better, safer, and happier place.  I am a Quaker.  One of the nice things about Quakers is that they do everything by consensus which means essentially everyone agrees.  Trust me, it ain’t easy,but when you are done, you have a group of people all working in the same direction, which is a pretty powerful thing.

January 21, 2019.  Well, this is not exactly what I had in mind.  I was hoping to have the comment section before the ranting section.  This way I’ll have exactly the same situation as before.  No change.


Right now we all live in a wonderful place.  We can reach out to almost anyone, anywhere in the world.  This has never before been possible but it is now.  I can pass along an idea to a Chinese Premiere,or a coffee farmer in Kenya, or an Icelandic fisherman.  One would think that this might free us from the possibility of war forever, but history does not support this.  Japan should never have gone to war with the United States.  The United States supplied most of Japans steel and fuel.  Their miscalculations cost both of us in massive loss of life.  The Japanese are an amazing people and I will be immodest enough to make the same claim for my country.  Even the amazing can be stupid.  We did not behave as the Japanese thought we would and the Japanese did not behave in a way that made sense to us.  It cost us both dearly.


Ending war would be a good thing, but it should be clear that it will take constant work.  This is not a bad thing.  We humans do not highly value things that come easily.  Ending war is something that needs to happen.  Military men around the globe think that nuclear weapons make sense.  They do not.  Every bomb that goes off lowers all of our life expectancies, and has the potential of poisoning land.  We have more that seven billions in this world to feed.  Lowering lifetimes and poisoning land is criminal activity and needs to be seen as such.  It should be clear that eventually, any country that uses nuclear weapons should lose the right to exist.  I am proud that my country has started to limit nuclear weapons, but we need to keep going.  Having nuclear weapons should be a cause of disgust, not pride.  Do you want to be proud?  End hunger.  End thirst.  Educate people.  Clean up the oceans.  The ability to kill people should not be a source of pride